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A lot of men and women are interested in finding dating tips in an effort to better learn how to meet the right person that they are looking for.

Being a guy; I don’t have much information to offer the ladies other than maybe try to date us all.

And that’s my best dating tip of the day for the ladies.

But for you guys who are looking to have better success meeting and dating the woman of your dreams:

I DO have some information.

There are a lot of relationship websites out there that deal with dating tips and dating advice; and some of that information is really good and useful. A lot of it however is pretty much crap. Even the sites that have some good information are still pretty much just an A to Z list of dating tips that we can keep in mind while trying to meet the right woman or women.

And obviously, it also helps to try to have at least some idea of what the girls are thinking. Understanding the things that are important to them when they are looking for a guy can go a long way toward making you the guy that they are looking for. And there’s really no better way to discover that than by checking out some popular relationship tips for women, by women.

dating-tips-looking-right-150x150dating-tips-Darker-Green-CTAThe dating and mating ritual is often described as a “game”; in that game; the “rules of the game” pretty much give the ladies the upper hand so to speak, after all they do control the prize that goes to the winner of the game.

What if you could find a “system” of techniques, a method of interacting with women that fundamentally changes the “rules” of dating and mating and significantly bends those rules more into our favor and control?

Would you want to see and know about that?

Would those be the kind of dating tips that you would want to know? Do I hear you thinking, HELL YES!!!”; right about now?

Great Dating Advice That You Can Use Now

I thought so; and boys; we are Golden and Good To Go because of the method I am going to introduce you to today; the best dating tips available.

Women are complex creatures (most of them) and they are extremely good at reading “body language”; silent signals that we send to them without even realizing we are sending them. Sometimes they read these signals consciously and interpret them; other times they read these signal subconsciously and “feel” them.

dating-tips-Snapsext-Vertical-BannerWomen are mostly about “feelings” after all. People; women especially; have an entire series of psychological and physical “Sexual and Emotional Triggers” that many don’t even know they have; and when you know how to “pull” those triggers; combined with knowing how to send the right body language signals; and how to read the silent body language signals that they are sending to us; you suddenly have a huge advantage over the other guys who might be competing for her attention.

Many people will tell you that women; especially the super hot ones; are only interested in the “Brad Pitt” types; or guys who are made of money. Now I’m not going to say that looking like Brad and throwing lots of money around does not have it’s advantages; it HAS to (he‘s with Angelina after all); some ladies love or need “Sugar Daddies”. But the truth of the matter is that most of us did not win the Gene Pool or Financial Lotteries, but we still can succeed.

In reality; a lot of women, even the super hot ones; want a man who is confident in who he is; and who knows how to make them feel attractive, interesting, desirable and wanted or needed. Just don’t take that too far; or she will feel too “Special”.

So where do we go from here?

What other dating tips can we learn?

We can learn how to send the right signals that make women feel that we are interested; but not “needy” or overly interested; and that we have plenty of other options.

We learn how to press those emotional and psychological triggers.

We learn how to read the silent signals that they are sending our way, in spite of what things she might be saying; the body language might be sending an entirely different statement; and by understanding those signals, we know where we stand in the dating and mating game ritual.

There are four phases comprising a new relationship
Attraction – that which drew us toward each other to start with.
Rapport – that which keeps us interested, talking and engaged.
Seduction – we all know what that should lead to.
Relationship Balance – for long term commitment.

If you are content just “getting lucky” from time to time; that’s fine; there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you would rather be GOOD than lucky; you need to see these dating tips today.

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