How To Get A Girls Number

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How To Get A Girl’s Number


A lot of guys just don’t know the secret of how to get a girls number:
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Now before we get into the “ninja secrets” of how to get a girls number I just want to mention one thing – you need to learn and practice this so that you’re prepared when you meet an interesting girl by chance.


You can even do the preliminary “set up” work with your phone and have it ready to get that number.


But if like a lot of guys you mainly want to add to your “contact list” – have a list of willing women whenever the need for company arises; then there is a faster, easier and better way.


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There are a lot of women out there who aren’t really interested in a long term relationship; they just want some temporary company just like a lot of guys do. There are probably even a lot of those women in your hometown; you just need to know how and where to find them.


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That said; let’s move on.


Get Her Number, Guaranteed:


As with pretty much everything else involved in the dating and mating  ritual; there are any number of mistakes we can make at many different points along the way that can ruin our chances with a woman we are attracted to; and the same is true about asking a girl for her phone number.


It doesn’t take luck to get a local girls number – it’s all in the technique.


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A lot of guys just ask almost as soon as they start a conversation with a girl; and that is usually the worst thing you can do. Hey, if that’s how you do it and it works; I’m happy for you; but it doesn’t work for most of us; that’s not how to get a girls number.


Today, we are going to explore using  some psychological and emotional triggers that will greatly improve our chances of succeeding in this critical step.


This is how to get a girls number:


What we need to do is just continue a casual (and hopefully for her, fun) conversation for a few minutes.


When you feel that the time is about right, keep on talking while you take out your phone.


Now, she will wonder why you have your phone out, she might think you’re reading or sending a text or something.


What you are really doing is unlocking your phone and opening your Contacts list and adding her to it. For a name enter something like “My Future Girlfriend” or something that she might find flattering or amusing.


The next step is where a lot of guys go wrong, they say something like, “Can I have your number”; or “How about giving me your number.”


The problem with that approach is that it makes it too easy for her to just say, “No.” Here is where we want to employ psychology to make it harder for her to say no and easy to say yes.


This is crucial every time you want to get a girls number.


What you need to do is reach out your arm toward her handing her your phone; don’t lean in toward her, just stretch out your arm until your phone is about four or five inches away from her.


This does two things on a subconscious level:

1) It puts you and your phone within her “personal” space.
2) It engages an automatic response – when someone reaches out and tries to hand you something; you automatically reach out to take it; so she probably will; unless she is already looking for a way to end the conversation.


And now is the moment when we ask the question that makes it harder for her to say no and easy to say yes.


We say, “Why don’t you give me your number?”


See the difference between that and “Can I get your number”?


Get A Girl’s Number – One Simple Word:


But we are going to take it even one step farther.


All kinds of studies have been done on this technique involving all sorts of social situations and the results are astounding.


When asking someone to do something; the odds that they will actually do it skyrocket when you add one simple thing – you give them a reason to do it; you say:




This proven tactic is true whether you are trying to get a girls number or trying to get a raise at work.


“Why don’t you give me your number because I’m really enjoying this conversation and I would like to talk to you more.”


At this point, she will probably be much more inclined to type in that phone number; and maybe hand her phone to you so that you can type in yours.


Now if she does that; be a little clever.


Add your name followed by something like, “That great guy from…”. Now when you do call her; she’s going to see that and she is probably going to laugh or smile; and take your call.


There is one more mistake that a lot of guys make at this point; once they have her number; they pretty much end the conversation.


Don’t do it!


Once you get a girls number don’t let her think that your interest in her is over until you someday give her a call.


Get a girls number; then let her know you really are interested.


Carry on the conversation for several more minutes; find out a little more about her; what she likes and doesn’t like – try to establish a greater rapport.


This will set you apart from a lot of guys and make her remember you; and that will make her even more likely to take your call when it comes.


This is how to get a girls number.


I hope that you can see the advantage of using these psychological triggers when approaching a woman; and how they will make her more likely to give you a second look.


Go on; give it a try and get a girls number – every time!


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Getting her number isn’t hard at all when you giver her
every reason to do it and zero reasons not to.


A lot of things work that – they’re really pretty simple and easy,
hen you understand cause and effect.


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