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If you want to find out how get laid tonight then you have landed in the right place.

Here you will find the best techniques, tricks and tips on getting laid that the internet has to offer.

What makes them so good?

They just work.

I’m sure you would agree that most guys just want to be more successful with women; and you do too.

Whether you want to know how to get laid more often – or even if you want to find a certain kind of relationship – you can; – right here, right now.

When you use these amazingly simple strategies – you will consistently find casual partners at will – this is how you get laid.

Find Sex – It’s Easier Than You Think:

It turns out that you can improve your success rate with women by 100% and kick “luck” in the teeth with the simple truths you are about to see here.

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It really isn’t hard to understand – it works out like this:

To get laid tonight you have five great, no-fail choices that are sure to work:

First; either get good at seducing women that you’ve just met; or:

Figure out where to meet women who need no seduction.

We’re going to cover five great ways to meet more women, date more women and just be more successful with women so that you can get laid today.

There’s a lot of detail here, but we can break it down into five categories of dating tips:

Being successful with women is partly about being in the right place at the right time.

Just Lucky Or Good With Sex – Which Would You Choose?

But even more than that – it is all about controlling your setting and knowing how to approach the right women.

get laid tonight Search Now Green buttonYou know – some guys are just lucky with the ladies. We’ve all seen them; they walk into some setting and scope it out.

They pick out a woman that attracts them, walk right up to her and start a conversation and the next thing you know they are headed for the door.

Now some of us just aren’t that lucky; we don’t have that “touch”.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be successful with women:

We just can’t rely on “luck”; instead we have to learn to be good.

Face it – if we were all that lucky we would have already met a couple of nymphomaniac twins who own a bar.

Instead, we have to learn some killer seduction techniques – techniques that just don’t fail to get us laid.

That’s right; to get laid tonight and every night; we have to learn some stealth techniques that will enable us to score almost every time with the women we find attractive.

Below, I’m going to give you two versions – the short and sweet that you can just skim over and then put right to good use.

This works well for guys who just want to “fine tune” their game on the fly.

But There’s More:

A little farther down the page, I’m going to give you the detailed, point-by-point run down of what you need to do and how you need to do it in order to:

get laid tonight sexy-woman-with-computer-image

Pick out women who are ready for seduction.

Approach them and make them want to talk to you.

Bypass their logical minds and tap straight into their feelings.

Step by proven step; work the magic of a no-fail, irresistible seduction.

With these techniques you are going to get laid today.

Finding a local partner for either traditional or no strings dating is easier that it has ever been.

The options for connecting with others for any kind of relationship – traditional or casual – are more plentiful and accessible than ever before.

In the meantime; if you just want to get right down to finding a ready,
willing and local partner to get laid tonight – visit here and check it out.

Here is the down and dirty version – there’s a lot more down the page:

Finding Women Who Just Want Sex:

The first thing we need to do to get laid tonight is learn how to spot those women who are open to seduction.

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Hometown Hookups – Click Here Now

If they aren’t open to it then it’s not going to happen no matter how lucky or how good you are.

When you go to a club or some place where you want to meet a woman you will basically see three kinds of women:

Those who are dressed to kill; those who look like they just got out of bed and threw on some sweat pants; and then there are those in between.

The ladies who are dressed to kill are obviously looking for some attention.

You don’t really rule them out as someone you might seduce; but the competition for them will be a lot stronger.

The ones who look like they just rolled out of bed are trying not to call attention to themselves; they certainly aren’t trying to attract anyone; these are the ones least likely to be open to seduction.

They probably won’t help you get laid tonight.

Then there are the ones who are in between the two extremes; these are the ones you want to focus on; they are the best candidates for seduction.

They aren’t attention whores but they aren’t dressed in such a way as to discourage attention either. Chances are that they might want to get laid tonight too.

So you’ve picked out a woman that you find attractive and who fits our criteria for being open to seduction; what’s next?

Approaching Women – Create Your Own Luck:

Do you just walk up and start a conversation?

