Age Gap Dating

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Age Gap Dating


Age gap dating means just what it sounds like:


Two people of significantly different ages involved in a relationship.


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But is age gap dating really a problem, does it really matter?


Generally, negative perceptions about big age differences in relationships revolve around “cradle robbing”.


An older person is seen as “taking advantage” of someone who is younger and less experienced at life.


And that might sometimes be the case. However, in many instances an age gap relationship is just like any other partnership. Two people find themselves attracted to each other for whatever reasons that might happen.


And just like in other dating arrangements, sometimes that attraction is based more upon the benefits of the arrangement more than physical attraction rather than intellectual or emotional attraction.


But does anyone think it’s wrong to have a relationship for practical reasons rather than emotional fulfillment?


Throughout human history, age gap relationships have been common in almost every culture.


They offer the younger partners the benefits of experienced lovers and companions. They also offer the older partners the attractiveness of youth.


It is also true that oftentimes the older partners bring more than just maturity and experience to the relationship. They are typically more stable financially than younger people might be.


That can equate to incentives like gifts, vacations or help with living expenses too.


Now if the main goals of people involved in age gap dating are like what we’ve discussed so far, then they’re going to be reasonably pleased with the arrangement for however long it suits them both.


If their aims are more of a “life-partner” kind of arrangement, they may sometimes find the age difference to be cumbersome.


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Because besides themselves, most people also bring friends and family into long-term relationships.


Let’s imagine that you are a 48-year-old whatever and you’re dating a 25-year-old woman fresh out of college.


You were already a young adult the day she was born! You are probably about the same age as her parents. Most of us recognize the stark difference in perspectives between ourselves and our parents when were that age.


You each grew up and came of age in very different times.


The icons and events that informed your youth are practically ancient history by comparison to hers.


And then imagine this:


You’re hanging out with her and some of her friends at a bar or a restaurant.
How is that conversation going to go?


How much do you have in common with people about half your age?


So when it comes to finding a mate for life, someone closer to your own age might be more suitable for a lot of reasons.


But what if you aren’t looking for a life partner?


What is you are specifically looking for someone just for fun and companionship?


In that case, age gap dating can make more sense.


Age gap dating can make a lot of sense.


Many younger women are attracted to older men not just because of the reasons stated above, but also because they want a partner with more maturity.


Older, more experienced men are more apt to show small courtesies and considerations that she likes. Pulling out her chair at the table, holding open the door or opening her car door – are all little gestures that younger guys might neglect and which she may appreciate.


They might make her feel pampered or appreciated.


And the of course there is the matter of experience between the sheets.


Older men are often more focused upon the needs and pleasure of their partners, and are often more schooled in how to see to them.


The same holds true – and even more so – when it comes to older women and younger men.


In an odd twist, nature has programmed men and women differently in many ways.
That is especially true when it comes to libido – the need and desire for sex.


Most males reach their sexual prime at a younger age than most females.


That means that as the desire for sex starts to cool slightly in most males, the desire for sex is beginning to increase for many females.

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Now there’s all sorts of emotional, physiological, environmental and cultural reasons for all of that. But the end result is that matching older women with younger men is often a mutually satisfying arrangement.


The younger men enjoy the benefits of a more mature and more secure partner. Additionally,  the older women reap the advantages of a more energetic companion.


Age gap dating can be a mutually beneficial and satisfying arrangement for both partners. Consequently, the stigma sometimes associated with it is really unfair.


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