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Many men don’t know how to seduce a woman because they don’t understand what seduction really is.

Seduction is not about sex, at least not at first.

How to seduce a woman begins by engaging her on an emotional level before attempting to inject sexual feelings.

seduce a woman il picOne of the most common mistakes men make with women is trying too hard and too fast to sexually arouse them and “rush” that relationship. seduce a woman oval cta picThat shows that they really don’t understand how a woman thinks; and it usually makes them uncomfortable; and can make them feel that you are kind of “creepy“.

If you ever find yourself in the “creep zone”; move on because it’s too late to turn that around; that is not how to seduce a woman.

People have two primary sectors of their brains that control decision making: the logical brain and the emotional brain. The trouble with this is that each side of the brain shares resources; so both don’t function equally at the same time. If you are very focused on something logical; then your emotional brain is working at a much lower level; and the opposite is true.
When the emotional brain is stimulated the logical brain is subdued.

This is the key to seduction.

What we have to do is engage a woman in a conversation that stimulates her emotional brain – and ours too; and when the time is right; inject sexual arousal.

This is how to seduce a woman.

During the conversation you can share an emotional story whether it’s something personal or something you’ve read in the news or heard about; this engages her emotional brain and starts to disengage the logical brain.

seduce a woamn il pic 2Now there is a danger here if you get things moving too quickly. If she recognizes that her emotional brain is taking over too soon; before she feels a rapport with you and some trust; she will have what is called a “Red Zone Response”. She will still be thinking logically enough to recognize that she could be about to make an emotional (bad) decision. If this happens; she is out of there in a heartbeat; and you can’t do anything to stop it.

Don’t try to turn thing sexual too fast; you first need to create a feeling of sexual tension within her.

So how do we do that?

The thing that works best for me is to carry on that conversation stimulating her emotional brain and while talking, start thinking about things that turn you on sexually – whatever things that might be. Be sure to look frequently at her mouth while she is talking; just little glances away from her eyes and to her lips.

You’ve essentially created sexual tension within yourself; and through your body language you will be broadcasting that; and she will start to pick that up on a conscious and subconscious level.

The whole while; just keep on with the conversation.

Naturally there should be some casual touching during the conversation; and the nature of that is about to change.

Once you see her subconsciously sending signals that she is feeling attracted to you – she’s leaning forward, she’s glancing at your mouth when you speak; then and only then is the time right to inject sexuality.

This is seduction.

This is how to seduce a woman.

Usually before things progress to the next level, you’re going to have to get a kiss first. So as you are talking and see her watching your lips just smile and say, “Hey, it’s O.K.”

She’ll probably look a little surprised and ask what is O.K.

That’s when you say, “It’s O.K., you can kiss me; I want to kiss you too.”

Touch her shoulder and run your hand down her arm, take her hand a pull her toward you, but don’t rush in, just take some time. In fact; if she leans in closer; you might eve want to pull back slightly and smile a little; then go ahead and pull her in for the kiss.

Needless to say; things can start moving very quickly from that point forward.

You have after all just seduced a woman.

So in short, seduction consists of engaging a woman on an emotional level; building a rapport between you and creating a sense that she can trust you on a logical level, an emotional level and on a sexual level.

This is how to seduce a woman – go give it a try.

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