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Today I want to discuss a subject that should interest every guy who wants to be more successful with women – sexual escalation.


You know what it is even if you’ve never heard the term before. Some guys and pick up artists refer to it as “game”. What it all boils down to is using a variety of tactics to turn a casual encounter away from just being casual and putting it on the way to being a sexual encounter.


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Used in conjunction with sexual framing – this is the one-two combination that will lower the sexual inhibitions of many women with an ease that you simply will not believe.


Now you might have read some of the other stuff here at Get Laid Tonight about creating attraction, or maybe about creating arousal and sexual tension; and sexual escalation goes hand in hand with that.


Ideally, you will be able to incorporate techniques specifically intended to fast track the sexuality of a situation with the other techniques outlined on this site to create the perfect storm of attraction and arousal and sexual escalation.


Combining those tips and tactics with what we are about to discuss will put you well on the way to her place or yours.


What is Sexual Or Erotic Escalation?


So we need to get started:


First, I want to mention that there is more than one way to work exercises in sexual escalation; most commonly they are what I call:

  • Passive erotic escalation:sexual escalation-Fling-Sidebar-2w
    This is where you use the techniques of building rapport and attraction coupled with the more subtle sexual triggers of body language that will create sexual arousal on a subconscious level.
    Those techniques will basically speak directly to her feelings without her even realizing what you are doing, and then she will respond emotionally and physically to those feelings.
  • Aggressive erotic escalation:
    This uses a lot of the same techniques as passive sexual escalation; but we add to the mix a combination of conversation, touch and overt sexuality to fast track the whole process.
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    And as an added benefit; when you successfully use the techniques or aggressive sexual escalation; the resulting arousal becomes something that she wants satisfied right now. It becomes urgent.

The Power Of Emotional Contagion


Part of this whole process also depends upon using the principle of emotional contagion.


Simply explained – we humans have a tendency to sense what those around us are feeling and to also – at least to a degree – start feeling those same things ourselves. It doesn’t matter if it is feelings of sadness or joy or anger. We tend to pick up on and share the feelings of others.


The same fact applies to feelings of sexual arousal. Emotional Contagion is what really makes this work; and makes it work so very, very well.


Today, we are going to focus on aggressive sexual escalation, but first I need to give you a word of warning:


You have to keep your finger on the pulse of this thing. If you sense that you might be moving so fast that she is going to pull back or get put off; you will want to scale it back and give the passive techniques a little time to work their magic; or just move on to another girl.


Obviously, before you can start escalating the sexuality of the situation; you have to be in a situation; meaning that you must have approached a woman and started a conversation.


Elements of Sexual Acceleration


During the course of that conversation, as the rapport starts to build; you are going to use four powerful elements of sexual escalation:


  1. Eye contact
  2. Sexualizing the Moment
  3. Sexual Framing
  4. Physical contact

Sexual Escalation – Eye Contact:


While talking; you want to fix your gaze on her eyes. Look deeply into them and just imagine her doing the most sexual and erotic things you could ever hope for her to do.


When you are doing the talking, never glance away; try not to even blink. Just have that steady laser-like focus on her eyes while you talk and imagine the things you want her to do.


Triangulation in seductionBut when she is talking you’ll want to use what I call triangulation – you will let your gaze wander in a triangle type of pattern – focus briefly on her left eye, then briefly on her right; then shift your gaze to her mouth as she speaks.


Watch her lips as she talks; notice the way her tongue changes shape as she forms her words; then start the process over by shifting your gaze back to her eyes.


This is a very powerful subliminal technique and it is one of the silent signals of arousal that you can send which she will feel without ever even noticing what you are doing.


It can be a little difficult for some guys to do this; especially the fixed gaze part. Some feel a little uncomfortable with it at first. Just force it a few times and before long not only will you be comfortable with it; you will start having fun with it.


