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If you want to meet singles for dating; you have a lot more choices today than just a few years ago.


On top of that; some of the options we have now make it easier to meet singles who fit certain criteria – they have traits or qualities that are either important to you or that you find most attractive.


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The old school methods to meet singles are still out there and they still work.


You can head out to the clubs or to other places where people hang out and approach others that you think are attractive or look interesting. If you’re like a lot of single people; you might have acquaintances who are sometimes eager to introduce mutual friends who they think might be a good fit for each other.


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Ways To Find Local Singles


Some of the best ways that I know of to meet singles include the following:


  • As mentioned, introductions through mutual friends.
    This is a great way to meet singles; but if things don’t work out – or worse yet; if they work out for a while and then don’t end well – it can make for some awkward situations among friends.
  • People that you meet at work.
    I tend to shy away from this one; unless maybe you work for a fairly big organization and don’t cross paths much at work with the people you might start a relationship with. The reason for that is similar to the scenario above – if things don’t go well or don’t end well; it can cause some problems in your workplace.
  • Join a “hobby” club.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a “Book of the Month” club; a bicycling club or a movie discussion club; something like this lets you take part in something that you like; and it puts you in close proximity to others who like the same things. This has the added benefit of giving you a “ready-made” discussion starter. You don’t have to try to think up something to say to someone you find interesting when you’re both obviously interested in the subject of the club.
  • Take a class.
    This is one of my favorites. Just like the example above; it lets you pursue something that you find interesting or entertaining; and it helps you to meet others that share the same interest.
    If you have a local college or junior college; just pick a subject that you might like and sign up for the class – you never know who you might meet. If there isn’t a school nearby; there’s always something like a cooking class or something related to a learned hobby.
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  • Join a gym.
    This is a great one too. You might be surprised how many interesting and attractive people you can meet in a gym. You might also be surprised how many people join a gym mainly for the purpose of meeting other people.
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In addition to all of those things – you have an opportunity to meet singles pretty much anywhere and everywhere that people go. Whether you are at church or the grocery store or at the bookstore – all you have to do is spot someone who grabs your attention and walk up and say, “Hi.”


Now even though all of those methods of meeting people are great and they work just fine; they are what I call a “shotgun approach”.


A Focused Way For Meeting Singles

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When you meet singles like that; you really don’t know what it is they are interested in or what it is that they are looking for.


To some people; that is part of the attraction of meeting someone new – the whole process of “discovery” – finding out what interests they have in common, learning about their wants, likes and dislikes.


If you are in that club; just carry on – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet plenty of people and go through that process.


But you also might invest a considerable amount of time finding out that you really don’t have enough in common to make a relationship practical.


Because of that; if you already know what kind of people you want to meet; then you might want to consider a more “focused approach”.


The focused approach allows you to more easily and more quickly connect with the kind of people that you already know you want to meet.


That can save you a lot of time.


You can tell some things the minute you see someone – if you like women who or short or tall; or blonde or brunette; you know those things right away.


However, if you want to meet someone who is looking for a long term relationship; or if you want to meet someone who is looking for a casual dating partner; then those are qualities that you just can’t see until you invest some time.


Unless you use a dating site or dating service that helps to match people up based upon certain interests.


Meeting Singles For Traditional Dating


Since the main focus of this site leans more toward casual dating; I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about more “traditional” kinds of relationships.


I will say that there are a lot of sites and services out there geared toward helping people find just that – sites like or eHarmony – and here’s a link to one of the oldest and best established ones – Friend Finder – click here.


Friend Finder has an advantage in that they are so big and have so many members that it is very likely that you can find people right in your area that you might want to meet.

Find Singles For Casual Dating

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If like a lot of the regular users of this site you’re more interested in a casual dating arrangement or even a “friends with benefits” kind of scenario; then you are in the right place to find it.


Casual dating isn’t for everyone; and you sure as heck aren’t likely to meet too many people who want that by using the old style methods to meet singles outlined above.


Face it; when you go down to the local bar on ladies’ night; you don’t see girls sitting there wearing signs that say “Friend With Benefits Wanted”.


Not at my local club anyway.
If yours is different; please drop me a line.

That said; there are obviously a lot of different kinds of casual dating arrangements that people might be looking for.


They might want someone they can meet up with from time to time and nothing more; they might want a one-time hookup. Just like it’s hard to know what people might want when you meet them at a club; it can be hard to tell what they want when you meet them online.


Unless you use a site with good dating profiles.

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I’m a big fan of sites like that. The profiles pretty much take all of the guess work and all of the surprise (and disappointment) out of meeting people for the first time.


That’s why I like to use dating sites that cater to people who are looking for casual relationships; sites like this one – visit it now.


You do need to keep a couple of things in mind when choosing a site to use – they are not all the same:


  • Use one that has been out there for a long time
  • Try one that has a lot of members
  • Check out profiles to see how many long term members they have
  • Take a look at how active the site is
  • Stick with a free membership to see if there are enough people in your area to make it worthwhile

Thanks to technology and the internet; we have literally reached a point where you can “go shopping” for a dating partner without going through the lengthy process of approaching someone and trying to find out if they are looking for the same things that you are.


Meeting Singles Quickly


On top of that; a lot of people who would never go hang out in clubs looking for casual partners will do it without hesitation from the privacy of their own homes.


They don’t have the concern of being spotted in a “pick up bar” and being talked about by people that they know.


So by using a good dating site – one like this one – you not only have a chance to focus your search on exactly the kind of people you want to meet; you may have an opportunity to meet people right in your town who you would never have a chance to meet through any of the “conventional” ways of meeting people.


Just keep in mind the pointers I mentioned above about selecting a site to try.


And even though it should go without saying – be sure to use a little caution and common sense when you do start a conversation with someone who you might eventually want to meet face to face.


The need for privacy and security cannot be overstated; you have to be sure to use a site or a service that can guarantee that.


Check this one out – click here – you will be glad that you did.


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