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No Seduction Needed

To get laid fast you can either hope to “get lucky” – or – you can get good at seducing the women of your choice; – or – you can always find women who need no seduction.

You can’t do anything about whether you are lucky or not; but you can do a lot when it comes to knowing how to get laid fast and easily by becoming good at the science of seduction; or by becoming good at knowing how and where to find women who need no seduction.

get laid fast On-Bed imageget laid fast Green-Click-Here-NowOn this site and in the get laid fast video below, you are going to see how you can become better at seduction; and you are going to find out exactly how and where to find women who already want sex – they don’t need to be seduced; they just need to find the right guy to give them what they already want.

get-laid-fast-blonde-left-150x150Get Laid Fast –
No Seduction Needed

It’s no secret that many women like sex and that they want it too.
But where do you find them?

It’s not like they’re just walking around with “Just Do Me” tattooed on their foreheads or wearing tee shirts that say, “Easy”.

No, it’s not like that; not quite; but it’s close to that when you look in the right places and you know how to pick out the right women.

Check this out – there are some interesting numbers in this get laid fast video:

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As you saw in the get laid fast video above, the best place to find women who want sex – the quickest way to get laid tonight easily – is by setting up profiles on an adult dating site or two; sites that specialize in connecting singles for the express purpose of fulfilling their desires to have a no strings attached kind of local hookup.

These are women who know what they want and they have also figured out where to find it – popular adult dating sites that are well established enough to be reputable and with an active membership big enough to guarantee that there will be likely partners right in their area

So the best way to get laid tonight is to go to where the women are who are already looking to get get laid fast Hand-On-Face-150x150laid tonight.

Get Laid Fast  – The Science of Seduction

Seduction starts from the moment you first lay eyes on a woman and from the instant that she first sees you. You have to recognize this because a lot of guys start screwing things up from the start by not realizing it.

Did you know that before the first word has even been spoken – you have said volumes to her about who you are and what you want?

Do you understand that she is also speaking loud and clear to you – before you even say, “Hi, My name is…”? In fact, by the time you say your first word to her she has pretty much already summed you up and decided whether or not she wants to connect with you at all; much less spend any quality bedroom time with you.

The kicker is that she doesn’t even know she’s doing all of that – she’s not thinking about it the way you think about what you need to do tomorrow – she is feeling it on a subconscious level.
She’s not using her “logical brain”; her feelings and her emotions have taken over based upon what you have already silently said to her.

I’m talking of course about body language – the silent signals that she sends out and that you send out; silent signals that speak the truth every time.get laid fast No-Strings-Attached-Dating-Yellow-CTA

I’m going to touch on just a few things that you need to observe, and just a few things that you need to do – how to tell what she is thinking before you ever get to her; and how to “tell” her what she needs to know in order to decide if you are the guy that she needs to hookup with tonight.

As you approach her, you need to walk without hesitation – approach her with confidence, your shoulders back, and looking at her eyes the entire time.

This is a demonstration of “dominant” body language. She’s going to see it and take it in without even thinking about it – she’ll feel it.

This is how you bypass the “logical brain” and tap directly into her feelings and emotions.

You need to be watching her – she’s going to be telling you a lot before you even get to her; and the things she tells you will give you a good clue as to whether or not this woman is open to seduction.

Does she:

  • Meet and hold your gaze or does she look away?get-laid-fast-footer-image
  • If she looks away, does she look down and then back at you?
  • Does she turn to face you directly or turn slightly away?

These are things that will tell you how open she might be to your advances. If she meets and holds your gaze she is also demonstrating dominant body language. She is meeting you as an equal, you might have your hands full trying to seduce this one. The same is true if she faces you directly – she is feeling dominant and might not be open to seduction.

She may be; but the body language throws that into doubt. It really doesn’t matter though at this point; you are on your way to meet her so you need to carry on and see how it develops.

Now if she turns her body or shoulders slightly away from you – and especially is she looks down and then back toward you – that display of body language is a submissive display and the odds are very good that you have picked out a willing woman.

So now it’s on to the important part – connecting and seducing.

Get Laid Fast – Building Rapportget laid fast looking-left-150x150

When we first meet someone there is a very real “gap” that exists between us and it exists on two levels:

  • There is an emotional gap that separates us and keeps us from being totally relaxed with each other – you can call that “trust”.
  • There is a physical gap too – you’ve got your “space” and she has hers; and that is a problem to be overcome.

The emotional gap almost takes care of itself – the longer you talk (having a pleasant conversation) the more that gap closes. You start to build a “rapport” – a level of comfort and trust with each other. This emotional gap can be closed more quickly and more completely if you are able to share and talk about common interests.

If she should mention something that makes her happy or something that makes her sad; being able to relate something from your own experience will help to create rapport faster; and it will be stronger.

Needless to say, it is critical in seduction to close this emotional gap.

The physical gap however will not get any smaller on it’s own – it will be the same wide chasm from now on if you don’t move to close it; and there is only one way to do that – through touch.

You should be touching her casually pretty much from the moment you meet.

Again; this has to be done casually – just a quick pat to the arm or the back of the hand – or a quick tap to her shoulder.

No stroking and no lingering touch – just quick and casual contact; almost as if you are emphasizing your words with your hands.

This is the only way to bridge the physical divide and it is even more critical to seduction than the building of rapport. This is the single most common mistake that many guys make; and it is the biggest reason that guys sometimes wind up in “The Friend Zone” – they’ve met a great girl and they get along well; but it never gets past the “friend” stage; because nothing was done to narrow the physical divide as the emotional gap was closing.

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Get Laid Fast  – Create Sexual Arousal

OK – a lot of the “pick up artist gurus” will make it sound like this – creating sexual arousal – is one of the greatest mysteries; and an unsolved mystery at that – in the entire history of human kind.

That’s just wrong.

You can create sexual arousal and get laid fast and easily when you understand one key fact – making her feel sexually aroused does not start within her – it starts from within you.

It’s a psychological phenomenon called “emotional contagion“. It’s the same trait that humans share with other higher life forms that allow us to feel empathy for someone else.

The emotional state of one person can create an almost identical emotional state within someone else when it is observed either visually or sub-consciously.

You’ll remember some of our talk about body language; well here it comes again.

To get a woman aroused sexually, simply carry on the conversation normally; but start thinking about things that get you aroused. You don’t want to talk about them; just think about them and let yourself start getting aroused.

As your arousal increases there will be subtle changes in your body language – your eyes will narrow slightly, your breathing will become faster and more shallow, you will find yourself looking at her mouth when she talks. A lot of little things are going to start happening that she will not consciously take note of – she won’t be sitting there making mental notes – but she will feel it on a primal, subconscious level and she will respond.

When you see her starting to lean in toward you when she speaks, when you see her looking at your mouth as you speak, when you notice her breathing getting a little quicker and more shallow – take her home – you have just seduced a woman.

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