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I’ve heard from a couple of people recently that Uberhorny is a great online resource for meeting older women as well as younger women.

So we’ve been checking it out – I was a little skeptical to say the least. but for whatever reason; it does seem that older women are using Uberhorny in larger numbers than many of the other dating sites.

I did a couple of things to try to verify that there are more mature women looking for dates there. And since I had never used that site before, I decided to run a test to see if the profiles were legit.

Checking Out Uberhorny

Obviously, the first thing I did was to create a free account – you can do too that by clicking here.
Secondly, I searched some profiles based upon age and location. Now the search function at Uberhorny is pretty strong, and it is easy to use. To my surprise, I did turn up quite a number of local profiles for women between the ages of 35 and 55.

Uberhorny red cta imageThe next thing I wanted to do was try to determine if these are “real” users or just fake profiles.
What I do – and you can too – is create a profile and leave it almost empty. I put in just a name, age and contact info. I don’t flesh out the profile, I don’t upload any pictures. I just put enough in so that the profile will be approved and go live. Then, I wait to see if I get a flood of messages based upon an empty profile.

Needless to say; most real users on a dating site are not going to try to contact you based upon an empty profile. Consequently, most of the messages that you get will be fake. If you are new to this, you might not know that you will get a few responses even with an empty profile. Sometimes that is due to your location. There might not be a lot of members where you are and other locals might try to contact you because of that.

At Uberhorny, I got just a few messages with the empty profile, not a lot.

I’ve gone ahead a fleshed out my profile; I will report back on my results but they look promising so far.

I’ve already posted quite a bit about the benefits of dating older women. I’m not going to rehash that – you can read here for more information about that. I’ve also talked about the advantages of using dating sites which you can see here.

Generally speaking, it’s a little easier to meet older women for dating, but not always. The advantage of using a dating site is that you can identify some of those women in your area. The fact is that a lot of them simply are not going to hang out in the usual places – they don’t want to be seen or talked about.

I have used other sites besides Uberhorny to meet local women. I will say that for whatever reason; there does seem to be a slightly higher number of older women with profiles there.

I can’t really find too much information about the site – how many members there are; things like that. But based upon the number of profiles; I can say that there are a lot. They have been around for several years and that is always a good sign. I am also pretty surprised by how many members there are even in smaller areas. A lot of times, if you don’t live in our near a major city you won’t find much.

Check it out for yourself – click here – give it a free signup and test it out; you might like what you find.

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