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About and Contact

Welcome to Get Laid Tonight, and thanks for visiting!

I’m Jay Connor, the webmaster at GLT.

I am a data analyst, an “almost-former” relationship coach, an avid hiker, boater and sportsman.

You can contact me at:


Oh, and I’m an avid bachelor and dating fan too!

Those of you who do not know me may ask what makes me such an expert on dating, relationships and seduction.

That is a fair question:

In a few words, it is time-tested experience.

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As a data analyst, I’m certainly a numbers and a “cause and effect” type of guy, but I am also a student of psychology and emotion. I studied psychology as my major before getting drawn into the world of big data back when the internet was just becoming a thing.

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I love interacting with people and gauging their reactions.
That became a “career-related hobby” several years ago when I learned that my behavior could influence the behavior of others.

By choosing my words strategically – and reinforcing them with touch or body language – I could very often and very predictably; steer the interaction in almost any direction that I wanted.

Many of my friends were always commenting on my, “luck” at getting dates.
Quite a few were asking about my, “secrets”, and more than a couple were telling me to write a book or create a course; or at least tell them how to have my kind of success.

I never wrote that book – not yet anyway – but I have been a successful dating coach instructing small groups of (mostly shy) guys how to:

Overcome approach anxiety

Spot girls in a crowd who might be approachable

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Start a conversation and keep it going

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Get the girl (or people in general) emotionally invested in the conversation


And there is a lot more

Including many other techniques and tactics that help guys meet women, get them interested in a conversation, and create enough interest and rapport to develop a relationship.

I only rarely take on clients these days, but I do still maintain this site.
And if you spend a little time looking around you’ll find pretty much everything you need to know to set you on the path to being “lucky” too.

And I appreciate comments and suggestions, so please take the time to leave one or more if you are so inclined.
We do guard your privacy – read out Privacy Policy by clicking here.

Drop me a note here:


If there’s something particular you want to see covered, chances are you can find it here in our sitemap!

Thanks for reading!


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