How Can I Find A Casual Dating Partner

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A Casual Dating Partner

How can I find a casual dating partner?

  1. Read local personals.
    Most cities have personals ads in their local papers.
  2. Use local online resources.
    Many locales also have digital or online personals resources.
  3. Look for local speed dating events.
    Not every city has these – if yours does, it is a great way to find casual dating partners.

How can I find a casual dating partner – the answer:

Many people assume that it is difficult to find casual dating partners.
In reality – especially these days – more and more people are interested in casual dating; you can see more info by reading here.

There are as many reasons for that as there are people looking.
The most common reason is that people are leading busy lives and don’t want or need a “steady” partner or relationship.

Even though that is true; people still want occasional companionship.

What is casual dating?

Once again, it has as many definitions as there are people to define it.

For some, casual dating might only mean having someone to go to the movies or out to dinner with. Others see a casual dating partner as someone to share time and experiences with and also as someone to be intimate with – a “friend with benefits”.

It can be an exclusive but most likely a temporary arrangement, or it might be an open agreement that has one or both partners seeing other people at the same time.

It really just depends upon what kind of relationship fits your current situation in life.

Five rules of casual dating: how can i find a casual dating partner ML Sidebar Long

Obviously, these will vary according to the people involved and the nature of what they are looking for.
Even so, here are five rules that should apply to every casual dating situation:

  1. Be honest.
    Always say up front exactly what you are looking for – and especially what you are not looking for.
  2. Establish relationship guidelines.
    The most important guideline is to follow #1 – agree to always be honest about your thoughts and emotions.
    You might also want to decide if the arrangement will be exclusive or not.
    Another problem that can creep into casual dating is differing ideas of how much time will be spent together.
  3. Monitor, guard and share emotions.
    The one thing that will ruin things between casual partners faster than anything else is for one person to become more emotionally invested than the other. That puts a totally different focus – and other pressures – on what is supposed to be a stress-free pact.
  4. Do not use or submit to manipulation.
    It’s supposed to be worry-free, right?
    If one person wants “time out” or doesn’t feel like being together at a particular time; it needs to just stop, right there. Too often, we tend to try to coerce people into doing what we want them to do.
  5. Know when to end it.
    Just like with traditional relationships or even with marriages; a lot of people try to hang on beyond the point for letting go.
    Casual dating partnerships by nature are usually temporary. Some of them can last for years and some might evolve into something permanent. For most, there will come a time when it just isn’t the best fit for one of you; that is the time to part ways.

I hope that helps to answer the question – How can I find casual dating partners – you might want to see some options on where to find casual dating partners too.

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