Yes, and no; would be the correct answer. This is where things get really interesting and this is what separates those who are lucky from those who are good; those who get laid tonight from those who don’t.

You need to observe her body language before you approach her and all the while that you are talking to her. You also need to know how to send out the right “silent signals” of your own. Words can be false and misleading; body language almost never lies.

With an understanding of body language you will always know what she is thinking and feeling no matter what she might be saying. You can also silently send signals that will bypass her intellectual brain and tap directly into her feelings and emotions; and lead those feelings down the path to where you want them to go.

This can help you get laid tonight.

This is a very powerful technique of sexual provocation; you don’t need luck when you can “speak” directly to her emotions.

get laid tonight sultry-woman-looking-left-image

get laid tonight-Get-Laid-Now-Orange-buttonThe science of reading and sending the silent signals of body language is far too complex for me to cover in great detail here; there is a lot more information on some of the other pages of this site.

I encourage you to check them out; but here are a few tips:

When you first approach her does she meet and hold your gaze or does she quickly look away and then back?

If she holds your gaze that is an indication that she is meeting you as an equal and might be a little less open to your advances. If she glances away and then back; that is a sign of submissive behavior; and that is what you want to see.

It’s the first hint that you will get laid tonight.

Create Expectations Of Sex – Sexual Framing

While you are talking to her, don’t face her directly; but with your chest and shoulders at a slight angle to her. She will subconsciously understand this to mean that you are interested in her but not yet “hooked”.

Couple that with glancing away from her and looking at other women; not staring; just quick glances; and she will interpret this to mean that you feel like you have other options. Soon, she will start displaying more submissive signals; she will face you directly and start leaning in toward you when she speaks to you.

Now the single biggest mistake that a lot of guys make when they have met a new woman is one you might not even think about and one that could land you in the dreaded “Friend Zone”:

They don’t touch her enough.

That’s right, actual physical contact is as crucial to success as is the initial approach and the conversation that follows.

You see, as your conversation goes on you start to build an emotional empathy – a mental connection – she becomes comfortable with you emotionally.

If you don’t establish that physical contact; then comfort on a physical level never starts to develop. So you need to touch her often; just a quick pat on the hand or the arm or the shoulder; not a lingering touch – that will come later – just a quick, casual tap as if you are “talking” with your hands and maybe emphasizing a point.

This sets the stage for a physical relationship.

Create Sexual Tension

Once you start to build that rapport; it is time to introduce some sexual tension and sexual arousal into the relationship; increasing the chances that you will get laid tonight.

“Oh, just like that!” – you might be thinking?


Yeah, just like that – let me tell you how:
The easiest way that I have found; what works best for me; is while carrying on the conversation just like normal; start thinking about things that get you aroused.

You don’t try to work these things into the conversation; you just think about them.

As you start to get aroused; your body language will start to change and she will perceive these changes on a subconscious level.

Your voice will get a little softer and lower; your eyes will narrow slightly; your breathing pattern will change; and she will feel all of this on an emotional level.

A very powerful technique is to glance at her lips when she is speaking to you; look from her eyes to her mouth and back again.

Do it frequently.

When you see her doing the same; it’s time to find a more private place because you are about to get laid tonight.

Okay – that’s the quick point by point.
Most of you guys can take away something from that which you can use as early as right now.

But there’s a lot more.
At the risk of going down the same road twice; we’re going to look at all of that again in greater detail.

We’re going to look at it all in comprehensive, incredible detail that not only gives you the techniques – it will teach you how and why they work.

Hey – inquiring minds want to know, right?

Like I mentioned above; there are five main techniques that we’re going to cover here.

Two of them are geared toward more “traditional” relationships – getting steady girlfriends and finding more people to date. The other three are aimed more at guys who mostly want casual dating and even one-off hookups.

Most of the visitors to this site are looking for that anyway, and here they will find it.

Seduction, Sex And Beyond:

Those tactics break down like this:

get laid tonight inline image

Get a steady girlfriend

Fish in a bigger pond

Find a “Friend With Benefits”

Find girls who just want sex

Get really good at seduction


So lets get right down to it:

Get A Steady Girlfriend

This of course is the ultimate arrangement that will boost your chances to get laid tonight and pretty much every night. You might even find “the one” and settle down for life.

