How To Get Laid

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How To Get Laid


As you might have noticed, this site tends to focus quite a bit on how to get laid.


We offer a lot of suggestions on how and where to find sex.


Also, we offer tips, ideas and resources on how to be a better sex partner, or just being more successful at finding sex partners.


get laid tonight sidebar image 2collage imageBut I’ve been thinking: Even though we have a lot of great info here, it’s really spread all over the whole Get Laid Tonight website.


That’s in the neighborhood of 100 pages and posts that largely deal with individual topics related to getting laid.


Now we’d love to think that you guys can spend all day just reading the stuff on the site.


But it occurs to us that maybe we should have one single page that kind of condenses down some of the critical information onto one page.


Consequently, we want to give you a single resource that will hit the high points.


One to help equip you to find more sex. And have better sex, and be a better lover.


Everything all in one, easy and fast to absorb place.


So this is it.


Check it out, read it, then use it!


This is the condensed primer on how to get laid from Get Laid Tonight, starting with the basics:


The Meaning of Get Laid:


Obviously and simply, Get Laid means to have sexual intercourse.


Unlike some other slang expressions for sex, get laid is a general term that can describe sexual relations in either a casual or a committed relationship.


Where Get Laid Comes From


Now I’m sure there are multiple explanations for how the act of sexual intercourse came to be called get laid.


However, the one I have heard most frequently and which seems most credible is this:


It originated in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th Century.


Opening in the year 1900 and operating until until 1911, the most popular bordello in Chicago was The Everleigh Club.


It was owned and operated by sisters Ada and Minna Everleigh.


The Everleigh Club was an upscale house of prostitution.


It was referred to by the Chicago Vice Commission as, “probably the most famous and luxurious house of prostitution in the country”.


Catering to wealthy, high profile clients, The Everleigh Club was successful and popular.


So much so that a derivative of the name has actually come to mean sexual intercourse.


Getting Laid


Obviously, getting laid requires finding other individuals who also want to have sexual intercourse.


Fortunately, there are a lot of different options for that these days.


Far more than there were just a few years ago – thank you internet!


And on top of that, even a few years ago there was a shame or stigma attached to having sexual relationships outside of marriage.


There remains just a little of that today.


However, by and large, fulfilling sexual desires is pretty much considered a normal and healthy aspect of our human condition.


Now a lot of how you might go about finding sex partners depends upon the kind of partner – or the kind of relationship – that you are interested in.


Types of Sexual Relationships


Let me preface this by saying that most of the readers here at Get Laid Tonight are guys between the ages of 22 and 55.


For that reason, we tend to write for guys between the ages of 22 and 55.


They also tend to be straight and single, or maybe married but looking.


A lot of the info here applies just as well for female readers or gay readers too.


You just have to make minor modifications here and there.


The core idea is the same:


Finding people who you are attracted to who also want to have the kind of relationship that you want.


Single Girls Dating Square Banner


With that said…


Committed Relationship – Traditional Dating


You may want to find a steady, long-term partner or maybe even a spouse.


These are the kinds of relationships that most people seek, eventually.


Especially once they’ve gotten out of their teen years and into their 20’s or 30’s.


Friends With Benefits


Maybe you are more interested in a “Friends With Benefits” type of arrangement.


FWB video capture girl in black


That’s a pretty general name, but there are a number of relationships that can fall into this category.


Generally speaking, this is an arrangement where you have a fairly close friendship with someone.


Additionally, you also sometimes have sexual encounters with that person.


And that is usually just on an “as needed” or an as desired basis.


Here’s a little more info on such relationships, they might help you to find and then navigate that kind of arrangement.


Casual Encounters


Perhaps you really just want casual, “one night stands”.


Sort of a no strings attached kind of deal where you have no repeat encounters.


This is really the kind of arrangement many of the readers here are looking for.


Consequently, it’s the primary focus of Get Laid Tonight.


We spend a lot of time putting together info or all sorts of dating or sexual relationships.


However, the majority of the visitors to this site are looking for info or resources that will help them hookup with strangers.


Not surprisingly, that is our main focus here, so let’s get started.


How to Get Laid


Like we said, just find somebody who wants sex.


Also just like we said, focus on finding people who want the same kind of relationship that you want.


If you really want a steady girlfriend, connecting with a that hot woman down at the booby bar is likely to end in disappointment.


If that’s what you want, focus on that hot woman down at the Gentleman’s Club, that’s a totally different type of joint, right?


Seriously, you wouldn’t go to McDonald’s to order prime rib, would you?


Then why do some guys think they can meet a life partner at a pick up bar?


Obviously, you can meet anybody anywhere.


But you stand a better chance of meeting the kind of people you want to meet if you choose the venue where they are most likely to hang out.


So with that, let’s try to add a little focus to our search.


Casual Encounters


There are some tried and true ways to meet people who are just looking for sex and nothing more.


