Sexual Arousal And Sexual Triggers

sexual arousal and sexual triggers top picSexual Arousal And Sexual Triggers

Knowing how to manipulate sexual arousal and sexual triggers is one of the most effective methods of seduction ever discovered; and by learning even just a little about it and the psychology of seduction you are sure to vastly improve your success in the dating and mating game.

There is a real psychology of attraction, you can ply sexual arousal and sexual triggers pretty much at will when you learn just a few simple techniques based upon this true scientific method.

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The first thing to understand is that we; and the people in whom we are interested; truly speak volumes without ever saying a word. This is done through the “silent speech” of body language.  Without even realizing it; we and others are constantly telling those around us what we think, what we feel and what we want. This is done through the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we look at others and even in the way in which we breathe or face someone else. Learning how to read these silent signals that others subconsciously project; and more so; learning how to send those signals that we want to send when we want to send them is a powerful first step in mastering the science of seduction by manipulating sexual arousal and sexual triggers.

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Sexual arousal and sexual triggers can easily be caused or the triggers pressed by creating in your person of interest a feeling that you are interested – very interested – but not “hooked”.

A trait common to most people and one that is open to manipulation is the desire to have something that you maybe cannot have. It’s well known in the marketing world that scarcity creates demand; even when that scarcity isn’t real.

If people think that something they might even remotely want is about to disappear right in front of their eyes; they are prone to try to reach out and grab it with both hands so to speak; in order to keep it from getting away.

So how can this tactic and fact of human psychology be applied to sexual arousal & sexual triggers?

Easily, as it turns out.

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Pressing Sexual Triggers

When you are first entering into a conversation with someone who interests you; you use some of the tactics of body language. Don’t face that person directly; face them rather at a slight angle.   This sends a signal that they will see and feel on a subconscious level that you are intrigued by them but not going “all in” – you obviously seem to think that you still have other options.

You enhance and drive home this subconscious message by letting your gaze and your attention wander somewhat. Not to the point where the other person feels neglected or “second rate”; but to the point where it’s obvious to them (subconsciously) that you still think you have other options and other interests available to you.

When you do this you should start seeing some “submissive” responses and behavior; that person will face you more directly; they will lean in toward you when speaking; they will show a steadily increasing interest in you in order to try to keep you from slipping away and in order to try to make you more interested in them.

When this happens; it’s time to take it to the next level and start using the true elements of attraction – sexual arousal and sexual triggers.

It is time to add some sexual tension, and utilize sexual arousal and sexual triggers to your advantage.


Simple – you just create some sexual arousal.sexual arousal and sexual triggers oval cta

“Oh, just that easy?”; you might be wondering.

Yeah; just that easy.

You simply go back to broadcasting your feelings through body language.

Here is what you do:

As the conversation goes on; simply start thinking about things that get you aroused. You don’t talk about them; you just think about them and start getting yourself sexually aroused.

As your arousal increases there will be subtle changes in your body language; changes that you might not even realize are taking place.

Your breathing will become less deep and a little faster, your eyes will narrow a little; you will lean in when you speak; and all of these silent signals will be seen, heard and felt on a subconscious level by your intended partner; who will most likely start feeling the same sort of arousal and start exhibiting the same behavior that you are feeling and showing.

Pretty much everybody – male or female; American or Chinese, everybody – responds to manipulation of sexual arousal and sexual triggers in the same ways when it is done through the silent signals of body language.

Spoken words are interpreted through language, through cultural upbringing and mores; the perceptions and reactions they create are influenced by those things as well as by the mood that person might be in and many other things.

The unspoken words of body language carry no such baggage; they work through the known and proven realities of the psychology of human attraction – they bypass the logical brain – they appeal directly to the emotions and are powerful tools in to be used in the practice of seduction; the stoking and stroking of sexual arousal & sexual triggers.

Learn it, use it; succeed!


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Creating sexual arousal isn’t the goal;
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