Long before we had the internet, texting, sexting and social media; people still managed to connect for whatever kind of relationships they were searching for.

All of those old school methods for meeting people still work, and they look a lot like this:

get laid tonight pretty-woman-reclining-image

1) Introductions by friends

2) People that you meet at work or at school

3) People that you meet at social events or in public places


Those scenarios are all great, the only thing I would add to that is that sometimes you already know what kind of person you are interested in.

You might have concerns about their likes and dislikes, what their hobbies are; maybe about their religion, etc.

In that case; these traditional methods are a little bit like rolling the dice and waiting to see what comes up.

In our modern age, you can be a little more focused in your search and look mostly for the kind of people who interest you by using a dating site or a match making service.

It’s really like the difference between using a shotgun and using a laser.

There are a lot of dating or match making services out there –, e-Harmony, OK Cupid – the list is extensive.

Here’s a link to one of the oldest and best established – you can check it out here.

Whether you use the old-style methods or take the new approach; finding a steady girlfriend is easier today than ever before; and that type of arrangement has a lot to offer.

But if you’re still “playing the game” and just want more dating opportunities; maybe you need to “fish in a bigger pond”. You maybe ought to date outside of your usual circles:

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Fish In A Bigger Pond

A lot of guys just don’t think about stepping outside of their comfort zone.

They go to the same places over and over again looking for the same kind of people. They never stop and realize what it can mean to their dating success to “cast a wider net” – to get out there and meet different people in different ways and places.

It is a very effective method for increasing the number and frequency of your dating opportunities. Needless to say, that will also increase your opportunities to get laid tonight.

Most of us tend to settle into a dating routine pretty much like the one above.
It also looks a lot like this:

a) People that we meet through friends

b) Those that we meet at work

c) People who we meet at social events or similar functions


That’s all good and those are still great ways to meet potential dating partners to get laid tonight.
But have you ever thought about expanding the ways and the places in which you meet people? You will meet more people from different backgrounds, guaranteed. Just by getting out there into unfamiliar territory you will meet more potential dates. And you will meet a wider variety of people.

Here are three of my preferred ways of meeting different people:

Take A Class


This is probably my favorite technique.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an arts and crafts type of class or something at a local college or junior college. Just pick something that seems interesting and go for it. You will have a chance to meet people you would not have met otherwise; and you’ll be learning something new. This has the added benefit of providing you with a ready-made subject of discussion for that sometimes awkward first conversation – the topic of the class is a natural.

Join A Gym Or A Club

This is a great way to meet new women and get a little exercise along the way.

A lot of people join gyms or clubs with an eye toward meeting people; so this is a great fit for you if you are looking to do the same. If you’re not the type for working out – join a cycling club or even a book or movie of the month type of club. Remember – it doesn’t really matter what it is – you’re really there to meet people you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Date Older Women

I’m serious – this is dating gold.

If you are a younger guy looking to increase your dating opportunities then this is a prime way to do it. I’m not going to say much more about that here because I cover it in depth elsewhere on the site.

There is a whole section here about the advantages (they are many) for younger guys who date older women, you can see a listing of the blog pages by visiting here. The main page is linked below and in the nav menu up top.

That’s just a few suggestions but I bet you get the idea.
If you look outside of those areas where you normally look; you will have more opportunities than you normally have. If you use the techniques I’m about to show you, many of those opportunities are going to be fulfilled.

So, moving on – here’s a great one, but it can be a challenge in more ways than one:

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Find A Friend With Benefits

This can be a little tricky.

But if you can pull it off – and maintain it – it’s a superb way to get laid tonight or most nights.

An arrangement like this is a little more involved that just straight out casual dating.

Casual dating of course doesn’t usually involve a “repeat performance”; and even if it does there’s usually no expectation of any kind of relationship beyond each encounter.