But our focus is on culling out those who mean business from those who are just playing around.


So that means depending less upon hanging out at the bar and flirting with girls who might be looking for anything.


It also means cutting straight to the chase by using methods that let them tell us exactly what they want:


Sex Personals


OK – these are the best thing that ever happened for people who know what they want and who don’t want to spend a lot of time looking for it.


Up until a few years ago, sex personals existed, but they were in print publications like swinger’s magazines and square banner 1 girl in underwear taking selfielocal classifieds.


A few years ago, we saw the advent on online classifieds.


They enabled you to shop locally for anything from slightly used tires for your bicycle to a girlfriend into oral sex.


Craigslist Sex Alternatives


One of the first sites to offer sex personals was Craigslist. Craigslist was a goldmine of possibilities for people who wanted to cut through the crap and get right down to the business of how to get laid.


Unfortunately, Craigslist sex personals has gone away.


But I have to say that it was time.


easy dating sidebar imageIn addition to being a great resource; it had also become a pretty risky proposition for a lot of reasons that we won’t get into here.


But even though Craigslist sex personals – and Backpage too – are gone, there are some alternatives that have sprung up to fill the gaps.


More along the lines of Backpage, but without the blatant prostitution vibe.


Sort of like a smaller Craigslist, complete with the personals


Hookup Sites


OK – this is kind of a “crossover” resource because there are hookup sites that specialize in all sorts of dating or hookup arrangements.


That has pretty much made them out favorite and one of our most highly recommended routes for meeting people who want the same things you do.


There are hookup sites that cater to people looking for traditional relationships – like this one – and hookup sites specializing in casual encounters – like this one.


So whichever direction you are being pulled in, there is a hookup app that will fit the need, even if you’re just interested in how to get laid fast.


Traditional Dating


Like we said, you can use a dating site or a dating app to find more traditional kinds of relationships.


However, a lot of times, the old school ways still work well.


Even though the sites and the apps are great, sometime slow and steady is a great alternative.


So if you want to pursue that possibility, you’ll still need to start out by meeting like-minded people.


How to Meet Women


There are a lot of different ways to meet women for relationships.


There’s always the possibility that you might meet people at work.


Additionally, mutual friends introducing you is still a good option too.


Aside from that, you’re probably going to need to get out there in public if you want to have a chance to find a potential partner.


If you’re the type who usually skips parties or after work meet ups with friends and co-workers, you may want to rethink that in order to create some new opportunities.


That said, there are some really excellent things you can do and places that you can go that will open some doors:


Where to Meet Women


Take a classFWB cartoon sidebar image one girl on tip toes


It can be a class at a local university – something academic – or a hobby-type class.


Cooking, making stained glass, whatever will work as long as it draws interested others.


The goal is just to get out there where you can interact with people who have a similar interest.


On a plus note, you automatically have a topic for starting that first conversation – the subject of the class.




Do some volunteer work for a local charity or nonprofit.


If that doesn’t appeal to you, try volunteering at a local retirement home for something.


Maybe you could show seniors how to use their cell phones.


Perhaps you could read magazines and newspapers to groups of seniors. Guess who visits the seniors?


Join a gym


Gyms are great places to meet women.


Truthfully; some women join gyms primarily for a chance to meet people too.


Tour a few of your local fitness facilities at the same time of day when you might go as a member to check out the possibilities.


Go to the track


The walking track that is – not the race track.


Although the race track isn’t that bad of an idea either.


dating sidebar image of pretty milf for local dating


You can meet a lot of women at a local walking or jogging track or trail just like you can at a gym.


Walk the dog


If you don’t have a dog, borrow one.


Going to the dog park is a great opportunity to meet girls too.


Join a club


Maybe you like to read, or maybe you like to hike or ride a bicycle.


And chances are that there’s a local club for that.


Going to a couple of meetings or club events will give you an opportunity to introduce yourself to potential dates.




So there you have it.


And that is how the phrase get laid came to be a synonym for having sex.


Also, you have a few solid pointers on how you yourself might get laid today!


Take a little time to look around and read some of the other info here.


There really is a whole lot of information and resources that will make a big difference for you.


Use it – that is all you have to do – it is how to get laid!


footer image


Now that you’ve had the “big-picture” overview, I have to mention
that it’s never wise to ignore the little details.


It’s the little details that make up the big picture, after all.


Here’s the details:


The Psychology Of Seduction

Sexual Triggers

Emotional Contagion

Sexual Tension & Sexual Arousal

Sexual Escalation


Having the best plans and using the best
tactics will surely help me succeed at getting laid.


And knowing how to create a great app profile, or the
best dating web sites to use are high priority too.


But all of that won’t help me much if I
fail to satisfy the ultimate, #1 requirement.


I absolutely must know how and where to:


Get Laid Tonight