September 21, 2017

Casual Relationships

Casual Relationships-header-image-3Casual Relationships


Casual relationships are for people in a hurry.


They choose to delay or avoid long term relationships. Consequently, they just look for no strings companionship, and maybe fast gratification.


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There are as many kinds of casual relationships as there are people who are looking for them.


Some people might only want someone that they can spend a little time with – maybe someone to go with them to dinner or a movie; or maybe to the office Christmas party.


They really aren’t looking for anything more than a temporary companion.


Other people however, view casual dating as a outlet that provides the benefits of a relationship without the responsibilities of one.


A lot of guys used to meet women on Craigslist for no strings encounters, but with those local personals gone, they’ve been forced to use other avenues.


Fortunately, there is no shortage of great sites to meet girls looking for the same thing.


Casual relationships do not always involve a no strings attached kind of sexual relationship. Sometimes it’s just an escort – literally just someone to go along and keep them company.


Often times though it is mainly about a sexual encounter that is just for the moment and which carries no other responsibilities.


Why Choose Casual Relationships?


Now some people feel like there is something wrong with that; but how can there really be?


People won’t become reclusive just because they don’t need a long-term partner or a traditional relationship.


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The fact of the matter is that for whatever reasons they might have; some people at some stages of life only need short term encounters that come with very little baggage and very few rules.


Many people find casual relationships a perfect at those times.


Like you might expect, there are many different kinds of casual arrangements that fit different needs:


  • No strings dating
  • Friends with Benefits
  • Casual dating
  • Companionship only
  • One-off hookups


Casual dating is a little like having a friend with benefits but it usually doesn’t involve repeat encounters; even though it might.


It’s really more like a no-strings relationship that can be just a one-time meet up; or there might be more than one date.


Not long ago there weren’t too many options available for meeting other people who might be interested in such relationships; but that is not the case today.


Finding Casual Relationships


Most lalocal dating sidebar imagerger cities have places that are geared toward helping people connect for casual relationships.


Additionally, you can use find pretty much any kind of casual partner or casual relationship that you are interested in with dating apps and sites.


There are also online personals. With Backpage and Craigslist personals gone, some alternative dating options have gained prominence.


At one time it was hard to find a way to set up a no strings attached encounter. Today it might be harder to decide which resource is the best one for you to use.


I want to caution you though that all of these apps and sites and personals ads might not be a good idea. That’s not to say that you can’t have good luck with them, just that you really want to be careful if you decide to use some of them.


I’m talking specifically about sites similar to Craigslist and Backpage – alternative or casual dating sites that have recently appeared to fill the void created when those went away.


The truth of the matter is that many people using these sites are not always what they claim to be.


It is also pretty common for local authorities to use those kinds of sites in prostitution “stings”. They will run ads targeting people looking for an easy sexual encounter.


They will let you set up a meeting – frequently at a local hotel. During the course of that meeting the subject of money will come up, and then you might find yourself getting a ride to the local jail.


It’s best to stick to dating apps like Tinder or to use websites that are focused on helping like-minded people connect for a quick erotic encounter.


The Rise Of Dating Apps And Sites


One of the benefits of these types of resources is that you can create and browse profiles and to see exactly what potential partners might be interested in. It’s almost like being able to window shop for sensual fun.


But you must remember that all sites are not created equal. If one requires you to pay a fee up front before you can check out profiles, then it is probably best to move on to another one that offers a true free trial.


The truth is that some of them will just try to suck you in and separate you from some cash without ever giving you a chance to actually see if there are any interesting locals you want to meet for casual relationships.


Taking It Offline


As always, once the time comes to take it offline and meet face to face; you really need to exercise a little caution and meet local girls square banner imagecommon sense.



The last thing you want is to go to a meet up and find yourself face to face with someone who has a big bag full of crazy where their brains ought to be.


Casual arrangements certainly are not right for everyone.


Additionally, even for those people who do find them a good fit, it is often just for a temporary need at a particular time in life.


Usually, their circumstances change over time and they settle into a more traditional kind of arrangement with a long term partner.


But some situations or lifestyles, demands can make casual relationships pretty attractive, especially for:


  • People who travel a lot to different areas. Having a partner in different places that you often visit is a great arrangement.
  • Those who dedicate a lot of time to their careers – especially young professionals who might find that a traditional, steady relationship might siphon too much time and energy away from their career goals.
  • Graduate students delay relationships to prevent loss of focus while pursuing their educational goals.
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  • Individuals who are just getting out of a longer-term relationship choose to avoid another one for a while. They still want someone to go out with; and casual dating can be a good bridge between more serious attachments.
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  • Those who don’t want or who are not ready to settle into a dating arrangement with just one person. Monogamy works for most people, but it’s not right for everyone at every stage of their lives and casual dating can be a very good alternative to that.
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Is Casual Dating Right For You?


And of course there are those people who really just don’t want the entanglements that are often part of day to day interactions but they still have a need for companionship and or physical relations; and they find that casual relationships offer an outlet for meeting those needs.


If you fit into one of the categories above; casual dating might just be something that would be a good fit for you. But only you can decide that.


Here are a couple of links that you might find useful if you are looking for a dating partner:


This one is great for people mainly looking for some companionship.


And this one is great for people looking for casual but intimate relationships.


Find who or what you are looking for by checking them out.


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