GILF Dating

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GILF Dating

First of all – what is GILF dating?

Well, “GILF” describes a particular age group of women, generally between forty-five and sixty-five years of age. Dating a GILF is often considered desirable or advantageous by some younger men.

It is is a subject that I never really thought I’d be writing about.
It’s funny how perspectives change as you get older.

Today, I want to point out to you what GILF dating can do for you and your success rate with the ladies – and why it can be something you really want to consider if you haven’t already.

GILF’s – An “Untapped Market”

Just a few years ago – heck just a few months ago – I would have thought, “No Way!”. Then as I started doing a little research in anticipation of writing this article I ran across pictures like this:

gilf dating il pic 1Yeah – I’d definitely hit it.

GILF’s are just like MILF’s; but usually a little bit older.

There are several other pages on this site dedicated to the advantages of dating older women.

Obviously, those same advantages apply to GILF dating; such as:

The Advantages of Dating Older Women

Dating older women – and especially GILF ‘s  can really enhance your success rate with the ladies because as I’ve said before:

  • Older women usually aren’t interested in playing games
  • Older women are usually more financially secure
  • They don’t need to be “courted” – they’re ready now
  • They’re more confident and more experienced
  • Best of all – they are in their sexual prime and no seduction is needed

Consequently, with dating GILF s we open the door to scoring with a huge segment of the female population that doesn’t always get the credit or the attention that they want and deserve.

gilf dating Cheerleader SBA lot of guys spend most of their time chasing after the pretty young things without ever taking into account that:

  • The competition is much stronger
  • Younger women are often into ego stroking and playing games
  • They will waste time and string you along for “the fun” of it
  • They usually aren’t as adventuresome and open minded
  • Sometimes – and I hate this – they think they’re “special”

GILF dating is my “secret weapon” when it comes to scoring pretty much every time out.

But Know This:

There are a lot of different ways to meet new GILF women – but probably the easiest way to do it with certainty – being sure that the lady you’re interested in wants the same thing that you do – is to use dating sites or apps.

But you need to keep in mind that older people tend to use different apps, and mature women approach online dating a little differently than younger girls.

You just browse the profiles of women in your area until you find a few that look promising to you and then you make the contact. This allows you to avoid wasting time trying to “hook up” with a lady who is more interested in a “traditional” type of relationship. Such as women who aren’t really MILF’s or GILF’s to begin with. They are instead ladies who are looking for traditional dates or longer term companions.

And I say this:

Places like bars, gyms and even grocery stores are ideal for spotting potential partners of the GILF persuasion.
Additionally, here’s a couple of bonus tips:
Hobby classes, tours of local historical sites or sponsored “day trip” type adventures in your area are prime ways to meet older girls.

Putting It All Together:

The fact is that you might have to adjust your tactics for meeting slightly. Interests sometimes change with age. Consequently, you might need to explore places other than where you look for younger women. It’s easy though, and your success a arranging local sex dates will skyrocket.

I still date younger women too, but I mostly focus on the ones who aren’t looking for  regular boyfriends. They are just looking for some temporary satisfaction. However, more and more I find that GILF and Cougar dating promise almost guaranteed hook ups with women looking for same things I am.

Give it a try – GILF dating might be just what you need to round out your sex life.

And hey – if you try it; why not leave a comment and let us know what you think?

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