A friend with benefits is very different indeed because there is a concern there about the needs or feelings of your partner – you are friends of a sort, after all.

Your best bet for meeting someone for this kind of relationship might actually be a site that specializes in connecting people for just such relationships.

Here’s a good one – unless you already have someone in mind.

Be aware that there are some “rules of the road” that will go a long way toward making that arrangement last.

Those same rules will make it a little easier when things have run their course and it’s time to call it quits.

You can see more about a friend with benefits relationship, where to find one and the rules that need to be followed to make it work by checking out this page on Get Laid Tonight – visit it here.

Before getting into the long and comprehensive no-fail techniques of seduction; we’re going to cover what is definitely the quickest and easiest way to get laid tonight:

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Find Girls Who Just Want Sex

They are out there in your hometowns and everywhere guys – and they are looking for you.

It’s just a matter of connecting with them.

There are a lot of ways to do that these days – it is much easier than it used to be.

Finding women who want sex will obviously be your go-to method when you just want to find sex in a hurry – when there is no time for flirting and seduction – it’s all about the sex.

Here are some prime and proven options:

Local Personals Ads

This is a good option depending largely upon where you live.

Obviously, bigger cities will have a lot more people who are willing to just put it out there without being concerned that Aunt Jenny or somebody from down at the corner shop will see what they are up to.

Most cities have both physical and online versions of local personals – the online versions are generally more “productive”.

I’m going to mention this just because it is an option that many people use successfully when they want to find a sex partner – Craigslist or Backpage.

So there; I mentioned it. I don’t really recommend it because it can get risky.

I think maybe I need to write a report on how to use these kinds of services to find sex partners without winding up either ripped off or in jail.

Like I said, it can work, but between the frauds running rip offs and the police running prostitution stings; using these services can be dangerous.


And then, there is this:

Local Swingers Clubs

Just like using the local ads; this one may or may not be an option in your town.

But if there are clubs like this in your area; man, you need to be finding a way to get inside.

This is hands down the fastest and easiest way to hookup for casual sex. The people going to these clubs are mainly going because they want casual sex – it is all about the sex.

That’s like going to a party just for tall people who like to dance.

Do you think you might meet any tall people and do a little dancing?

These places can be a little difficult to get in to, especially for single guys.

If you know people who are members at one, a lot of times an invitation from them will be enough to get you through the door.

Another thing that will generally get you through the door is a woman on your arm.

If you don’t have a steady who is into that sort of thing – use some of the other suggestions here to find a female friend who can accompany you.

Online Dating Sites

This has pretty much become the most popular way to meet local people for a least a few reasons:

They are wherever you are – even in small towns

They provide a lot of privacy during your search

You can target your search to the people that interest you.

And you can meet them expressly for any kind of relationship you want – in this case, sex.

The advantages here are many – if you are interested in meeting people for a particular kind of relationship, you can.

If you want to meet people with certain attributes – tall or short, red heads or blondes; you can.

All you typically have to do is fill out a profile and then start browsing other profiles looking for people in your area that you would like to meet.

You do have to be careful in selecting a site because they are not all what they claim to be. The same thing has to be said about the people you might connect with too.

The main things to look for to be sure that a site is a good choice are:

How many members does it have?

How active are those members?

Do they allow free sign ups and browsing of profiles?

Do they have a lot of long term members.

How long have they been around?


If all of those factors look good; you should be good to go. Here’s a good one that you can check out if you’re ready to get to it – visit this site now.

Dating Apps

There are a lot of them out there, Tinder is probably the best known and most widely used.

The thing about these are that you need to know how to stand out from the crowd.

There are tactics to use that can actually help you get hooked up.

Here’s a guide that can help with that – check it out here.

A big advantage with popular dating apps is that, well; they are popular.

Odds are that there are a lot of people right in your area using them. That means that your odds of finding a local partner are really pretty good.

I even know of instances where people were talking to someone using an app; only to find out that they were sitting just across the room in the same place.

That’s really strong proof of how well these things work.

Okay – now we are about to get into the meat of this thing.

Apps and sites are great when you just need to find sex fast.