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Holding eye contact with a woman conveys a sense of confidence. Depending upon the woman, it will most likely result in her either displaying some submissive behavior, or giving it right back and showing that she is meeting you as an equal.


Sexual Escalation – Framing the Moment:


This is done in a couple of different ways; we can divide them into speech; and proximity.


Silence can be used to create a lot of anticipation and sexual tension during a conversation. Say for instance that you’ve suggested going somewhere else; a quieter or more private place and she says, “I’m not sure”, or something like that.


A lot of guys at that point are going to say something to dismiss the idea and take the pressure off of her. Don’t do it – just stare into her eyes and wait for her to say something else. A lot of times, she is going to say, “OK, but just for a little while”; or something like that.




Pauses can also be used to add a lot of anticipation and sexual tension to a conversation. Just pause at key moments before you complete a sentence; you can literally have her sitting on the edge of her seat waiting to hear what comes next.


FWB sidebar image pretty blonde girlSexual Escalation – Proximity


Using proximity is just another way of saying that you should get really close to her from the moment you start talking to her.


Too many guys kind of hold back here and wait for a sign or a signal that it is OK to get close. That is as big a mistake as not touching her enough from the get go.


You want to be practically touching her from the very beginning – you want her to feel your body heat.


Getting close and being comfortable with getting close shows a lot of confidence – and a lot of intent – and aggressive erotic escalation has a lot to do with showing your intent.


If she makes it hard for you to get into her space; just bring her into yours – take her hand while you’re talking and just tug her gently over a little closer. With a little practice, you can get so good at this that she almost doesn’t even realize what you have done.


Sexual Escalation – Sexual Framing:


We need to understand that society at large and friends and families in general put a lot of emphasis on women to not be sexy or slutty. I call it Acquired Slut Defense Syndrome – it is drilled into their heads almost from birth that they should not go around acting like the sensual creatures that they are; especially with guys they just met.


We need to reverse that lifetime of training and we need to do it fast so that she will be comfortable just going with the sexualization of the moment:


“You seem like a girl who likes to have fun; I bet you are open to all kinds of crazy experiences”.


Or maybe,


“You seem pretty open and aggressive – I like a woman who goes after what she wants”.


Those are two examples of setting the bar – sexually framing her – on her behavior so that she will recognize that anything and everything she feels like doing is perfectly OK and acceptable.


If you fail to do this; she will most likely feel compelled to behave in the proper lady-like fashion that she has been trained to do. You have to show her that not only is it OK to kick that to the side – you encourage it!


Physical Contact:


Like I’ve said before on the other pages of this site – if you don’t start casually touching a woman from the moment that you first meet her; you are screwing up and setting yourself up to be “friend zoned“.


Just the fact that you are carrying on a conversation with her is going to pretty much close that emotional divide and start the process of building rapport and attraction. The only way to close that physical gap is through touch. The sooner you touch her and the more you touch her, the faster she will become comfortable with your touch.


But keep it semi-casual at first:


A tap to the back of the hand, or a pat on the arm is all it takes to put you in her space and start creating a sense of comfort with your touch.


And because we are exploring the techniques of aggressive erotic escalation – you want to touch her in ways that are more sexually suggestive.


Take her hand and squeeze it, touch her hair while you are talking to her; keep her so close to you that your bodies are in contact almost constantly; and occasionally lean over to her and whisper in her ear; even if there’s no real need to do so – you are just keeping her close and getting closer.


Sexual Intensification – The Conclusion:


It’s fine to take your time and let things develop slowly; and it is fine to use the techniques of passive sexual escalation too. But if you want to speed things along and create an explosive level of sexual tension, sexual arousal and a virtual bonfire of desire; then use these proven techniques of aggressive sexual escalation.


So now that you know what to do – go do it!


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Sexual escalation is the match that light the flame.


You’ve created a volatile mix of emotions and desires, then
you only need one little spark to light the bonfire.


Like most things in life, building that bonfire is easy when you know how.


Here’s how:


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