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A Video Guide For Meeting Mature Women

I think it should be pretty obvious by now that there are a lot of advantages to dating older women.

But have you thought about the best places to meet these women?

In the video below, you will see your best options for meeting these mature women.

Meeting Older Women

That is what we’re going to consider today in text and video form – the five best places to meet mature women (that don’t involve bars):

older women classes1. Meet In Night classes.

Now this can include college or junior college type classes; or it could just be something like a cooking class or learning a hobby.

Maybe you should pursue that interest you’ve always had in working with stained glass or sand sculptures.


older women jogging track2. On Walking Or Jogging Trails.

Look – if you don’t have a dog; maybe you should either get one or offer to walk one for a friend a few times a week.

Even if you are an avid walker or runner; these are great places to meet mature, (and fit) women. Adding a dog to the mix gives you something to talk about when you spot that 40 or 50 something cutie walking her dog.

And as an added bonus – many women just love a guy who loves dogs or really, pets of any kind.

A Video Guide To Meeting Older Women – Watch It, Then Do It!

older women gym3. Meet Older Girls At Gyms.

Sort of in the same vein as the walking trails – gyms are a great place to meet older women.

Now I can’t offer proof that our women of interest go to gyms just to meet guys; but I know from personal experience that many do have that in mind along with getting in a little elliptical time.
Try a trial membership a couple of gyms in your area and then tell me that I’m wrong. Or, just leave a comment to say, “Thanks!”

older women coffee shop4. Meet Mature Women At Coffee Shops.

This is one of my favorites – I like a latte with my mature women.
Seriously, give this one a few days to develop. Head over to your local Starbucks or wherever – it’s best to check out two or three different ones at different times of day. Take a book or a magazine or your laptop so that everything looks normal. Just have a cup or two and watch who comes in. Invariably; you will start to see some of the same women every day. All you have to do at that point is decide who you want to meet and say, “Hi.”

older women volunteer5. At Retirement Homes.

Stay with me on this one for a minute; you’ll see why.

No, I’m not suggesting that you head down to the senior center and start hitting on old ladies in wheelchairs. You can do that of course; but I’m talking about checking out the women who come to visit the elderly folks in wheelchairs.

Now to make this one work; you’ll probably need to be up for a little volunteer work.

Do you have a hobby?

Did you learn how to do some sand sculptures in that night class I mentioned earlier?

Perfect – just offer to show up once or twice a week and teach older people how to do it too.

Barring something like that; you can always offer to spend an hour once or twice a week reading the local newspaper to seniors. There are a lot of ways to make this work; just use a little creativity. You will be finding ways to meet older women and doing something that will be appreciated at the same time.

That’s a win – win arrangement if I’ve ever seen one.

Be sure to watch the meeting mature women video – you might be surprised by some of these great tips.

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