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Obviously, I think that there are a lot of advantages to dating older women.


I have information scattered around the site about ways to meet older singles; but I don’t have a comprehensive listing on a single page about where to meet older women or the best ways to meet older singles.


I am going to correct that here and now.


Before I get into it; I want to break it down a little – the best ways or places to meet older singles will depend upon how big of a hurry you are in.


If you just want a quick hookup; you will want to take a different approach than if you like taking a little time, doing a little flirting – “playing the game” – and creating a longer-term relationship.

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So below, I’m going to list your best options depending upon what you are looking for. A couple of these options are suitable ways to meet older singles regardless of your purpose; you’ll see what I mean in a minute.


For you guys who are in a hurry, I’m going to start with you first and let you get on your way:

Meet Mature Singles – Fast!


  • Singles clubs or “pick up” bars:
    This is a tried and true method that still works fine today. It also helps that pretty much every town has such a place where people go to meet up or hookup.
    The advantages are that it’s easy and accessible; the disadvantage is that you’re just rolling the dice hoping to meet someone looking for a hookup; and meet them before the competition does.
  • Speed dating events for older singles:
    Typically, this is where you spend just a few minutes going from table to table and chatting with someone who – based upon a profile – might be interested in the same kind of relationship as you are.
    The benefit with this kind of game plan is that it is a little more targeted than just heading down to the local bar. You at least have some indication of what the people you meet are searching for.
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    The disadvantages are that not every town has them; and even if yours does; a lot of people are looking for something besides just a quick hookup. You’re still rolling the dice; the dice are just a little more loaded in your favor.
  • Online dating sites or resources:
    Okay, now we’re getting targeted.
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    These “modern alternatives” are the equivalent of “the big dance” that towns used to have where people could meet up.
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    The greatest advantage to using dating sites to meet older singles is that – based on profiles – you know exactly what others are looking for and you can focus your efforts only on the ones who look like a good fit for you. The disadvantage is that not everyone is straight up about who they are and what they want.
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    You have to use some caution and common sense; especially if you’re using sites like the now shuttered Craigslist or Backpage. All in all; I’m starting to consider dating sites to be the hands down best way to meet older singles looking for a hookup.
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    Here’s a site that you can browse to see what I mean – visit here to check it out.
  • Cruises, bus trips or other travel-related scenarios now that normalcy is making a comeback.
    These can work well whether you’re in a hurry or willing to take some time.
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    The cruises are especially productive; particularly the “Cougar Cruises” that a few cruise lines still have.
    The disadvantage is that you have to take the time and spend the money to go on the trip. What’s the advantage?
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    Do you really think you’re going to have a problem getting laid out at sea on a ship full of older women specifically looking for a hookup?
    You won’t; believe me.
  • “Offline” personals classified ads:
    Most local newspapers still have them and they can still work. The disadvantage is that a lot of people – mainly in small towns – just are not going to place an ad saying that they are looking for a hookup.
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    The advantage is that people using these types of services are pretty determined that they are going to meet someone.

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Now if you are willing to take some time; if you like the chase and the flirting and letting things progress a little more slowly; you have some really great opportunities to meet older singles; such as:

  • Take a class of some kind:
    It can be a university class or a hobby class; it doesn’t matter.
    If you go the university route; you’ll probably want to choose an evening class. Older singles often take evening classes related to their day jobs. Or you can just pick something that sounds interesting to you and which might have broad appeal – an introduction to philosophy; something like that comes to mind.
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    Hobby classes are great – it could be a cooking class; a book of the month type situation or any other hobby.
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    If there is a class available for any given hobby; you can almost bet that you will be able to meet older singles at that class. A big advantage with this technique is that you already have a ready-made topic of discussion with whoever you meet – both of you are interested in the subject of the class.
  • Go to a local walking or jogging trail:
    This is a great method that a lot of people overlook.
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    Just go to one of your local tracks early in the morning or late in the evening. I suspect that you will be amazed at the opportunities that you see walking or running right before your eyes.
  • Join a gym:
    The is a lot like going to the track.
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    A lot of older women and older singles in general are out there trying to stay fit. An added bonus is that many people join a gym with an interest in health, but also as a way to meet people.
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    Get out there looking for them where they are also looking for you.
  • Take a cruise, a train trip or a bus tour:
    meet older singles purple cta imageI covered this one above and it is a great way to meet older singles.
    A lot of these tours are specifically geared toward older people. Some of them are even geared toward older people who are looking for a hookup.
    Check with some local travel agents or tour operators and see what’s available and what looks promising.
  • Volunteer:
    It can be at a local soup kitchen.
    It can be at a library.
    It can be at a nursing home.
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    Nursing home?
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    Yeah, nursing home.
    Retirement communities.
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    Now I’m not talking about meeting the people standing in line at the soup kitchen – although that might be something with possibilities. And I’m not talking about meeting little old ladies at the nursing home either.
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    I’m talking about meeting other volunteers – and I’m talking about meeting the people who come to visit the little old ladies at the nursing home.
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    Spend an hour or two a week volunteering to read books, magazine or newspapers to older folks at the home who have bad eyesight.
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    Or volunteer to spend an hour or two a week at the home or at the library showing people how to use a computer. You have a skill or some ability that others need – put it to good use by helping others and meeting people in the process.
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If you think about it; I have only scratched the surface here.


There are so many ways to meet mature singles that you are really only limited by what you can dream up.


Get out there and follow one or more of these suggestions; or just use your imagination and you will be dating an older woman before you know it.


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