Psychology of Attraction

psychology of attraction woman smiling at guy imageThe Psychology
Of Attraction

Being more successful with women depends in part upon your knowledge of the Psychology of Attraction. Having success with women – even really hot women – isn’t as difficult as some guys fooled into believing.


Humans have been programmed by nature to respond in certain ways to certain situations.


By understanding some of those hard-wired realities – and by understanding how and when to use them – you can get predictable responses during planned interactions.


Psychology motivates seduction, or giving out a phone number or letting somebody cut ahead in line.


Attraction is no different, and when you understand that you can largely create the reactions you want others to have.


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So give me 5 minutes and we will change your whole outlook about what “attraction” really means – and how to influence it.


Now before your eyes glaze over thinking that this post is going to be like some sterile, classroom discussion about psychology or attraction science, it’s not.


Today, you are going to learn a few facts and pick up a few easy tips that will allow you to improve your success with women.


The Psychology Of Attraction Explained


You will come away from this knowing how to let girls know that you are available – for whatever – without ever having to say it outright. Just as importantly, you’re going to know that about them too.


Whether it’s one girl at a grocery store, or a room full of girls wherever, you will know how to work it like a boss.


The fact is that you just need to understand what they want and how to make yourself stand out from the other guys who might be competing for her attention.


A lot of guys, even most I would say; do not understand that there is a “psychology of attraction” that comes into play when we first meet a woman. Knowing this and how to use it to our advantage is a seriously powerful tool that can give you a great advantage over the other guys that might approach her.


Half A Mind – For Real


Women think with “two minds”, you might say. They have a logical mind and an emotional one. The thing is that both occupy the same space and they don’t both operate at 100% at the same time – one typically takes precedence over the other.


That’s a key piece of info, as you are about to see.


The logical half sees and hears things and processes that information in order to form thoughts and opinions. The emotional half interprets that same information on a purely subconscious level and rather than resulting in logical thoughts or formed opinions; it results in a feeling.


The Psychology Of Emotions


obsession method skyscraper sidebar imageThat said, when the logical half is dominant the emotional half is suppressed, and the opposite holds true as well.


We want to stimulate the emotional side during our conversation because this makes it more likely that we will escalate an emotional connection that can lead to a sense of attraction. You do this by steering the conversation into subjects that evoke emotions; preferably positive and fun or maybe humorous.


This is using The Psychology of Attraction.


You might mention some volunteer work that you do or some charitable causes that you support; just anything that will create an emotional feeling within her and hopefully begin the process of forming an emotional connection and attraction.


But There’s This, Too


In pursuing this relationship, it is also important to realize that in the beginning there is a physical connection that needs to be established too. If you don’t do this, you might have a great conversation and maybe make a new friend; but a physical relationship will be less likely to develop.


We need to create a situation in which emotional and physical attraction can flourish.


To initiate the physical attraction you simply have to touch her; use your hands to accent some of your comments – or some of hers – nothing too touchy or clingy (at first); just a slight touch or tap.


Once you have managed to establish both an emotional and a physical connection you are well on your way to having whatever you are looking for. Maybe that is a new girlfriend or maybe it’s just a date for the night. But thanks to understanding the Psychology of Attraction; you’ve got it within reach – literally.


So what really starts the process of building attraction?
Most people would say that it’s looking or being “hot”, some would say that it’s by creating an appearance of wealth.


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Those things don’t hurt, but the basic truth might surprise you:


The Foundation Of Attraction


It’s being available.


Just the fact that you are there and open to interaction is the foundation upon which all of the other elements of attraction rest.


So how do you demonstrate availability, and how do you know if the girl is also available?


Simple body language is the key because it’s the silent language that rarely lies.
If you or she isn’t into the interaction – you really do broadcast it loud and clear without ever saying a word.


We “close ourselves off”.


We use our hands or our arms to create a barrier in front of us.
So if you’re standing there holding a drink out in front of you; or if she’s got her arms across her chest, that’s a signal that says, “You can’t come in”.


Opening up your torso – your midsection – shows an openness and availability that starts the whole process of attraction.


I get into a lot more detail about body language and how to read it and use it on other pages here, understanding some of those techniques will serve you well in dating, and life in general.


Psychology Of Attraction Applied


But there are many other aspects to the psychology of attraction; and many other techniques that can be used to be successful with the women that you find attractive.


It’s a fascinating study and well worth the time if you want to know how to pick up or seduce almost any woman at will.


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That link is worth your weight in gold because it delves into what women really think and want and feel – from the perspective of a woman.


The Psychology Of Attraction – Conclusion


Understanding how attraction works, coupled with a little knowledge of body language; will give you the upper hand over the other guys in every one-on-one encounter; or even in a crowd.


And if you are ready to change your dating life right now; you can get free, instant access here.


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Understanding a little about how attraction works will give
you a real advantage in the dating and mating game.


It’s scientific – nature wired us this way.


The fact is that most people respond to the same action with the
same reaction, and that’s a good thing to know. 


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