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Let’s talk about a little thing called approach anxiety.


Do you know the main difference between guys who are great at picking up women in social settings and those who really suck at it?


Do you think that it is that they are really handsome? Or maybe it’s because they are in really good shape; you know, powerfully built and muscular?

Or maybe they have “Sugar Daddy” written all over them; they just exude an air or an appearance of wealth.


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What do you think – could it be one; or even all of the things mentioned above?


The Approach: As Hard As Saying, “Hi!”


approach anxiety side-bar-imageObviously, it could be one or more of those things; but the thing that generally sets those successful guys apart from the ones who struggle is… Approach anxiety – and that causes them to hesitate when other guys do not.


Plain and simple:


Those successful guys do not hesitate to approach a beautiful woman and start a conversation with her.


Women are looking for men that are confident and experienced.


Your hesitation is her reservation; she will immediately write you off as someone she doesn’t want to spend time with.



And it goes deeper still.


By not hesitating she sees that you are willing to take a risk – the risk of being rejected.


In a lot of situations guys who aren’t willing to take a risk are just looking for a reward – sex.


The risk takers are probably looking for the same thing in the long run; but by being willing to assume the risk; they aren’t perceived as “just” looking for a reward.


Many guys do suffer from what I call “approach anxiety”.


They hesitate in approaching really beautiful women; and that is what kills their chances before they have even said a word.


A lot of guys simply “go blank” in those crucial first few seconds after approaching a woman and just don’t know what to say.


The best thing that you can do is to memorize three or four effective lines that you can use if you find yourself in thatobsession method large sidebar image situation.


One thing I like to say when approaching a new woman is something along the lines of, “Excuse me, I’m a little nervous doing this right now, but I know that if I didn’t come over and say hello to you right now that I will really be kicking myself later.”


Saying something like that is usually received well; and even if she’s not interested in a conversation she might be less likely to let you down hard.


And if that does happen; wish her a good day or evening and move on; without hesitation.


Some guys seem to think that there is a “trick” to being successful with women; maybe there is but I’ve never discovered it.


I have found that are methods rooted in human psychology that can improve your chances with women by appealing to them on both a conscious and a subconscious level simultaneously.


Knowing which buttons to push and which to avoid; I call them “triggers”; everybody has them and most don’t even know they exist; let alone that they can be manipulated at will; can vastly increase your success rate when it comes to meeting new women.


The bottom line is; obviously; that in order to meet a new woman and possibly start a relationship; you first have to approach them; you can’t let approach anxiety get in the way.


If you hesitate; you are likely going to end up being shot down in favor of the guy who jumps in with both feet and takes the risk with zero hesitation – no sign of approach anxiety.


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Approach anxiety can arise from numerous causes – from previous bad experiences in cold approaches, to General Anxiety Disorder, to lack of self confidence.


If approach anxiety is affecting your dating game – and even more importantly, if anxiety is affecting other aspects of your life or health – you owe it to yourself to try to alleviate it.


Besides consulting with your health care provider; there are various self-help programs that you can try, and there are also natural, herbal supplements that studies suggest can help you alleviate anxiety; and even depression.


There is an entire arsenal of proven methods based upon human psychology and sexuality that any guy can learn to use to be more successful at meeting new women in almost any situation; even those women who you or your friends might have thought were “out of your league.”


It’s not about money, it is not about looks or what kind of clothes you wear or the car that you drive; it is all about recognizing and understanding what she wants and needs and knowing how to press those conscious and hidden emotional triggers that will tell her that you are that man.


These are some of the Ninja techniques that will make approach anxiety become a thing of the past.


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