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Fling Dating is no doubt your best bet for getting laid tonight.

Well, before I get off into some different descriptions and scenarios that I label as Fling Dating; let me go ahead and take care of business for those of you who are looking for the actual Fling Dating website – you can find it here.

Fling Dating is an adult dating (or adult hookup) website and it is one of the more popular ones out there. It’s been around since 1995 – that’s pretty much forever in the online world – it has about 2 million members and gets about 350,000 visitors every day. Those are some very strong numbers that tell you how popular and well established Fling Dating is and they indicate that your odds of finding an adult hookup right in your hometown are very strong if you use Fling Dating.

Once again; you can find it by clicking here.

On to other things:

Fling Dating is a term that I use to describe “non-traditional” dating – you’re not trying to meet someone; go out a few times and see what develops – you want a particular kind of relationship and you want it now. You need to find a partner who is looking for the same kind of relationship; somebody who also wants it now. There is no dating or mating ritual to be observed; you just want to get right down to business.

fling dating Cheerleader SBMy idea of Fling Dating ranges pretty far and wide – it can be anything from hooking up with older women, to meeting lonely business women in town for a day or two or even looking for lonely housewives who need a little something extra.

As luck would have it; we live in a day and age where finding Fling Dating partners can be pretty easy. There are a lot of websites out there that have thousands – some even have hundreds of thousands of members – who all put up profiles detailing exactly what they are looking for. There’s no need to go the old fashioned route of meeting someone by chance, or being introduced by friends and then investing some (maybe a lot of) time in seeing whether or not anything is going to develop or if you even have enough common interests to make it worthwhile.

Using sites like Fling, or Meet Locals or Adult Friend Finder; it’s pretty foolproof and almost guaranteed that you’ll meet the kind of person you are hoping to meet; right in your home town.

The disadvantage of most of these kinds of sites is that you have to buy a membership for at least a month in order to actually hookup with someone who has an interesting profile. The big advantage is that you can browse the profiles for free, find a few that look promising and then spring for a month’s access to make the contacts.

I don’t know about you; but to me it’s a pretty good deal – for the cost of a couple of beers and some wings at Hooter’s you can likely connect with someone right where you live who is also interested in Fling dating.

Now you need to keep in mind that not all of these sites will deliver as promised – some are designed to just rope you in with phony messages from “girls” in your town. You can spot these pretty easily if you pay some attention – you see the same pictures of the same girls and each time you see one; it lists a different town or location or a different name. That’s why I prefer to stick with the better established sites that have been around for a long time. Hookup sites are just like any old school brick and mortar business – if they don’t deliver the goods and take care of the customers, the word gets out and people start avoiding them; and those sites fade away; as well they should.

There are also apps like Tinder that you can use to find someone interested in Fling Dating – they work well for a lot of people but it’s a little different than using a real hookup site – it’s more of a “shotgun” approach that’s a little less targeted than browsing profiles and settling on a few that look promising. But hey; try them both – hookup sites and apps – you don’t have anything to lose by looking.

Thanks for reading – check back when you can – I update often.

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