Dating Older Women

dating older women top imageDating Older Women

To see why dating older women is a perfect match for younger guys; read on.

A lot of younger guys have discovered the advantages of dating older women.

Older women are more secure in who they are and they know exactly what they want; whereas younger women often times are insecure and into “playing games” with guys who pursue them.

This game playing almost never happens with mature ladies because they understand what a waste of time and energy it is.

It is also a fair statement that generally speaking; mature women make better sex partners because of their experience and lack of inhibitions; they know exactly what they want and they know exactly what you want as well; and how to give it to you.

That is one of the advantages of dating older women.

So what are some ways to meet these women?

There’s always the club scene; there is nothing wrong with that; but you could also:

dating older women center pic1) Join a gym or a cycling club – this is a great way to meet older women who are fit and active.

2) Take an evening class at a local college or junior college that would appeal to you and to mature women.

This is a really good way to connect with women who have a shared interest with you; it’s nice when a relationship begins because of a common interest.

3) Check out some online dating resources. There are a lot of them and some of them can even match you up with a woman who is a good fit for you due to physical and personality traits.

4) Go on a cruise. Cruises are generally inexpensive, they are relaxing and a great way to meet women.

Some cruises even specialize in matching up younger men with older women; they are called appropriately enough “Cougar Cruises”; and it is pretty much guaranteed that you will hook up with one or more older women by doing this.

5) Join a social organization or enroll in a dancing class; this is another way to meet mature women who have an interest in common with you.

The long and the short of it is that older women are a great match for younger men because:

A) They have life “figured out” – they aren’t waiting for Mr. Perfect to come along and sweep them off of their feet.

B) They are generally more financially secure.

C) They aren’t into playing games or screwing with your head; they know what they want.

D) Obviously they have more experience in life – and probably in sex as well; they know how to rock your world in the bedroom.

E) Maturity of judgment and emotional security make for a far more stable relationship and a lot less drama than you might have with a younger woman.

Dating older women is a great fit for many younger guys for even more reasons than I can mention here.

If you’re looking for a secure and stable relationship you owe it to yourself to try dating older women. There is nothing wrong with dating younger women but those relationships can be dramatic and emotionally draining and full of mind games.

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