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If you have been looking for Backpage alternative websites, I bet you’re sick of personals ads and hookup sites that don’t deliver.


mainstream dating sidebar imageAnd there is no doubt that many people who used that site are searching for sites like Backpage because the search inquiries are off the charts


Just look at these monthly search numbers and you’ll have no doubt that all sorts of people are seeking casual dates:


Backpage Alternative Websites: 9000 searches


These numbers are a little lower than they were a couple of years ago, but still really high.


Due to the growing popularity of alternative dating arrangements, finding a replacement site for Backpage is something a lot of people are urgently seeking.


Backpage Alternative Websites 2020: 40,500 searches 


Even though we’re coming up on the half-way point of 2021, huge numbers of people are still looking for sites like Backpage using the “2020” modifier.


Backpage replacement: 6600 searches 


This is as straight forward as it gets – anyone searching for “Backpage replacement” knows specifically what they are looking for.


Sites like Backpage: 6600 searches 


And once again, the search term shows the intent, and the intent is to find a suitable replacement site to replace Backpage.


Those are massive numbers: Backpage alternative websites 2020 alone is stunning.

Everybody using online personals is looking for new options, I’d guess.


Just the fact that you’re reading this page tells me that finding a Backpage alternatives website – now that both it and Craigslist Personals are gone – is something that interests you.


OK , if you’re the impatient type who doesn’t want to read a bunch of stuff on a website, let’s get right to it:


dating is dead banner image


They say that when one door closes, another one opens.
I hear you knocking – it’s unlocked – click here now to come on in there are horny local hotties inside.


The End Of An Era


And it ended for good reasons – both of those Backpage and Craigslist were great ways to hookup with local people for whatever interested you. No doubt, finding Backpage options – especially one without the risks it had – would be appealing.


Here’s the problem with a lot of “local” dating sites or personals ads, maybe this has happened to you too:


  • You connect with someone who seems promising, you chat, you text (or sext); but she never seems to want to hookup for real. She’s just a tease.
  • Or, you finally connect with someone who is ready to hookup, but it turns out that she’s just not who or what she claimed to be.


Sound familiar?


Well, that’s the reality of many internet hookup sites, but here’s the key to getting around that:


That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen when you connect only with girls who are proven to want a real, face-to-face hookup.


No games or egos – just quick, no-strings satisfaction.


The kind of girls you used to be able to meet through Backpage.


To illustrate another common problem:


Maybe you connect with a girl on a sex-finder site, you decide to meet up; and you find out that she’s got a whole boatload of crazy where her brains ought to be.


If any of these things have happened to you, then you know that BP was a way to find women who were just about the sex. But with that option gone, a Backpage replacement site that works is a sorely needed option.


Check this one out by clicking here.

Single Girls Dating Square Banner

Why Backpage Became Popular


Guys used Backpage and Craigslist personals largely to avoid situations like mentioned above. Maybe you did too; but with it gone; I’m guessing that what you really need is an alternative that:


  • Let’s you meet real girls in real time.
  • Find women who are looking for casual fun – like you are.
  • Avoid teasers, game-players and psychos.
  • Won’t get you nailed in some kind of prostitution sting.
  • Will not waste your time or money.


Basically, you need an alternative site that works as well or better than the original; and one that doesn’t carry the risks.


Backpage Alternative Websites 2020 And Beyond


Yes, there are other sites like Backpage.
Backpage replacement sites are springing up every day.


Fling Dating for instance is a proven performer in the local hookup space – check it out here.


What makes it better?


How about being 100% legal, for starters.


You can find partners for whatever kind of relationships you want. And you will never be put at risk of violating any laws.


It’s also free and easy to sign up and check it out to see if there are enough members in your town to make it interesting.


Here’s a pretty safe bet:
There will be.


With millions and millions of fun-seeking members all over the world, you’ll find someone nearby no matter how small your town happens to be.


And if being fully legal isn’t enough, there is also:


    • Millions of members looking for instant fun.
    • Nothing is “for sale”
    • These are real women searching for men
    • Privacy and anonymity
    • Free to join and browse
  • placeholder
  • Fling makes a great alternative because it meets all of those criteria. Add to that the fact that these are all real people looking for something they sincerely desire, and you have a winning combination. But here’s a little history:

The Problem With Backpage


Backpage Personals launched in 2004 as an online classified site, much like Craigslist. Additionally, you could search for pretty much any and everything from an auto mechanic to like-minded singles for dating.


The personals section became thinly veiled advertisements for prostitution somewhere along the way.


Gee – do you think anyone might notice?
Maybe anyone with a badge?


Recently, they really weren’t even thinly veiled because they were blatant advertisements of sex for cash – and that couldn’t go on for long before the authorities shut them down.


Meet Girls Square Banner


And here we are – looking for safe, legal and effective Backpage replacement options.


Conversely, we have sites like Backpage including Fling that are fully legal and legit and thus make great (and effective) alternatives or replacement sites.


Think about this:



People have joined these sites and created profiles, they are real people looking for real relationships. Additionally, they aren’t breaking any laws by putting it all out there; and you aren’t breaking any by using legal alternatives.


You will find all kinds of people looking for all kinds of relationships:


Traditional dating
Casual dating
One-off flings


And anything and everything else that you can imagine.


get laid sexy woman in doorway inline image

Verified Profiles

Other Options: Sites Like Backpage


Most of my readers are more into the casual dating or no-strings dating kind of arrangements; however, you can find traditional dating too.


For that, you might be better served to use a site like Friend Finder. Andrew Conru founded Friend Finder in 1995.


And yeah, they also operate Adult Friend Finder and several other dating sites for specific types of relationships.


However, Fling serves as a great Backpage replacement site.


It focuses upon casual encounters and hookups.
My readers seek such sites, therefore; they are at the top of my list.

Backpage Replacement Sites Rock


You risk no loss of privacy or security, furthermore, you won’t have to worry about running afoul of any laws related to prostitution or solicitation.


Additionally, you’ll be meeting women who are just as likely to engage in sexual escalation as you are!


Consenting adults looking for casual hookups today are well within the law, therefore, you should check out one of these Backpage alternative sites to see if they work for you.


Furthermore, you will take no risk and run no danger that you might wind up in trouble with the law when you use these Backpage replacement sites.


Consequently, maybe you should give it a try today and see what you think.


fling search box


Maybe you realize that the Dating Web isn’t just
one or two things like an app and a profile.


Yeah, you can use it that way,
But having a deeper understanding of just what it is and how to use it will
make you better and more successful than ever at dating.


And at Get Laid Tonight, we’ve put together an entire
series of pages that will equip you to use it like a boss.


See them here:


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