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 my cougar datesMy Cougar Dates

If you aren’t already eager to try cougar dating; the info here on my cougar dates should be the last nail in that coffin – read on and get started with cougar dating.

My Cougar Dates Explained

I’m going to tell you exactly why you might want to consider dating older women; or even Cougar Dating.

my cougar dates sb imageNow if by publishing this article about my cougar dates it seems that I might be getting “hung up” on the theme of dating older women and particularly cougar dating; there is a reason for that – dating older women and specifically Cougar Dating – is an awesome fit for guys who aren’t looking for a long term relationship and who want to find women that are mostly only interested in a mutually satisfying physical relationship that meets the needs at the moment.

My Cougar dates have definitely demonstrated the truth of that premise to me.

Now to clarify; I mentioned “long term relationships” in the paragraph above as if those are a bad thing.

In reality; some of the relationships that I’ve found as a result of my cougar dates have gone on for quite a while – there just weren’t any strings attached to me (or to her); they have been just what each of us needed at the time and they tend to last as long as that condition is being met. Only once in the course of my cougar dates has a woman started getting a little too attached and started wanting something more permanent (marriage) than I was able to commit to. I don’t know if it is always the case; but in my situation is was pretty easy to see that change in her desires or expectations coming and head it off before anybody got their feelings hurt.

I’m pleased to say that it ended well – she moved on and continued with her Cougar Lifestyle – I moved on and continued with my cougar dates; but that is enough about that; here are some reasons why Cougar Dating is a really good fit for younger guys; and a great alternative to chasing younger women:

  • These are women who don’t need much from you emotionally or financially. Many are pretty well set in life; they aren’t looking for some guy to “take care of them”.
  • There’s not much drama or ego involved in Cougar Dating – these ladies have been through all of that and they have no more use for it than you do. Sure; there might be some ego stroking going on when their friends see them with younger guys; but that’s between her and them and doesn’t require anything on your part.
  • Generally speaking – you don’t have to worry about her getting jealous if she knows or finds out that you’re still seeing other women – just like you shouldn’t get jealous if you don’t happen to be her only “boy toy”. What’s good for you is even better for her; and hence, for you.
  • Older women and particularly cougar women; have more life experience and they are generally more mature in matters of judgment – they are less emotional and less prone to playing games of any kind.
  • What’s the best part? It is almost all about the physical relationship; and let me tell you that based upon my cougar dates things can get pretty adventuresome; to put it mildly.

Dating older women and cougar dating isn’t for every guy – it requires you to embody some of the same qualities that these women do; fortunately for most guys; it is pretty easy to settle into a no strings attached relationship with an attractive woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it.

Maybe you should give it a try?

If so; click here and you can find just such a woman near you.

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