Sexual Triggers

sexual triggers featured imageSexual Triggers


  Sexual Triggers are “secret buttons” that all people have.


Everybody has sexual triggers actually – but most people don’t even know it.


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Pressing The Buttons: We’re “Wired” This Way


You can learn to press them at will – knowing how to do that will put you into some mind blowing situations that you never even dreamed could happen to you.


What do you know about sexual triggers and sexual arousal?


No matter how much you know now – you need to know more about triggers of arousal – no doubt about it.


Sexual triggers are those “hard wired” emotional responses to the right kind of sensual input that all people have; and that most people don’t even know they have.


These are feelings that happen on an subconscious level – they aren’t rationally thought about – they are just felt on an emotional level.


Now think about that.


If you knew what the erotic triggers are that most women have and don’t even know they have; and you knew how to press them one at a time – at the right time – do you see what an advantage you would have over other guys when it comes to approaching and picking up the women of your desires?


Speaking Without Words


The first thing to understand is that when you approach a woman, you are telling her a lot about yourself just by the way you walk toward her; and she is telling you a lot about what she thinks of you; and all of this happens without a word being spoken.


That’s the science of body language; it is real; it never lies; and understanding how to send it and read it gives you an incredible advantage over other guys; and even over the logical brain of your lady of interest.


Understanding the “silent signals” of body language is crucial to your success when it comes to pressing her sexual triggers because it happens on an emotional level – she doesn’t think it – she feels it.


When you confidently approach her for the first time and your eyes meet:


Does she meet and hold your gaze?

Does she look away and then back to you?

Body language can indicate either dominant or submissive behavior.


If she meets and holds your gaze that means that she is meeting you as an equal. If she looks away and then back at you; that is a sign of submissive behavior; and that is a good sign indeed.


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Let’s say that you are now in a conversation with her. You need to keep sending out silent signals that she will certainly see and she will interpret them on a subconscious level; and you need to keep reading her signals so that you always know where you stand.


Don’t face her directly, this is a signal that you are overly interested. Instead, turn your head and shoulders at a slight angle to her.


This indicates interest but not too much so. At the same time, glance away from her from time to time; just briefly; take a quick glance at other women and then back to her.


Pressing The Triggers


Don’t make a “production” of it; just quick and subtle as if it never happened.


This will press the trigger that makes her want reel you in a little closer. It lets her know that it’s not all about her; she is not that special – yet.


If she starts leaning in toward you when she speaks; then you will know that it is starting to work; and it’s time to shift strategies.


Face her more directly. When she speaks glance briefly from her eyes to her lips and back to her eyes.


This presses a very powerful sexual trigger that begins the process of arousal. She feels on a subconscious level that you are getting aroused; and she will start to feel that too.


Another thing that should have been doing all along- and doing often – is touching her. Just quick taps to her arm or the back of her hand; as if you are accentuating your words with your hands.


This bridges the physical gap between you and sets the stage for a more physical encounter by building comfort with your touch.


Once the relationship seems to have built some rapport – a shared comfort – it’s time to press the sexual trigger that will inject some actual sexual tension into the relationship.


Creating Sexual Arousal


There are several ways to do that; here is an easy one:


As you talk just start thinking about things that get you aroused.


As you get aroused your body language will change; she will see it and feel it on an emotional level.


When you see her silent signals reflecting yours then you will know that you have successfully pressed all of her sexual triggers and it’s time to find a more private place to continue the conversation.


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Sexual triggers can be physical,
they can be psychological, or they can be emotional.


What’s more and more important, you can
press them all at once, and on every level.


Now that creates a “perfect storm” of sexual arousal.


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