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Do you know the real “secret” to being successful at the dating and mating game?


It really is dead simple:
You need to meet women who are looking for men.


Simple, right?

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Now let’s figure out the fastest, easiest way to make that lofty goal happen:


You can meet women looking for men too; using these methods.
However, you can maximize your chances of success by using more than one method.


W4M – you read that correctly and no, this isn’t Craigslist.


You’ve landed on Get Laid Tonight dot co, where you will find quick and easy ways to meet local women for men for casual dating.


This is arguably one of the best resources on the web for helping men connect with women.


First of all though – I know that some of you guys can be impatient. You are concerned with only one bit of information:


Where can I meet women for men right now, right here in my town?”


OK then, here you go:


The Key Facts


So now let’s get back to the question of where to find women looking for men for dating, romance or sex.


What we are going to cover on this page are different ideas and techniques that you can start using right now in order to meet women looking for men right in your hometown:


  • Picking out women in a crowd who are looking for men
  • Maximizing social opportunities to connect with W4M
  • Using local events to meet women searching for men
  • Meeting women through random chance
  • Utilizing online resources to find women seeking men

Refining Your Search By Needs


Obviously, this will get lengthy.
Consequently, if you want to cut straight to a search, just visit here now.


Also know this: you should decide what kind of encounter you are looking for first.
Before seeking out women for men, know what kind of relationship you want.


It’s also important to understand what women want in a man – the realities can be surprising and confusing. However, if you don’t have an idea of what their concerns and desires are; you can’t very well be the solution to those needs.


Obviously, to meet a girl who is looking for a long term situation, don’t search in swinger’s clubs. You could of course – and that might make for an interesting relationship.


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Verified Locals Looking For Discreet Pleasure


The flip side of that is that you might be less likely to find a casual dating partner at church.


The point is – you don’t search for the kind of women you hope to meet where they most likely are not to be found.


Most visitors here lean to the “casual” side of dating so that’s my main focus. But if you want something more serious, we’ve got that covered too.


Let’s get started.


Find Women For Men – Working the Crowd


Clubs and bars can be pretty good places for meeting women.


Also, you can meet a wide cross section of women who are looking for every kind of relationship imaginable.


And that’s part of the problem – there is no focus to the search.


Girls aren’t usually advertising that they want to meet men. You certainly can’t tell what kind of relationship they want.


Still, there are opportunities – especially if looking for a casual encounter.


Girls who are just looking to be “picked up” tend to make it obvious. They’re usually dressed flashy and acting flirty.


They are good candidates for a cold approach. But every other guy in the place is seeing and thinking like you are.


In other words, the competition is stiff – literally and figuratively.


But maybe the place isn’t crowded.


Is She Really Looking For Men?


Maybe there’s so many of those sexily-dressed, flirty women there that the competition is light.


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If so, do two things immediately:


  • Send me the name and address of that club.
  • Approach that girl, she is who you are looking for.


Otherwise, remember this:


Generally, you will see three types of women in the clubs:


  • Those dressed and acting in ways that draw attention.
  • Some who are “under dressed” like they are discouraging attention.
  • A few who are right there in between.


It’s those women in between that you want to focus on. Especially if lots of guys are already zeroed in on the flashy – flirty types.


The reason is simple:


These women are usually open to being approached.
That means they are probably open to meeting a new guy, and maybe open to seduction.


I won’t get into the seduction scenario here.
You’ll find everything you need to know about that elsewhere on the site. Check out the menus to the right and top of the page.


If the clubs aren’t to your liking, then maybe you should think about:


Meet W4M – Socializing, Friends and More


w4m sidebar image 1Here’s something interesting about how women meet men today:


39% of people responding to a recent survey reported that they met their partners through introductions by friends.


There’s two things surprising about that:


  1. In these days of smart phones and dating apps and sites, the #1 most common way for people to meet is still one of the oldest ways we know of.
  2. That number is in free fall.
    Ten years ago, almost 80% met through friends or social contacts.

Starting around 2008, dating sites entered the mainstream. It was no longer considered “weird” trying to meet people online. Coincidentally, that is also when dating apps like Tinder became popular. Also during that time, interracial and inter-faith marriages exploded.




These tools allow our circle of contacts to grow quickly. There’s no relying upon “friend of a friend” introductions.


Stated simply:


Dating apps and sites as well as local personals ads put us into contact with people we would never meet through introductions by friends.


The Internet Finally Delivers:


This new technology created a surge in the size and reach of our social networks.
We even had down and dirty personals sites like Backpage and Craigslist, both of which are gone now.


If those were attractive to you, don’t fret – there are numerous Backpage replacement sites; and there are many options still available to serve as Craigslist personals alternatives.


Consequently, we now meet potential partners from backgrounds unlike our own.


So an effective strategy in seeking W4M is to make friends and contacts using all means. You will be connected with people you just wouldn’t meet otherwise.


