The Psychology Of Seduction

Psychology of Seduction imageThe Psychology of Seduction


Let’s talk about the psychology of seduction and dating for a moment.


Whether we are talking about jealousy or sexual arousal or the psychology of romantic attraction, much of what we feel is hard-coded into us by nature and evolution.


Did you know that there is one simple word that you can use in dating and seduction that will seriously increase your chances of success?


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In fact, it can be used in almost any situation wherein you are asking someone for something.


For anything.
At anytime.


The request really doesn’t matter at all, and it’s so dead simple that you will not believe it.


It’s proven to work; and it works no matter if you are trying to get a girl’s number, asking for a date or asking for a raise at work.


The Psychology of Seduction – One Simple Word


It is a simple word that has almost magical qualities.
It practically takes luck or chance out of the picture.


And you really need to understand using it and how it fits into the psychology of seduction and dating.


The fact is that almost any time you ask someone to do something, the odds that they will do it skyrocket when you use this:






And no, it’s not “please” or anything like that.


That simple little word that practically adds the magic to a magical phrase is:




And that can be a powerful tool when it comes to how to get laid.


Here is the amazingly simple truth – people are way more likely to do something you ask them to do when you give them a reason for doing it.


Demonstrating Benefit


Now how can this help you when it comes to dating and the psychology of seduction?


Easy – do you ever ask a girl for her phone number?
Do you ever ask a girl out on a date?


What about asking a date to come back to you place or to spend the night once she is already there?


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Before you can even try to create attraction with a girl, you have to get her into a conversation, and this one little word works wonders.


Every one of those situations will be way more likely to work out in your favor when you use the word, because.


Think about it, what would work better on you:


  • “Why don’t you give me your number?”
  • “Why don’t you give me your number because I really want to call you later?”


It’s a fact of human nature – we are far more likely to comply with a request – almost any request – when we are given a reason for doing it. The psychology of seduction is no exception.


On top of that, almost any reason can work.


Psychological Seduction In Practice


fwb cartoon sidebar image girl from behindHere’s a little more to be aware of:


  • When you ask for something really simple and, I’ll say “low value”; something that doesn’t require much of the person being asked; then saying “because” followed by almost any reason usually works.
  • When asking for something of higher value, saying “because” followed by any reason still works a lot of the time. But the better the reason, the more likely it will be to work.

So using the example above about asking for a phone number, just saying you want to call her later is a pretty good reason. Even so, I would still make it more compelling: “…because I’m enjoying this conversation and I really want to talk to you more later.”


When asking for a movie date you might ask her and add:


“…because I hear it’s a great movie and I’d like to see it with someone who can appreciate it”.




“We should go together because we’ll both have a really good time”.


Seduction – It’s Like Marketing


You are selling an idea.


I would also say to think about it a little like a marketer when using the psychology of seduction. You are sort of selling an idea. You are pitching a suggestion and you are going to give a reason.


Like we’ve seen, any reason is good; but give a reason that shows a benefit to the person you are asking.


Marketers don’t try get you to buy things because that’s good for them. They try to convince you to buy things because it will be good for you.


When asking a girl on a date or for her number, always give her a reason to do it. But anytime that you can give her a reason that shows her a benefit to herself, your odds of success go way up.


Go give it a try and prove to yourself that the psychology of seduction works.


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Most people don’t realize it, but all of out relationships
and interactions are based upon psychology.


We have been “programmed” by nature to
respond a certain way to certain things.


If you reach out to someone with something in your
hand, they reflexively reach out to take it.


But it goes much deeper than that.


And he who understands the psychology behind what we do
and why we do it can largely control those around him.


It’s like this:


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