But truthfully, when you are good at seduction – when you really know how and why it works and how to leverage that like a pro; then you can write your own ticket at any club, bar, grocery store – you name it.

You can pick out the women you find attractive – even the ones who are “unapproachable”; and walk right up to them with confidence.

We all have “sexual triggers” that are hard-wired into us by nature.

Attraction and arousal don’t “just happen” – they happen for well known, testable and repeatable psychological and emotional reasons.

Like I said, we’ve touched on all of this before, but this is the point-by-point guide.

Here is what you need to know, and here is how you use it:

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Get Really Good At Seduction

Seduction is to getting laid what cream and sugar are to coffee.

There’s a lot to be said for the “wham-bam” school of getting laid – a lot – but seduction is about savoring every sip and all of the flavor of that coffee.

Seduction isn’t about sex – not initially – it’s about creating attraction and creating sexual tension and sexual desire.

Guess what will follow that?

Being good at seduction is for those who enjoy the “chase” and the dating and mating ritual.

There are other resources here it you just want to get laid tonight fast.

This section of this page is for those who are willing to take the time and bring about a really great sexual experience.

That said; this is a really big subject and the most wordy and detailed part of this whole page.

It has to be – it is a really complete guide – everything you need to know to become good at seduction.

If you want to go from being good to being great – check out this information – it is the best I’ve seen.

So let’s get started; but first I need to state the obvious:

In order to have any chance at picking up or seducing a woman;
you have to approach women who are open to your advances.

You might want to read that again and give it a little thought.

Because it can all start and end right there.

Trying to hit on a girl who isn’t open to the idea is like walking into Krispy Kreme and ordering a Big Mac.

Two things are certain in that case – you are wasting your time and you won’t get what you are asking for.

Now notice that I said that to pick her up she has to be open to your advances.

That is true; but as long as she is open to a conversation; you can very much steer things into the right direction.

We’re going to cover that in a moment, but first we need to talk about how to spot women who might be open to your advances.

If she is already open to it – or even looking to be picked up – then you are over half way there right at the start.

When you go into a club or some other place where people tend to congregate, you will see basically three types of women:

Those who are really dressed up

Those who are really “under dressed”

Those who are right in between the two above


Now the girls who are really dressed up might be the ones who naturally catch your eye.

They catch the eye of every other guy in the place too.

That’s why they’re all dressed up – they want to call attention to themselves.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go after them or that there is no point to it.

Those girls are actually a good choice if there’s not a lot of other guys around.

If there are other guys there; you can bet that she’s the one they will be focusing on as well.

For that reason – unless you’re about the only guy there – these girls are your second choice when it comes to picking out a woman to approach.

Let’s mention your third choice – the last ones on your list – are the ones who are totally under dressed.

Just like above; there’s no harm in going for it.

The thing is that they are definitely not interested in getting any attention.

They might actually be trying to discourage guys from paying attention to them.

So the under dressed women are the last ones that you really want to approach, unless you just find them especially attractive.

If that’s the case; just remember what I said before:

Even if she’s not interested in hooking up; if she is willing to have a conversation – and if you use some of what you are about to learn here – you can seriously turn things to your favor and make her very interested in hooking up.

So “tactically”; your best choice in selecting a woman who might be open to seduction is to approach one who doesn’t seem to be calling attention to herself; and who doesn’t seem to be discouraging it either.

This is where it starts getting interesting:

Obviously, the next step is for you to approach her and start a conversation.

Some guys have a little trouble with this – it is called approach anxiety.

Approach anxiety can have a lot of causes; one of the biggest though is a fear of rejection.

If you are one of the guys who suffers from this; there are effective ways of dealing with it.

There’s a comprehensive dating and relationship coaching program – you can see it here.

That will go a long way toward helping you eliminate it and become really good with women.

Just know this – the pain of rejection will last only as long as it takes you to leave it behind and approach another woman.

From here on out in discussing seduction; and on the other pages of this site that deal with it; the subject of body language will come up a lot.

