Lucky, Or Good?

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Lucky Or Good?


Would you rather be lucky; or would you rather be good?
Think about that for just a second.


What about when it comes to dating really pretty women?
Would you rather be lucky, or would you rather be good?


Luck is really great, and when you have some huge stroke of luck – or better yet a crazy-long lucky streak – it leaves you feeling on top of the world and as if you can do no wrong.


But guess what?


You can do wrong.
And you can make bad (or even stupid) decisions.


And even if you don’t, there is one sure thing you can count on:lucky or good sexy sidebar image of pretty women


Luck doesn’t last forever.
It runs dry and leaves you in the lurch just when you could really use it.


And that’s one of the odd things about luck:


It seems to strike when you least expect it, and a lot of times it strikes when you least need it.


How often does it happen to you at just the right time?


No compare that to being good.


When you are good at any given thing you really don’t need luck because you can step-by-step “engineer” your own desired outcome.


It’s almost like you create your own luck.


So instead of planning and trying and working and worrying – and then hoping to “get lucky” – you just set about doing the things you know you need to do – and the things that you know are going to work – and then you collect the reward for your plans and your efforts.


When you’re good, you can plan in advance on getting that reward.
It’s like a direct deposit paycheck.


You know it’s coming, just like clockwork.


And hey who knows, you may still have a stroke of luck and score something even bigger than what you were planning for.


So on the one hand you can make a plan, then work the plan, and the reap the reward right on schedule just like you planned.


In other words, you do things to create your own luck rather than just sitting there hoping something will come your way.


And on the other hand you can just try to be in the right place, and pray that the timing is right, and then really, really HOPE that luck will come your way and you get that reward.


Yeah, that pretty well sums it up.
So at the end of the day:


Would you rather be lucky – or would you rather be good?


Now that’s how things go just in general.


And if you’re anything like me, you would really rather not be depending upon luck when the stakes are high or important.


Heck; you really don’t want to depend upon luck at all if you have an option to just work a plan and reach a goal.


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Now think about this:

Would you rather be lucky with women?
Or would you rather be good?

It’s exactly the same thing, see?

When you try to meet new women, or when you try to hookup with girls, you can do like a lot of other guys:


Make yourself presentable, head down to the club, strut around making small talk and trying to be clever, buying girls drinks and “playing the game” – just like every other guy in the place – and really just hoping that fortune will favor you and that you will get lucky.


Guys, if that’s your plan and if you are the “lucky type”, go win the lottery and then the girls will chase your rich behind.


But better yet, you can walk in there with a plan to focus on exactly the girls that you know are looking for somebody just like you, and the you can work that plan and get right down to the heart of the matter.


No muss.
Zero fuss.
No games.
Even better, no time wasting.
And best of all…




How will you be able to know all of that?
How can you be so sure?


Because they are going to tell you what they want, right up front.
Just like you will do with them.


No mysteries – no surprises.


So what about you?


Would you rather be lucky, or would you rather be good?


You can head on down to the club and hope for the best, maybe you’ll get lucky.


Or you can click this link and work a plan to meet exactly the kind of girls you want to meet:


Right here.
Right now with…

No luck required

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So maybe relying on luck isn’t the best strategy
when you need to get something done.


It doesn’t really matter what it is – knowing how to make it happen is
better than hoping to get lucky – waiting for fate to make it happen.


So let’s dig a little deeper into all of that.


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