How To Seduce A Woman

seduce a woman top picHow To Seduce A Woman


Many men don’t know how to seduce a woman because they don’t understand what seduction really is.

Seduction is not about sex – it’s about creating feelings of ease, arousal and desire.


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Is seduction “wrong”?


Ask Best Buy, Target, and anybody else who uses advertising to sell something. That’s seduction too, just with a different goal.


Knowing how to seduce a woman begins with realizing that you have to engage her on an emotional level before attempting to inject sexual feelings.


Seducing Women – The Pitfalls


One of the most common mistakes men make with women is trying too hard and too fast to sexually arouse them and “rush” that relationship. Done right, it takes a little time and technique.


That shows that they really don’t understand how to seduce a woman. It also usually makes her uncomfortable; and can make her feel that you are kind of “creepy“.


If you ever find yourself in the “creep zone”; move on because it’s too late to turn that around; that is not how to seduce a woman.


Seduction Explained


Here’s something that is good to know:


People have two primary sectors of their brains that control decision making: the logical brain and the emotional brain. The trouble with this is that each side of the brain “shares resources”, so to speak; so both don’t function equally at the same time.


If you are very focused on something logical; then your emotional brain is working at a much lower level; and the opposite is true too:


“When the emotional brain is stimulated the logical brain is subdued”


That’s important.


What we have to do is engage a woman in a conversation that stimulates her emotional brain – and ours too; and when the time is right; inject sexual arousal.


This is how to seduce a woman.


Elements Of Seduction


During the conversation you can share an emotional story whether it’s something personal or something you’ve read in the news or heard about; this engages her emotional brain and starts to disengage the logical brain.


Now there is a danger here if you get things moving too quickly. If she recognizes that her emotional brain is taking AFF sidebar imageover too soon; before she feels a rapport with you and some trust; she will have what is sometimes called a “Red Zone Response”.


She will still be thinking logically enough to recognize that she could be about to make an emotional (bad) decision. If this happens; she is out of there in a heartbeat; and you can’t do anything to stop it.


So don’t try to turn things sexual too fast; you first need to create a feeling of sexual tension within her.


Creating Arousal


So how can you do that?


The thing that works best for me is to carry on that conversation stimulating her emotional brain and while talking, start thinking about things that get you sexually aroused.


Be sure to look frequently at her mouth while she is talking; just little glances away from her eyes and to her lips.


That is called “triangulation”; it is an element of body language that is associated with feelings of arousal. Don’t underestimate the power of body language when you want to seduce a woman – it’s critical.


Essentially, you are creating sexual tension within yourself; and through your body language; you will be broadcasting that fact; and she will start to pick that up on a conscious and subconscious level – she will feel it.


The whole while, just keep on with the conversation; and be sure to use some casual touching throughout too.


Once you see her subconsciously sending signals that she is feeling attracted to you – she’s leaning forward, she’s glancing at your mouth when you speak; then and only then is the time right to inject sexual arousal.


This is seduction at work.


Framing The Seduction


So here are the key points to keep in mind:


    1. Go slow.
      Especially when you are using the advanced techniques discussed here that enable you to speak directly to her feelings. Moving too quickly will create the “Red Zone Response”. She will feel things moving too quickly, the logical mind will take over; and you might as well move on.
    2. Be confident but not arrogant.
      Make eye contact, show her that she has your attention – but not all of your attention. Take quick glances around the room at other women. It’s our nature – if we even remotely think we want something and it looks like it might go away; we try to grab it with both hands.
    3. Going hand in hand with #2 – project a casual attitude toward the whole interaction. Do not give her the feeling that you’re “all in” or desperate because that makes you seem “needy”. That is not arousing or attractive when you are trying to seduce a woman.
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    4. Evoke emotion.
      It doesn’t matter if it’s happy or sad emotion – relate a story or something from your life that will create an emotional response. Pleasant emotions may be better, but emotion is the key.
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    5. Use casual touch – a lot.
      Like we mention elsewhere; this is where most guys drop the ball. They just don’t touch her enough in a non-sexual way from the very beginning. You can’t create a feeling of comfort with your touch if you don’t actually touch – casually but frequently – starting almost immediately upon meeting.

Seduce A Woman – Lucky Or Good?


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There are a lot of different emotions and elements
that can influence your efforts at seduction.


The great news is that when you understand the cause and effect:
* the psychology of seduction and attraction *
you can often guide things exactly where you want them to go.


Knowledge is power they say, so here’s your knowledge:


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Seduction and sex might be your ultimate goal,
but there can be more than one way to arrive there.


Don’t focus on understanding just one aspect or technique –
the more you know; the better prepared you are to succeed!


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