How To Pick Up Girls

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How To Pick Up Girls With Confidence & Ease

How To Pick Up Girls


I get a lot of emails from guys looking for suggestions on how to pick up girls.


And a lot of those guys are looking for something besides a “1-2-3 list”, or a run-down of good places to try, such as bars; duh.


They want some specific suggestions, and they especially want something that will give them a leg up on the other guys they might be competing with in places like – duh, bars.


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More than that – and most of all – they want something that will WORK.


We’re going to cover a lot of ground here:


But we will offer proven strategies that work for picking out women in public settings. That will be helpful if you’re out playing the dating and mating game and trying to pick up a friend for the evening.


It can also help you even if you are looking for more of a steady girlfriend.


So let’s get started and you’ll soon have a new take on how to pick up girls:


There is no single “technique” or magic formula that will work with every girl every time because each girl is different.


Whether or not she is open to your advances will be influenced by several factors:


  • Her mood at the time
  • The social setting
  • Whether she is alone or with friends
  • By what’s going on in her personal life.


And if she just got out of a relationship, there’s no telling what her mindset is.


But with that said, there are things you can do that generally work well in a lot of different circumstances, but it all starts with:


Approaching The Right Woman


So how do you decide who to focus on?
You want to look for a few clues that suggest she’s looking too.


For this example we’re going to focus on the hints you should follow in a social setting like clubs or bars.


The setting can have a big impact on the accuracy of the clues because the setting can also suggest her intent.


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If you see a girl at a bar wearing sweatpants that might mean one thing.
If you see her dressed that way at the grocery store, it can mean something else.


And look, since I just mentioned the grocery store; just be aware that you have opportunities to meet women everywhere you go.


More importantly; right now is the best time ever to just walk up to a girl in public and say, “Hi”.


Many of the women you see out there will fit into one of three categories, and those are your clues:


  1. Over-the-top.
    She’s all made up and all dressed up.
  2. Beneath the radar.
    Sweat pants and crocks or something similar. She may even look like she just rolled out of bed.
  3. In between.
    Nicely dressed but casual – maybe like she just came straight from a clerical or administrative job.


Truthfully, any and all of the above are worth your attention, but here are some reasonable assumptions based upon their dress, and what it can mean to you:


  1. That “over the top” girl is almost certainly looking for attention.
    So she’s the one to focus on, right?
    Maybe so, but she may also just be looking to string along some guy, get a few free drinks and then suddenly have to leave.
    Add to that the fact that she’ll be drawing the attention of all the other guys in the place, so maybe she’s not the best one to focus on.
  2. The “beneath the radar” types not only aren’t trying to attract attention; they’re not even trying to look presentable.
    Chances are that their foray into whatever public place where you see them is purely functional.
    They are there for a specific reason.
    space holder
    Naturally, it doesn’t hurt to approach them because you never know, but don’t be surprised if they just brush you off without a thought or a smile.
  3. And now, we come face to face with the “in between” girls, and I’m going to tell you why these women are the ones you should focus on.
    space holder
    It seems odd that a lot of the “pick up artist” experts totally ignore these women when they teach others how to pick up girls.


The real clue is in their dress:


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They aren’t trying to draw attention, but they are not discouraging it either.


Consequently, a lot of guys will ignore them and pursue the “Type 1” girls, leaving our “Type 3” girls a bit more accessible to the guys who know who to focus upon.


Knowing how to pick up girls successfully begins with knowing how to spot women in a crowd who might be open to your approach.


However, that is just the first step.


And it is the easiest step, because the next part is where a lot of guys get hung up:


Making The Approach


Many men suffer from “approach anxiety”; it makes it really hard for them to just walk up and say something to a girl.


But not to worry – the truth is that now is the best time ever to do exactly that because so many guys just don’t do that anymore.




Because of dating apps.
Everyone is using apps, and that gives you an opportunity to stand out from the other guys.


It’s no exaggeration that online dating apps are changing modern society and the ways in which we interact.


Since many women are suffering from app fatigue, guys who make the old-fashioned personal approach with a smile – and maybe even a joke or a question or a compliment – immediately stand out from the crowd.


Understanding how to pick up girls starts with knowing where to meet girls, then identifying a potential date.


However, then you have to get face to face.


So now that you have some proven ideas on how to spot the right girls, you may want some proven ideas on how to get the conversation started with confidence.


If that describes you – just check this out and you will be creating rapport with that girl in no time!


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