August 12, 2018

Craigslist Dating Alternatives

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Craigslist Dating Alternatives

Craigslist Dating Alternatives: Last update on November 22, 2020

If you’re looking for a Craigslist dating alternative, you don’t need to look any farther – we are your source for Craigslist hookups in a post-Craigslist world.

Here’s why:

We’ve got the solution to your little sex hookup problem; and it will help you find sex fast.
It’s like having a sex finder on speed dial.

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If you can’t get laid like this; you just aren’t trying, because:

Craigslist Hookup Sites Still Exist!

Now I know that some of you are impatient. I was going to encourage you to spend a few minutes reading this page and taking in the info. I still encourage you to do that.

But for those of you ready to cut straight to the business at hand – here’s a shortcut:

Click this banner – get free instant access and start searching local members in your town right now:

It works out like this:

You may just now be discovering that Craigslist dating personals are no more.

The down side to that is that there are no more Craigslist sex hookup ads by horny local girls.
The up side to it is that there are no more Craigslist sex hookup ads by bat-shit crazy, horny, local girls.

But you know, when one door closes, another one opens. And the fact of the matter is that you can’t keep horny local girls from finding somebody to fulfill their desires with.

Where there’s a will; there’s a way; and that is never more true than when sex is at risk.

Casual Dating Alternatives

Another upside to it is that new sites have stepped into the gap. There are plenty of Craigslist personals alternatives. These will help you connect with women looking for men.

In fact, you have just found the best options available.

I’m not really sure why Craigslist USA did away with their sex hookup personal ads.
I understand why Backpage was shut down. It had become little more than ads for prostitution. Ads that could get you into trouble in several different ways.

Just like with Craigslist sex personals, the shutting down of Backpage has created quite an active need.
A big need for alternative sites like Backpage and Craigslist.

But I bet that you never knew this:

You could find casual dating partners on Craigslist.
However, it was never really the easiest or the best option you had.

Certainly, it wasn’t too hard to find girls looking for casual dating in your town.
But some of those ads and the people who posted them weren’t what they claimed to be.

The Dangers Of Craigslist Dating Ads

get laid tonight craigslist alternative bannerIt wasn’t unusual for people to post ads claiming to be horny girls. But in reality, they were just looking for a way to set someone up for a rip off – or worse.

Additionally, something else was becoming more common:
Local law enforcement types were posting ads.
Their intent was to draw guys into prostitution stings.

So the bottom line is this:
When it comes to sex dating, Craigslist sex personals could help you find what you were looking for. But they could also land you in some hot water.

And I know some people who hooked up with people they met that way with bad results.
They discovered that these women weren’t what they were supposed to be.

A few even had big boatloads full of crazy where their heads were supposed to be.

So with that out of the way, we have this:

Issues Aren’t “Optional”

There are options to Craigslist personals that are way better than Craigslist ever was.
Consequently, many guys are now better off now. They are being forced to consider those better options. They wouldn’t have ever done that if those personals hadn’t been discontinued.

Certainly, there are sex apps and dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.
Undoubtedly, they are worth checking out.

The problem that I run into with those is this:

They are not specifically for people who are looking for a sex hookup.

Therefore, you might connect with people who are looking for casual dating. Or you might connect with people looking for serious dating. Conversely, you might just find girls who are playing ego games because they like to tease.

All of those scenarios suck when all you want to do is find a girl with a horny itch that needs to be scratched.

So Consider This:

So what’s a guy to do?get laid hookup free cta image

A guy should check out apps and sites that are just for people who want to find online sex hookups.
It might be more accurate to say that they let you search specifically for that. You can also find other types of W4M if that’s what you are looking for.

But know this:

Not all of these options are the same.
Some of them just don’t work or deliver.
Many sites will separate you from some cash, period.

But some do work, and they do deliver better than Craigslist dating and sex personals.
The trick is to find those that look promising. Then, take them for a “test drive” to see if the potential is real.

Now what that means is this:

  • A good one will be free or have a free trial
  • It will have a big member base so that you can find people in your town
  • You can search for partners based upon what kind of hookup you want
  • It will have a “satisfaction guarantee”
  • Established apps\sites with repeat members equals happy customers

But look, these aren’t Craigslist dating ads (they’re better).
Not every option is absolutely free and open to just anybody who wants to use them.

Some of them are even kind of selective about who they accept as members or users.

And The Real Advantages Are…

Here’s why that is good:

get laid tonight easy sex hookup sidebar imageIt almost guarantees that the people you connect with are:

  • What they claim to be
  • Looking for what they say they are
  • Ready for a sex hookup in your town

Additionally, these apps and sites allow for a high degree of privacy and security.
Nobody knows who you are. They don’t know where you are either. Not until you decide that the time is right to take it offline into real time.

Maybe you are the type to plan ahead and have a little patience.
If so, you can even chat and text and trade pictures or videos for a while. You can get comfortable and confident before you meet for an encounter.

This lets you get an even better idea of whether or not you really want to do the face to face thing at all.

The biggest downside of course is that unlike Craigslist dating ads, most of these things are not completely free. But most of them do have a no-cost or low-cost trial option that lets you check it out…

Like this one:

Fling Dating

That gives you an opportunity to check things out and see if it’s feels like a good fit for your needs.
Obviously, connecting with a bunch of different girls who seem DTF isn’t going to do you any good if they aren’t right in your area.

The Value Of “Free”

But here’s the way I think about the free versus paid thing:

If I can spend what adds up to a couple of beers and a basket of wings at Hooter’s; and in return, I make a list of a dozen or so potential booty buddies right in my town – sign me up now; I’m down with that.

Wouldn’t you be too?

If not, you can just stick to the old standby of heading down to your local bar and hitting on random girls.

Just like so many of the other guys in town – you know the ones you will be competing with.
What’s more; you will be competing with those guys for the attention of a girl without even knowing what it is that she’s looking for.

And that assumes that she’s actually looking for something besides some guy to buy her a couple of drinks before she remembers “being late for something.”

The Bottom Line On Craigslist Dating Is:

The old Craigslist dating hookup option was pretty good while it lasted, but it is gone.
However, like I said before, we can replace that with better alternatives. Alternatives that allow us to focus all of our time and efforts on local girls who play no games and who make no secret of what they want.

Craigslist is gone. So are the crazy people and scammers and blackmailers and local people with badges looking to arrest someone.

It’s like the difference between using a shotgun and a laser. You focus your approach. Otherwise, you have one that’s scattered all over hell and gone.

So take some time to check out a couple of these options. There’s no doubt that you won’t be missing Craigslist dating personals or Backpage for very long.

Like I said, when one door closes; another door opens.
Is that you I hear knocking?

But it’s not locked – click here to come on in and get started.
You will jump to the front of the line tonight, guaranteed.

That’s about it for now, please check out some other pages here if you have time.
You’re going to like what you find.

Will you take a minute to leave a comment?
I’d really like to know what you try and how it works out for you, I think you’ll like your results.

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