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A lot of younger to middle aged guys are suddenly interested in the advantages of Cougar Dating. And they’re asking about Cougar Dating tips – where to meet them, how to approach them; just the normal stuff for guys who are new to it.


If you don’t know who or what Cougars are – just read on; you are about to discover one of the easiest ways to meet women who are mainly looking for straight up sex.

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Who Are Cougars?


First, let me describe what a “Cougar” is:


Cougars are generally “middle-aged” women ranging in age from their late 20’s to their mid-50’s with the “average” Cougar being in her mid 30’s.


These are usually women who are looking for younger men, and for the most part; they are looking for a sexual relationship.


Sure; some Cougars might want a longer term situation but by and large they are looking for physical gratification.


You can meet younger women who are looking for the same type of relationships if you are into younger women.


Women if their early to mid 20’s (referred to as “Pumas”) who maybe married and divorced early in life and who have arrived at the same mindset as have Cougar women – are out there and available.


They are not as common as Cougar women; and there aren’t too many established avenues for meeting them like there are with Cougars; your best bet for meeting women like that (besides dating sites) is still to go to the clubs or maybe social events that might interest them.


That’s all good; but with Cougars; you can cut straight to the chase; they aren’t wasting any time.


Why Date Cougars?


With Cougar Dating; the odds are that instead of you having to approach some young woman and ask if you can buy her a drink – an older, attractive woman will approach you and ask if she can buy you a drink!


One of the best tips on dating when it comes to Cougar Dating is this:


Just be out there, and available, and looking interested.


Often times, the Cougars will take the lead, because they are not shy about what they want.



That’s one of the differences that Cougar Dating offers – attractive women who know what they want and cougar dating cheerleader sbwho aren’t afraid to ask for it; and who want to get straight down to “business” without any time wasting, ego crushing games or social rituals.


Cougar Dating has a lot of advantages for younger guys (early 20’s to mid 30’s) for several reasons:


  1. Cougar women know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it
  2. Cougars, being older, are not into games or ego trips – they want sex – they want it now
  3. Many Cougars are more financially secure than younger women – they aren’t looking for someone to spend a lot of money on them
  4. They are more experienced and will do (and enjoy) things that some younger women just aren’t ready for
  5. They are everywhere! Cougars, and opportunities for Cougar Dating abound


It is no exaggeration to say that entering the Cougar Dating scene is your best bet for meeting as many women as you care to meet and having some mind blowing relationships.


An entire industry has sprung up around Cougar Dating – there are all kinds of “Cougar Dating” themed events that take place all over the U.S. – and all over the world – from Cougar Dating social events, Speed Dating events catering to Cougars and even Cougar Cruises – cruises that are focused strictly on hooking up younger men with older women.


Don’t you think that your chances for a hookup would be pretty good on a ship full of women in the middle of the ocean? A ship absolutely full of women who went on that cruise strictly for the purpose of meeting and connecting with younger men?


The odds don’t get any better than that!


Find Cougars For Dating


There are also quite a few Cougar-focused web sites that serve to connect older women with younger men. These are probably the fastest and easiest way to get started with Cougar Dating – the cruises are great; but if you want to meet Cougars right where you live in order to set up an ongoing no strings attached relationship focused primarily upon sexual fulfillment; then Cougar sites will meet that need.


You can still use the traditional hookup sites like Fling, Meet Locals or Adult Friend Finder – they work just fine but you will need to filter out your prospects by checking out the profiles based upon age.

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Granted; any hookup is a good hookup; but like I mentioned above; Cougars usually are not looking for some guy who is pulling down the big bucks or who can set them up with a “better lifestyle” – they’ve already got that – they want sex and that makes any Cougar a prime and productive effort for guys in the right age range.


Now if you decide to give this a try – and you should – there are a few things about Cougar Dating that you need to keep in mind:


Some Cougar women; just like anybody on the internet; might create a picture of themselves that is very
different from who they really are.


You need to use the same good sense and precautions that you would use in trying to meet any woman online.


It’s generally safe to say that Cougar Dating is less prone to that sort of thing by it’s very nature.


These are typically older, more secure women who have already done the dating thing; many have already done the marriage thing.


Some have even already done the divorce thing; they are ready to get on with their lives while adding some physical satisfaction with a partner who is looking for the same thing.


Even with dating Cougars it’s best to keep the conversation online at the start.


Then meet up in a public place for that first face to face – you; or she; can just walk away if things don’t appear to be what they were supposed to be.


Be aware though that real Cougar women aren’t going to spend a lot of time waiting for you – there are too many guys out there for them to choose from; and they are ready to choose and get on with it.


Is Dating A Cougar For You?


Let’s put that another way – do you want to get laid?


If you are a guy between the ages of 21 and 40; or even a little older; dating Cougar women may well be your ticket to finding lots of attractive, willing women who are looking for sex without bringing along all of the baggage, needs and emotional immaturity that younger and less experienced women often bring into a relationship.


Like I said before; Cougar women are everywhere and they are actively looking for younger guys who are available right now.


They aren’t interested in “nurturing a relationship” or going on several dates – deciding if you have the qualities that they are looking for in a mate – you are a younger guy; you are here with them right now – those are the qualities that they are looking for!


You’ve got the qualifications – take advantage of them now!


Do yourself a favor – check into dating mature women today and discover a non stop stream of attractive, older women who are looking for exactly what you have to offer. Even the smallest of towns have plenty of Cougar women looking for their preferred kind of relationship.


But as great as mature dating is, don’t stop there!


Variety really is the spice of life, and it makes
for more interesting bed times too.


So once you’ve nailed these mature dating tips (and a few mature women too),
check out even more tips on dating that will expand your horizons and
enhance your dating opportunities, like these:


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