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tests women use on menTests Women Use On Men

Not understanding the tests women use on men; lot of guys I know still seem to think that sleeping with a new woman is some sort of “conquest.”

And maybe it is – for her!

Many guys just don’t recognize that most women want sex too; some just as much as men.

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There is just this whole vibe in the US that men should chase every woman that they might have a slight chance with; while the women are more discerning; and that is partly true.

I once read that the definition of  “Slut” is a woman with the morals of a man.

That is somewhat true.

They (usually) are not so overt in their behavior as we guys who will quickly have it off for the chance to have a sexual encounter with a woman.

No; they approach it (most of them) more methodically than we guys do; they evaluate us; they give us “tests” without us even knowing it; to determine if we might be the kind of guy that they might want to sleep with; and based upon our responses to those tests they make their decisions.

Did you know that there are tests women use on men to decide if they might want a relationship with them?

tests women use sb imageFirst and foremost there is the “Compliance Test” – she says; “Hey; why don’t you buy me a drink?”

Most guys will head to the bar or call over the wait staff and order her a drink.

Big, bad mistake – at this point in the game.

You need to put it back into her court; “I’d love to buy you a drink; but first I want you to stand up; bow and do your best Sponge Bob impersonation; something that puts it back on her.

You have to put it back on her; you are adding “your own terms”; she has to meet them or it’s not happening.
This tells her that you are confident as a man and that you feel you have other options with other women.

If she is really interested; she will probably meet you on your terms.

Then there is the “Congruence Test.”

This is where she might make some off handed remark in order to gauge your reaction. She might say, “Those are ugly trousers, why did you wear them here?” She is expecting a congruent response – don’t give her one – just keep on talking as if you didn’t even hear the remark.

That brings us to the “Gender Role Test.”

This normally occurs when she gives a directive of some sort; she is testing whether or not you have enough backbone and self confidence to defy her.

In most relationships there is a clearly defined gender role for each person; one is more dominant and the other less so.

There are two ways for you to respond here; either of which will help you pass the tests women use:

1) You can tell her “No” and give a directive of your own, or:

2) As in the case above; just keep talking as if you didn’t even hear her. If you take that route be sure to adopt very strong body language – don’t look down or look away, don’t slump your shoulders – keep it strong and positive and just keep talking.

By doing these things you will have passed her tests women use and can then start using the techniques of successful seduction that I talk about on the other pages of this site.

The dating and mating game is a multi-faceted dance that when properly approached; and armed with the right knowledge; can be successfully done almost every time.

Understanding the tests women use on men will help you pass them every time.

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