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Did you know that there are more than 11,000 searches every month for the term free dating site?

Do you have any idea why that is such a waste of time – or even worse?

I’m going to tell you why and I’m going to offer some practical alternatives to any free dating site.

Take a moment to read this and you’ll understand why it is that looking for something like a free dating site or a free hookup site – a free almost anything kind of site – is one of those things that sounds like a good idea but it’s really just a waste of time – or worse.
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Free sounds like a pretty good deal right up until you figure out that you’re not going to find what you’re looking for; and worse yet; you might find someone who appears to be what you’re searching for only to lose a lot of time – and maybe even some money – finding out that they are a far cry from what you were hoping for.

Think about this for example – if you need to get some work done on your house or your car would you do a search for “free car repair”?

Maybe you would spend some time looking for “free carpet installation”?

OK – by now you should already see where this is going and how really crazy it can be to spend time searching for something of value; but trying to find it for free.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than it is when talking about a free dating site.

There are sites and services out there that call themselves a free dating site or a free singles service – that is how they rope people in – then it turns out that most of them weren’t even worth the time you spent looking for them much less the time you spent looking at them.

Why is that?

There’s several big reasons – and they’re pretty obvious:

Because they don’t deliver; and they don’t deliver for these reasons and more:

  • Low membership – if they only have a couple of thousand members spread all over the planet what are the chances that you’ll find the kind of person you would like to meet right in your town?
  • Fake profiles – it’s sad and wrong but true – sometimes a free dating site will try to make it look like they have more members – and more importantly active members – by creating fake profiles that will generate fake IM’s, texts or emails when you select them just to make you think that you’ve found someone nearby that you could be interested in.
  • Members who post multiple profiles under different names and locations expressing different and sometimes conflicting desires or interests.
  • Mostly, they are not moderated – you and everybody else are on your own – there is no verification of member profiles.
  • Low quality, low value and a poor member experience are often what you get with a free dating site.

If you are interested in meeting someone in your own home town who is also interested in a particular sort of relationship or hookup; a free dating site is not your best bet. Even the paid membership sites usually allow you to join or register for free and browse the profiles to see if there are people who you might want to meet in your area.

The catch of course is that once you’ve located a few members that interest you; you will usually have to buy a membership in order to get their contact information.

But here’s the good part about that kind of deal:

  • Join for free and create a profile.
  • Browse member profiles by interest and by location.
  • Find several who match the kind of person or people you’re looking for.
  • Make a list – make it a big list – of the one’s you want to meet or learn more about.
  • Buy the membership for the shortest term available – usually one month.
  • Get the contact info for everyone on your list and start reaching out.
  • Decide based upon the results you get if it’s worth it to continue the membership.

That’s pretty simple and it is very effective, not free; but very effective and your decisions going forward will be results driven – if the site delivers who and what you are looking for then I suspect you’ll opt to stick around for a while.

I know that I have because having a renewable list of potential partners week after week and month after month is well worth it to me. I tend to look at it just like I do paying for entertainment – for the cost of a pizza and a couple of beers you get an almost endless list of interesting people right where you live.

Free dating site?

I don’t think so – check this one out and see what you think – click here to see what I mean.

Besides dating sites there are also a some dating apps that are worth looking into.
Personally, I get better results with the dating sites; but hey; everybody is different.


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