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I get asked often about fresh ideas on where to pick up girls.


Most guys immediately think about going out to bars or clubs when it comes to where to pick up girls – and that is just fine – there are a lot of opportunities in such places; and a lot of girls are out there looking to meet guys.


Just be aware that different settings might influence the way you approach women as well as how you try to pick them up or get their number.


But in reality the number of places where you can meet women are almost endless; basically anyplace where there are women offers the possibility (with the possible exception of a Feminist rally); especially if you take the time to learn some of the techniques discussed on the pages of this site.


Where To Pick Up Girls – The Strategy


The first thing of course, is to focus your efforts on where the girls are. The second thing – and this is what causes a lot of guys to fail or waste a lot of time – is that you want to concentrate on girls who want the same thing that you do.


If you’re just looking for a one-night fling, you will probably be disappointed with your results when just meeting women randomly.


Even using some of the better-known dating or match making sites; connecting with women who just want a casual encounter can be pretty hit or miss – unless you use one specifically geared toward that – like this one.


By the same token, if you’re more interested in kind of a steady relationship, a traditional match making site – such as this one – might be just the right choice.


But that said – you have a lot of options on where to connect with girls or just meet women in general, no matter what kind of arrangement you’re after.


You Have Multiple Options, Really


where to pick up girls sidebar imageIn my younger years I was very successful at meeting women by taking courses at a local university. I wasn’t working toward a degree; I just took classes that sounded interesting to me.


That had a double benefit – it gave me a chance to learn about a subject I wanted to learn about; and it put me into an environment where there were are lot of women of varying ages from youngish to mature, who were interested in the same subject I was attracted to.


This right away gives you a common interest with them; something you can talk about to “break the ice” before establishing other common connections.


A Success Story


I took a computer class once. Really, I wasn’t a “traditional” student in that I was a good bit older than the average students in the class. I saw a young woman close to my age enter the classroom and walk up to the professor’s desk; bend over and say something to him.


Well; I couldn’t help but notice that she had; uh; a very nice place to sit down.
The kind that she carried with her everywhere she went; and on that particular day, she had it wrapped up in tight blue jeans.


Once she spoke to the professor, she turned and scanned the room.
Low and behold she came over and sat at the desk next to me.


It seems that she didn’t yet have her text book and asked if I would share mine; but I turned her down flat.


Just kidding!


We scooted our desks together and left together after class and spent some time getting to know each other.


That was the start of a year long relationship that ended only because she wanted to get married and I did not; but guess what? I look back and think that I should have married her.


But let’s get back to more tips that you can use about where to pick up girls.


Picking Up Girls On The Path Less Traveled


Another good way to find a place where to pick up girls is by joining a gym or a health club.

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Once again you have established a common interest with every lady in the place; some of them are there for the same reason you are; it is just a matter of connecting.


Some cities have organizations that host “speed dating” events.


That’s where you spend “X” number of minutes moving from table to table and talking to potential dates or partners. If there seems to be a mutual interest or attraction; you exchange contact info and take it from there. I’ve never done one of those; but hey; it’s a grand idea and a good place where you might pick up girls.


Right Under Your Nose


Grocery stores – I can’t list the number of times I’ve met women at grocery stores.


I’ll spot an attractive woman (with no wedding ring) who seems to be shopping in a leisurely fashion – she’s not rushing through it – and I’ll arrange to meet up with her on another aisle.


I’ll just stand there holding a box or a can of some product with a completely confused and perplexed look on my face.


Often; when she sees you she will smile and shake her head; or even laugh. You can then ask her to explain it to you. If she takes the time to do so while she is amused you can then say, “Hey; if I fix it; will you come and share it with me and let me know how I did?”


The “Fast Track” Option


Lastly I’ll mention dating services.


These come in different varieties ranging from sites like e-harmony at which people are mainly looking for a lifetime partner to sites like Fling at which people are more focused on what I’ll call; “more immediate needs.”


Either are great ways of figuring out where to pick up girls depending upon your actual wants and desires at that point in your life.


This biggest advantage I see to these sites is that they connect you with people who are already looking for the same thing you are; whether that’s a long term relationship; a one-nighter or a “friends with benefits” situation.


Take your choice; it’s a win-win situation.


Thanks for visiting and reading.


Go ahead and check out the other pages on
this topic of where to meet women for dating.


I bet there are some tips here you’ve never heard of.


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