Body language is a very real phenomenon – it happens on a subconscious level and it speaks volumes.


What’s more; it speaks the truth regardless of the words that are used.

You can learn more about it by reading here.

There are both positive and negative elements to body language.

Knowing how to both read and broadcast those elements can make the task of seduction less of an art and more of a science.

You can learn that here at Get Laid Tonight.

For the rest of this discussion, I will mention body language with the assumption that you have read a little about it.

It is truthfully the most powerful tool that you have when it comes to successful seduction.

As you are about to see; it will seriously, literally; allow you to cut straight to the heart of the matter.

When you approach a woman for the first time she is going to start sizing you up before you even say a word.

You want to move toward her with purpose – have your shoulders back and turned directly toward her.

Fix your gaze on her eyes and notice how she responds.

If she meets and holds your gaze that’s an indication that she perceives you as an equal.
She might not be the best prospect for seduction.

If she meets your gaze and then glances away quickly; that is submissive body language and a good sign that she might be “the one”.

This is what you want to see.

Now we are going to move ahead to the actual conversation and laying the ground work – working the seduction – that will help you get laid tonight.

Four things need to happen in quick order now for you to quickly and successfully complete the seduction:

You need to create a sense of urgency in her

You have to establish comfort with you on an emotional level

You have to build a feeling of acceptance and ease on a physical level

At the right moment – you have to create sexual arousal – make her feel it


Let’s cover those in a little more detail – they are critical elements of seduction on the way to getting laid tonight:

Create A Sense Of Urgency

It’s well known that scarcity sells – just watch a TV commercial:

“There’s only one left – buy yours today!”

The same thing applies at the start of a relationship – you’ve probably felt it.


I’m about to show you how that same principal applies to seduction.

When you are in the first stages of the conversation you want to project the sense that you are interested; but you are not “hooked”.

We rely upon our friend body language for this.

While talking to her, let your eyes drift around the room.

Briefly, quickly; let you gaze linger on other women in the room.

Now you want this to be very subtle; otherwise it will put her off and you will be done.

She is going to see these quick glances and she won’t even logically think about what they mean.

She will instantly “know” on a primal level that you are sizing up your other opportunities.

There is no doubt that she will intuitively understand it to mean that you could move on at any moment.

What happens next is just part of our nature:

If there is something that we might even remotely think we want; and if it looks like it might go away; we try to grab it with both hands and hang on.

You will know that is what she is feeling when she starts displaying more submissive body language.

She will face you directly – her shoulders turned directly facing you.

You will see her start leaning in toward you when she speaks.

This behavior tells you that she is really interested and that she does not want to let you slip away.

Building Rapport

When we meet someone for the first time there is a “gap” between us both literally and figuratively.

There is an emotional divide and a physical divide – both have to be closed quickly.

Creating rapport is what closes the emotional gap and sets the stage for closing the physical divide more easily.

Rapport is simply a feeling of comfort or a sense of connection on an emotional level.

It is crucial that she feels this toward you.

If this was just meeting someone looking for a casual hookup it wouldn’t matter.

In seduction though; it is the first thing that has to start happening right after you say, “Hi, what’s your name”.

Fortunately, rapport sort of takes care of itself as the conversation goes on.

Up to a point; the longer the conversation continues the more rapport you build.

That said though, there are things that you can do to speed it along:

Share some personal detail that will register with her on an emotional level – she loves dogs; and you do too.

Maybe she’s into fitness or maybe she’s into volunteer work.

It doesn’t matter what it is; just some shared interest that will have emotional appeal.

This will create an emotional connection that will close the psychological divide and set the stage for the next critical aspect of seduction –

Bridge The Physical Gap

This is where most guys get it wrong and blow the whole thing.

If you don’t start closing that physical gap between you pretty much immediately.

There is not going to be any chance of a physical relationship.

If you’re just looking to make a new friend – fine; but if you want to succeed at seduction you have to get this part moving right from the start.

And there is only one way to do it – you have to touch her.

You have to touch her a lot – right from the start.

