Emotional Contagion

chart illsutratinh how emotional contagion can affect moods and behaviorEmotional Contagion


Have you heard of emotional contagion and how it can create almost instant rapport or sexual arousal?


Well, you are about to know what it is and how it can help you when it comes to seducing women.


If you don’t know about emotional contagion; you have been missing out on one of the most powerful techniques of seducing women and initiating sex ever known to man.


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But don’t feel alone if you’ve never heard of it – even some of the most successful seduction artists in the world don’t know what it is. They use it; they just don’t realize that they do.



So if you will read on for a minute you will know everything that you need to know about emotional contagion. More importantly; you will know exactly how to use it to be more successful at seducing women.


This is an awesome tool to use with any kind of personal interaction. It enables you to actually influence the emotions of other people by projecting your own.


Before I get into that; I realize that some of you reading this might be more interested in just finding women who don’t need seduction; no problem – you can do that by visiting here.


Sympathy Versus Empathy


Now, on to what it is and how to use it.

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You have heard of sympathy – that’s when you can feel sad or happy or have some other feelings for someone whenever they are experiencing some event or situation in their lives.


You may have heard of empathy – that is when you can understand the feelings that someone else is having.


Emotional contagion is like sympathy and empathy rolled into one and given a jolt of caffeine and steroids – emotional contagion is when someone actually feels what you feel.


Emotional Contagion At Work


This is the key to using emotional empathy in seducing women – you simply create sexual arousal in the woman that you are interested in by creating it within yourself.


fwb cartoon sidebar image girl from behindIt is well documented that life forms of higher intelligence – and which are social by nature – like us humans – will sense what others nearby are feeling.


They respond by feeling the same things to one degree or another.


This applies to pretty much the entire range of our emotions – joy, fear, desperation, and most importantly; sexual arousal.


By having this knowledge and knowing how and when to use it; you can vastly up your game and increase your success rate when it comes to seducing women.


But there is a right time – and a wrong time – to try to use it.


You would not – well, probably would not – just walk up to a woman you have just met and suggest that you go have sex.


You would most likely engage first in a little flirting and conversation and try to move things into that direction.


Using emotional contagion is a lot like that – you want to set the stage first; and then when the time is right; inject sexual arousal into the mix.


Being able to do that almost guarantees that you will be more successful at seducing women.


Now a lot of guys just do not really understand how to make a woman feel sexual arousal.


Additionally, they do not understand just how easy it can really be.


That is where an understanding of the proven human trait of sensing, and then sharing emotions; can make all of the difference for you in seducing women.


Emotional Contagion And Sexual Arousal


To create sexual arousal – and this is what the pickup artists never tell you – you simply get yourself aroused.


That’s right; get yourself sexually aroused while talking and flirting with a woman. Her emotional empathy is going to kick in and pretty much take care of the rest.


As I mentioned before; you do not just jump right into it. You want to “play the game” for a little while. Be sure that she is interested and open to sexual advances.


If she is not; no amount of emotional contagion, flirting or anything else is likely going to make her leave with you.


An exception to this rule of course would be those women who already know what they want and they are just looking to find someone to make it happen.


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Body Language Doesn’t Lie


A key element is using this technique is to be able to tell what a woman is really thinking while you are setting the sexual framing ib square banner 3 pretty girl with big boobsstage for seduction.


She will not always say what she is really thinking or feeling; but you can still tell.


You can read her thoughts and her feelings almost like an open book.


But you have to know how to observe and understand a little about body language.


First, you will guide things along properly.


Once the conversation is going well and she seems open and interested, you will do this:


Get yourself sexually aroused.


The best way that I have found to do this is; while you are carrying on the conversation in a normal fashion is this:


Start thinking about things that get you turned on. Remember – emotional contagion will cause her to sense and share your feelings.


Closing The Deal


It doesn’t matter what those things are; you just start thinking about them and visualizing them.


What is going to happen is that as you increase your sexual arousal; your body language is going to change and your eyes will start to narrow.


You will take shorter, quicker breaths and start leaning in toward her a little as you speak.


These are all powerful but silent signals of sexual arousal that she is going to see and sense and respond to on a raw and subconscious level.


Once you see her responding in kind – eyes more narrow, breathing more shallow; leaning in as she speaks – then you will know that emotional contagion has kicked in.


Then, it will be time to go and find someplace a little more private; you have just been successful at seducing women.


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Using emotional contagion is a powerful force
in creating sexual arousal or sexual tension.


But when you combine emotional contagion with other
powerful methods of
physical, intellectual and emotional stimulation,
it’s almost like casting a magic spell.


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