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You can’t have a discussion about dating older women without bringing up the subject of hot cougars.

Hot cougars of course, are a particular “category” of older women.

Dating a hot cougar can be a truly eye opening and life changing experience for any guy. That is especially true for younger guys; and it is of course the younger guys who are the favored “prey” of cougar women.

hot cougars sensual womanWho Are Cougars?

“Cougars” are typically women between the ages of about 35 and 50. More often than not they are divorced. Many are moms with kids that are grown or nearly so; and they are ready to experience a little satisfaction and gratification in their lives.

There are few experiences in life that can shake you up and wear you out like hooking up with a hot cougar.

Like we’ve seen on other pages of this site; dating older women has a huge number of advantages for any man; especially for younger men.

Unlike many younger women, older women are typically more secure both emotionally and financially; and they have very few inhibitions. They know what they like and want and they are not afraid to go after it.

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They really are not interested in playing any games or being put up on a pedestal. They also aren’t hot cougars Cheerleader SBworried about being thought of as being a “good” girl or a good wife or a good mother. They have generally been there and done all of that; now they just want some hard core satisfaction.

So here I’m going to list all of the advantages of connecting with a hot cougar above and beyond all of the advantages of dating older women:

  • Mind blowing, uninhibited, breathless sex.

That pretty much sums it up; assuming that you might be interested in something like that.

Not all cougars chase after younger men; many are quite content to hook up with guys their own age or even guys who are a little older.

But usually when the subject of cougars comes up, the perception is that they are mainly only interested in younger men.

The truth of the matter is that for the most part; they are interested in guys of almost any age who can show them a good time and give as good as they can take. Fun and satisfaction is the name of the game and the order of the day.

It’s also the order of the night, and the next morning and all the next day and the day after.

When a cougar woman “specializes” in seducing younger men; those young guys are known as “cubs”. I’ve always thought that sounded a little derogatory; but hey; sometimes life isn’t fair and you just have to suck it up and roll with the punches.

Like I said; there are far worse things that can happen in the life of a young guy than to become the object of lust for an older woman.

You might be wondering right about now how you can check this out for yourself and find out if dating older women – and dating hot cougars – is really everything I’m making it out to be.

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It is; but I can certainly understand why you might want to find that out for yourself.
If you just use your imagination and think about the situation; you will no doubt come up with a lot of possibilities that you never dreamed of.

So here are some ideas on where you can meet hot cougars:

  • Your local coffee shop.
    Get there early in the morning. It’s not uncommon for older business women to stop in – sometimes with another older business woman friend – to have a cup of Joe – and maybe pick up a Joe for later; when they’re on their way to a busy day at the office.
  • Walking or jogging tracks.
    A lot of cougar women like to keep fit and get some daily exercise. It keeps them looking good and it helps them maintain their stamina for their preferred activities; which is where you come in.
  • Gyms or fitness classes.
    See above for the reasons why.
  • Stick with me here – I know this sounds a little off: Retirement homes.
    No; I’m not talking about old ladies in wheel chairs – I’m talking about the friends and daughters who come to visit them. As odd as it sounds and seems; this is a great way to meet older\cougar women. Volunteer to spend a couple of hours a week doing something around the facility – read a newspaper to people, show seniors how to check email – it doesn’t matter what; just do it and you’ll see.
  • A park or some other place where people might walk their dogs.
    You really improve your odds with this one if you also have a dog that you can take for a daily walk while checking out the women who are doing the same thing.
  • Take a class.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s something at a local college or a cooking class or some kind of “continuing education” seminar; classes are a great way to meet older women; especially if the focus of the class is some type of “adult education” You can be sure that there will be older women there; and it will give you opportunities to experience a real adult education.
  • Singles bars or clubs.
    This is an old tried and true method and it still works. If there’s a bar or club or restaurant in your town where older rather than younger people tend to congregate; then you need to be there too.
  • “Cougar” cruises.
    That’s right – there are actually some cruise lines that offer “Cougar Cruises” that are specifically tailored toward helping younger guys and older women hook up. Now think about that – you are on a ship at sea. Hundreds of cougar women are on that ship. They are looking to hook up. Do you think you might have a chance to connect with a cougar?
  • Other types of vacations or tours.
    There are a lot of travel agencies that offer trips and tours especially for older travelers. Whether it’s a cruise, a scenic train ride or a motor coach excursion; trips and tours are an almost guaranteed way to meet one or more interesting and interested women who are looking for something amazing besides the scenery.
  • Online services or websites.
    There are a lot of dating services like eHarmony and Friend Finder that help you find cougars who are looking. There are also a lot of websites that have entire sections that are focused on helping older women meet younger men, like this one.

Call them what you will – Hot Cougars, MILF’s or GILF’s – these older women are in their sexual prime and they are not going to let that go to waste or pass them by.

Check out this site – visit here now – if you want to start seeing just how easy and incredible it can be to connect with a hot cougar.

Hot older women don’t just come in the Cougar variety.
Check this out to see what we mean:

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