How To Talk To Girls

how to talk to girls top picHow To Talk To Girls

Do you know how to talk to girls?

There really are some techniques that you can learn and use to make approaching and attracting women a lot easier and a lot more successful.

How To Talk To Girls – here’s a quick checklist:

  • Approach her with confidence
  • Get her to share an emotional opinion or experience
  • Share a similar, confirming opinion or experience
  • Notice her body language as you first approach
  • Meet her gaze directly while talking to her

You’ve seen guys who walk into a bar, a restaurant, or even on a walking track at the park, they approach a woman and start a conversation effortlessly; and before you know it they are going off together.

Those guys really know how to talk to girls.

Now, some guys do just have a natural magnetism that a lot of women find attractive; but most don’t; and even those guys can be successful with women just by learning how to tap into a woman’s “Sexual Triggers”.

talk to girls il pic1All women have certain triggers that when “pressed” cause them to feel attracted to the guy who is pressing them. Most women don’t even know they have these “buttons of attraction”; yet they have them; and by knowing how to press them; you will stand a much better chance getting more dates; and yeah; more sex.

When you first meet a woman and get into a conversation, especially in a somewhat noisy environment; it is a natural behavior to face her and probably lean in toward her a little bit. You might lean in and out repeatedly; this is called “pecking”; and it’s not a good thing to do. The woman may not consciously be thinking it; but she will start feeling that this pecking indicates that you don’t find her interesting enough to give her your full time attention.

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Facing her directly during the early stages of a conversation sends a signal through body language that you are too interested and maybe a little “needy”; and that’s a big turn off to most women who are looking for a man rather than a little boy. That isn’t how to talk to girls.

A better approach is to turn your chest and body slightly away from her; and not to lean toward her. This is a silent signal in how to talk to girls as I explain below.

This will accomplish two things:

1) On an emotional level she will feel that you are interested; but not needy; on a subconscious level she will sense that you feel like you have other options besides her; and

2) Her natural tendency will now be to lean forward when speaking to you. The act of leaning toward you presses one of her buttons of attraction. Again on a subconscious level, she feels an attraction or else she wouldn’t find herself leaning in closer to you.

There are many, many other physical (body language) and psychological techniques that you can learn to use when meeting new women for the first time that will greatly improve your chances of getting a date; and more.

Knowing how to talk to girls is as much about silent signals as it is about spoken to girls il pic2

A lot of people think that women; especially very pretty women; are only interested in extremely good looking men or men who appear to be wealthy.

In reality, even average and less than average looking guys; and guys without a lot of cash; can be successful at meeting and dating really good looking women.

It comes down to knowing how to press those Sexual Triggers that I mentioned earlier and which I gave an example of in the conversation scenario above.

There are dozens of techniques that you can use that will give you an advantage over other guys; even really good looking guys; when it comes to attracting the women of your choice and how to talk to girls.

There is in fact a real “system” that you can learn that will teach you to recognize exactly how and when to press each of her Sexual Triggers and how to tell if it’s having the desired effect; as well as what “Stage of Seduction” you are in; letting you know when it is time to move to the next Trigger.

If you could learn a technique that would give you a huge advantage over other guys; and techniques that would have the women chasing you rather than the opposite; would you be interested in learning it?

Pick it up today and get better at how to talk to girls.

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