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Friends With Benefits

Friends With Benefits I talk to a lot of guys who are interested in having a friends with benefits sort…

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Friends With Benefits

I talk to a lot of guys who are interested in having a “friends with benefits” sort of relationship.

There are some real advantages to that for everybody involved provided they are in a spot in their lives where being friends with benefits is a good fit – it needs to be something that’s not going to ruin the friendship and everybody has to be beyond the point where jealousy might sneak into the picture.

One of the great things about friends with benefits is that well; you have the benefits, without having any kind of real obligations to go along with them.

As to how to arrange a friends with benefits situation; it’s really not much different than a one-time hookup – with the exception that it’s not usually just once – friends with benefits tend to see each other whenever the need arises.

Because of the similarities between hookup partners and friends with benefits it really makes sense to look for potential partners who are initially just looking for a hookup and then let that turn into more of an ongoing friends with benefits relationship.

I typically use one of the local dating sites that I belong to for scoping out the profiles of girls near me who look like good candidates; and that works pretty well.

I’m going to veer off into another direction for just a moment because I want to mention something that I guest posted on another relationship site; and that is how being caught in the friend zone with a girl can actually be beneficial to starting a friends with benefits relationship.

As I mentioned in that article; being in the friend zone means that you are already half way there – you just have to “reset” the relationship a little bit – you can read my page about Getting Out Of The Friend Zone – and before you know it you can go from being in the friend zone to being in a friends with benefits situation.

That comment is very likely the only positive statement you will ever see about being stuck in the friend zone; but it is true. You can read my addition to the friend zone page here; and follow that plan of action if you want to turn friends into friends with benefits.

But if you’re just looking for someone who can fit the bill when it comes to friends with benefits – somebody that you can fall back on when the need arises – click here – I bet that you might just find one or more people who are interested in exactly the same kind of relationship.

Learning how to get out of the friend zone is just one of many great dating
tips that will serve you well if you take the time to read over the pages on this site.

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