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Just as the internet has changed the world significantly, the Dating Web has revolutionized the ways in which people date, interact and mate.


dating web sidebar image collage of pretty womenOver the last three years, people using web dating sites to meet potential partners has more than doubled. A lot of that is due to the fact that it is just so easy and convenient. It is so quick to get started. And the fact that almost everybody today is already online, even if not already using the dating web adds to that popularity.


We have reached the point where we make dinner or movie reservations online. Also, we shop for clothes or electronics online. Some people even work exclusively online. So it really isn’t any surprise that more than 50% of people polled say that they use web dating sites to connect with like-minded others.


And that brings us to one of the primary reasons for the popularity of using internet dating sites:


Unlike the old school ways of meeting people through work or at clubs, or through being introduced by mutual friends; the dating web lets us more closely focus on exactly the kind of people we want to meet.


It doesn’t matter if you want to meet someone who has the same hobbies that you do or someone who works in the same field that you do. Even if you want to meet somebody whose favorite color is blue – dating sites make it easy to isolate exactly those kinds of individuals.



How The Dating Web Delivers


Now if your interest in a dating partner is the old fashioned process of meeting someone and letting things just develop and take whatever turns they take; then the old style methods still work just fine. But if you have more selective goals – if you want to find a “friends with benefits” or a no-strings-attached kind of arrangement – then using the dating web is probably the best way for you to do that.


After all, have you ever had a friend offer to introduce you to someone who is just looking for some casual sex? Probably not, but if you have; then I need to have more friends like yours.


Heck, I need to be hanging out with you and your friends!


However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are going to try web dating sites:


Different sites focus on offering different types of connections.


Some are geared more toward people looking for long term partners. Others are more focused upon hooking up people who are just looking for casual or convenient relationships.


It is no exaggeration to say that no matter how normal or kinky your desires are; you can find people looking for the same things on the dating web.

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But recognize this:


On-Demand Dating


You should use sites that accommodate your searches.


Nobody would use a local hookup, “get laid tonight” kind of site to meet a serious long term prospect any more than you would want to join a single parents dating group if you aren’t interested in dating people with kids.


You don’t go to Burger King for a prime rib, so don’t look for a casual hookup at Christian Mingle.


It’s pretty simple really:


Just like meeting people in the “real world”; you want to search for people who:


  • Have exactly the qualities that you find interesting
  • Are looking for the same kind of relationship that you are
  • Live in your area
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Using the dating web really isn’t any different than the old style way of meeting people except that instead of casting a wide net and meeting whatever kind of people turn up in it; you are able to narrow your focus to exactly the kind of partners that you want to meet.


Targeted Dating


It’s like the difference between using an axe or an X-Acto knife – one is broad, the other is narrow.
You set your search narrow instead of broad so that you will find someone closer to what you are looking for.


In addition to using the right kind of web dating site; you also want to use a one that has a few indicators of a quality site that provides a good user experience:


  • Use sites that have been around a long time. This is a good measure of the quality of the site and the satisfaction of the users.
  • Pick sites that have a big and active member list. The more members a site has and the wider the area those members come from; the more likely it is that you will find a suitable partner right in your area.
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  • Use sites that don’t require you to create a paid membership first. If they don’t let you try it out for free to see if it’s going to work for you; then they have a problem that they don’t want for you to see – until they get you to pay to join. More often than not; they are hiding something like low membership numbers or complaints about their customer service.
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There really is no good reason not to try the dating web just to see if it might work for you – there is nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.


Obviously, there are hundreds if not thousands of sites and apps out there on the dating web. Your first step to finding the right one is based upon what you hope to find.


You have options to suit every wish or whim from straight to gay to Christian to anything goes.


Some people come to Get Laid Tonight looking for a long-term partner. But many just want a casual relationship to fill a temporary need.


Based upon that, here are a couple to help you get started, so check out the one of choice:


To meet a serious dating partner – visit this site.


To meet someone for casual dating – check out this site.


Good luck with your search; there is no doubt that you can find just the right kind of partner on the dating web.


Thanks for visiting, do check back because we update often.


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