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best dating apps top imageBest Dating Apps

In talking about the best dating apps we can pretty well assume two things:

1) You have a smart phone – probably either an iPhone or an android.
2) You have an intense need or desire to get laid tonight.

You are definitely in luck because the top-rated dating apps – will technological wonders never cease – bring together your phone, your need to get laid tonight and like minded people with the same needs who can help you with exactly that.

Another plus that comes with the best dating apps is that they utilize the GPS capabilities of your phone and show you the profiles of people who are actually nearby – sometimes just a couple of miles away; or maybe a street or two over from where you are; sometimes; even just a few feet away – there they are and they are looking for somebody just like you.

Top Apps vs Top Dating Sites

best dating apps sb imageNow don’t misunderstand; adult dating programs are great and a lot of people have a lot of success with them. Programs like Adult Friend Finder, Fling and Meet Locals can all help you to hook up with like minded people nearby. One of the drawbacks to such programs though is that if you happen to be in Bumfuk, Egypt; the way in which those applications work; you might be shown profiles of members who are in the next metro area over; several – or many – miles away.

Not so with the best dating apps – as I mentioned above they use your actual location to find people who are nearby.

Not everyone using the top dating apps is necessarily looking to have a one-nighter; but statistics show that upwards of 50% of users – if not more – are looking for just that.

One of the best and most highly and favorably reviewed dating apps is Tinder. With Tinder, you can see the profiles of other users nearby and quickly determine if they are just looking for a casual hookup; or something else. Tinder allows you to connect with these people and if there is a mutual interest you both “like” each other and then a private chat can take place.

best dating apps getting laid with TinderWith Tinder and the other great dating apps, it is still important to approach a chat pretty much like you would approach a face to face conversation. A lot of the women on Tinder – although they are looking for some quick fun – still want to feel that there is more interest on your part than just an interest in her photos – and sex.

Try to establish some shared interests beyond a hookup before your first face to face meeting. This gives you something to talk about when you do meet and sets the stage for everything else that will naturally follow. If her profile pics show her working out or walking her dogs; you have something to talk about. If those pictures show her at The Eiffel Tower or The Grand Canyon; you have something to talk about. The same things apply if her profile mentions that she is “from New York” – you know where she is now and you can ask questions about how she came to be here. Given an opening; most new “friends” will respond eagerly to questions; people like to talk about themselves.

Just like when you meet someone at a club or some social event; there is an etiquette to be followed if you want to have a successful hookup.

Fortunately; you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and figure it out as you go – that has already been done for you – you can learn the most effective ways to be successful using the most popular dating apps just by clicking here.

best dating apps Tinder Hacks Book

A lot of your success in using Tinder or the other best dating apps goes back to using some common sense and approaching that first private chat just like you would a conversation at the club…

“Hey, what’s up?”, isn’t going to take you too far.

“I see you’re into movies – which ones are on your bucket list right now?”

“I’ll provide the popcorn and the company – why don’t we go see it?”

That’s one of the great things about the best dating apps – they are just an extension of what we already do socially; they just make that social contact and introduction a lot easier; and oftentimes they let you cut straight to the chase without going on several dates before you know whether or not that other person wants the same thing that you do.

The best dating apps can be very useful no matter what kind of hookup you are looking for – it doesn’t matter if you are looking for an affair with a younger woman or if you are interested in dating older women.

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