Like I said, this is what most guys get wrong and there are two ways to screw this up:

1) If you don’t touch her enough – and in the right way – you are doomed to just meeting a new friend.

Have you ever heard of “The Friend Zone”?
This your road map on how to get there.

2) If you touch her too much, or if you touch her in the wrong way too soon; you will wind up in “The Creep Zone”.

If that happens you might as well move on; because there is no recovering from that.

So it is urgent that you do it; and it is critical that you do it the right way.

But just like with creating rapport – it really isn’t hard.

While talking to her, you want to touch her frequently in a non-sexual way.

Just use a quick tap to the back of the hand.

A casual pat on the arm or shoulder works too.

Do it almost as if you are “talking” with your hands – you’re just emphasizing a point or responding to something she just said.

You are simply creating a sense of comfort with your touch.

Did I say that you need to do it a lot?

You need to do it a lot; trust me.

If all other things are equal – this is what will help you get laid tonight.

So at this point, you have established rapport and bridged the emotional divide.

You have also closed the physical gap by establishing a sense of comfort with you touch.

There’s just one thing left:

Create Sexual Arousal

There’s a lot of mystery and misconceptions surrounding this notion.

All sorts of experts have written all sorts of complicated guides and courses on how to create sexual arousal and sexual tension for the purposes of seduction.


Here’s what none of them ever explain:

It is probably the easiest of the four critical elements of seduction that you can master.

Here’s the real secret about creating sexual arousal – it starts within.

That is within you – not within her – that part comes a little later.

Before I get into that; I need to tell you that you absolutely do not want to do this too early on.

You have to let the rapport build, and you have to bridge that physical gap.

If you initiate this too soon you will cause what I call the “Red Zone Response”.

She will feel things moving way too fast and she will pull away.

She will immediately put a wall up around her feelings that you can’t go over, under or around.

And just like getting into The Creep Zone; that will be the end of it.

Like I said way back at the start of this article; you’re going to learn how to tap directly into her emotions.

You are going to bypass her logical mind and create a situation wherein she doesn’t think about what’s happening; she simply feels it.

Do you see how utterly and incredibly powerful that is?

This comes down to utilizing two things; one we have already mentioned, and one you might not have ever heard about before:

1) Body language

2) Emotional Contagion

Both are the key to success if you want to be able to leap right past her head and go straight into her heart and primal emotions.

Hopefully you have read a little more about body language.

It is fully 50% of creating sexual arousal.

The other 50% is all about a hard-wired aspect of human nature called Emotional Contagion.

Now that is a $10 phrase with a $2 definition; and final results that are absolutely priceless:

Emotional Contagion – Seduction At Will

“Emotional Contagion” simply describes the tendency of people (and other higher life forms) to not only notice what others are feeling; but to also feel it themselves.

Okay; think about that for a second:

When other people sense your feelings; they begin to feel them too.

Knowing that, it should be obvious why I say that creating sexual arousal is probably the easiest part of successful seduction.

Here is how you put it all together and make it work:

Once you feel that there is a decent emotional connection – rapport – and she seems to be responding well to your touch; just do this –

Start thinking about things that get you sexually aroused.

That’s it.

That’s the crazy, big secret that none of the seduction artists ever seems to mention.

Knowing what we know now; do you see just how dead simple this is and how killer effective this is going to be?

While carrying on the conversation like normal – nothing has changed – you start thinking about things that cause sexual arousal within you.

You don’t talk about them; you just think about them and start getting yourself worked up.

Two things are going to happen:

1) Our old friend body language is going to kick in:

As you get aroused your body language is going to change.

Your breathing will become a little quicker and more shallow. Your eyes will narrow just a little and you will start leaning in toward her as you speak.

This is a good time to start watching her lips while she talks.

That is a very powerful sign of arousal that she will sense right away.

She is going to see all of this and process it on a subconscious level – she won’t have to think about it – she will feel it.

2) Our new ally; emotional contagion will work it’s magic:

Just like we are programmed to do – she will start to feel what you feel.

And just like that – congratulations – you have successfully seduced a woman.

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