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Craigslist Women: Still Searching!

Craigslist Women


Do you ever wonder what happened to all of the Craigslist women?


I mean, just because Craigslist hookup personals was discontinued, that doesn’t mean that the Craigslist women just evaporated, right?


And it doesn’t mean that the instinct for sexual gratification evaporated either, right?


That is right – they didn’t disappear and neither did their urges.


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They are still out there and still looking for like-minded people with whom to share new and fulfilling, casual experiences.


They have simply moved to new addresses and platforms, that’s all.


So what’s a guy to do?
Well go where they are, of course.


Some moved over to sites like Bedpage or other “classified” type sites, and others have opted for less risky alternatives.


Now I say “risky” because even though you can meet many former, legit Craigslist women on sites like that; there was and is always the possibility of connecting with people who might give you something other than what you were looking for.


The real attraction to sites like Craigslist and Backpage (and Bedpage) were that they had local listings. You could confine your search to the areas around where you were.


But due to their nature as thinly veiled ads for prostitution, besides carrying the risk of a rip-off encounter (or worse) they also became a favorite tool of law enforcement agents running prostitution stings.




Consequently, a lot of people including the Craigslist girls have turned to various sex dating sites or apps or similar hookup apps.


Now there are still other classified-type sex dating web sites and even old school, offline local personal ads.


Many are still published in newspapers in a lot of cities around the country.


But the main take away here today is this:


Even though that section of the site is no longer operating as it once did, the Craigslist women haven’t drifted away, they have just started using other mediums.

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And as we all know – if you can connect with girls already looking for sex, you don’t have to be lucky to hookup.


Finding a woman who is already looking for men guarantees your success.
Craigslist women did fit that bill perfectly, but as you are seeing, there are still plenty of options for finding W4M.


You can bookmark any number of great sites, and you can download any number of decent apps.


All will help you fill that void and connect with those women pretty much as easily as you ever could before.


And one of the benefits to this change – at least to us – is that you’re less likely to encounter people who might just be running some sort of scam.


So there’s no need to lament the loss of the Craigslist sex personals – you just need to use other tools to find the right girls.


Here’s a good one to get you started – check out the free, instant access – visit here now.




And of course when it comes to finding web-based dating
partners, there are more options now than ever before.


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