In addition to using apps and online resources, you can:


  • Join a club.
    The goal is to meet new people and also meet their friends.
  • Take a class.
    It can be a hobby class (cooking, flower arranging, etc.) or something educational. There will be women there with the same interests.
  • Volunteer.
    Meet and interact with other volunteers.


There are many ways to broaden your circle of friends and contacts.
You can find more suggestion for that on other pages here.


With 39% of all couples meeting through friends, having more friends means more chances to meet more women.


Meet Women For Men At Social Events


However, this can mean different things.


Some are specific to meeting women for dating.
Some involve meeting people by chance.

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For instance – if you are a sci-fi fan, check out a science fiction convention or a comic-con in your town. Additionally, there could also be a cultural event to attend. If so, you have a chance to meet people with similar interests.


Similarly, a more focused approach is to see if your town has “speed dating” events. There is a service that sponsors such events around the country. You can find more information about those dating events by visiting here.


Speed dating is great for meeting people that you would not typically meet.


  • People move from table to table.
  • They spend a set time talking to the person at each table.
  • Each person records who they want to see again.
  • Afterwards, the organizer provides contact information upon approval.


In a manner of speaking; these are like interviewing a dating partner.


You ask questions and share interests for a few minutes.
Then you have more contact with those who you choose, who also choose you.


At public events or speed dating events, the goal is meeting new people.


Meet Women for Men – Random Chance


Random might be inaccurate because there is a strategy at work.
That strategy takes some of the luck out of your game plan.


It is “random” because you don’t know who or if you will meet someone.
The aim is to go where other people are. You spot someone who looks interesting or attractive and approach them.


w4m red cta buttonIs this different from going to a local bar and approaching random women?


No – it is basically the same thing.
But we are going to add something that makes it more effective.


Don’t limit yourself to bars and clubs.
You also don’t always go places just to connect.


This technique is it isn’t “focused” either. Except maybe for going to a bar and hitting on flirty women. They probably want attention. However, that may not apply to a girl you see at the walking track.


Think of it like this:


In a public place – a club, a grocery store, a walking track – you are within feet of women who want a relationship.


Often times, you are separated only by an introduction.
You can do that yourself rather than rely on someone else.


No Fear, No Hesitation:


Obviously, this requires that you be OK with making a “cold approach”.
You have to approach a stranger and start a conversation.


If you hesitate to do that, you may have “approach anxiety”. You can overcome approach anxiety using other resources here. The door of possibility will be opened to you if you do.


But here is the short of it:


To meet women looking for men the old fashioned way, you have to get in front of them. First of all, you have to go where they are. You have to be willing to start a conversation.


Look for some common point of interest that invites a comment:


  • In a book store, comment on the books she is browsing.
  • In a grocery store, remark on something in her cart.
  • At the track or the gym, say something about her brand of active wear

Use your imagination.


You can always find something to justify an opening and say, “Hello”.
It will keep you from seeming creepy or forward because you don’t want to pegged like that.


When trying to meet W4M, getting placed into “The Creep Zone”; is far worse that getting into “The Friend Zone”.


Meet Women for Men Online


A few years ago there was no such thing as dating sites or apps.


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However, in just ten years; meeting online has become the second most common way for people to connect.


It is the most common way for same-sex couples to meet.

By many accounts, it is the most popular method now.

A big reason for that is this:

  • You narrow your search to exactly the kind of people you hope to meet.
  • You focus only upon people who want the same thing that you want.

This is a like window shopping for a partner.


If you want certain physical attributes or backgrounds; just filter prospects by those.

That’s also true of the type of partner you seek.

Because for any kind of relationship; you should limit your search to like-minded people whether that happens to be older singles, casual partners or W4M.


This removes most chance or luck from meeting someone.
It does the same for matching compatibility factors.


Dating APPs:


The most popular today is Tinder, but there are others that are geared toward finding all sorts of connections besides just meeting W4M.


Also, a big consideration with apps is the profile that you create.
Your profile gets someone interested enough to make first contact.


Create a profile for success by:


  • Use a good profile picture.
    No goggles or shades – don’t hide your face.
  • Keep it short.
    This isn’t your resume or a job interview.
    Information overload is bad.
  • Mention something you like – a sport, a hobby, etc.
    It shows that you have other interests in life.
  • Additionally, mention a minor character flaw or imperfection.
    Set yourself apart – many guys try to look perfect.
    “I’m a Star Wars nerd”, is funny and harmless.
  • Create a small “mystery”.
    “I met Taylor Swift, but that’s another story”.
    Say something that will leave her curious.

Dating apps are great for meeting people on the fly.

In addition to that, they provide some focus to who you meet.


Find W4M – Dating Sites


This is the fastest growing, most popular way to meet partners.


It’s like goinsee locals green cta buttong out to the dating store to shop for a date.
You make the connection only if you see someone you like.


Dating sites and apps will soon be the #1 way that people meet.


Above all, it’s popular for simple reasons:


  • You can search just for people who share your interests.
  • Select partners based upon physical attributes.
  • Focus on people who are looking for the same arrangement as you.
  • Search any time – 24/7 – from the comfort of your home.

Laser vs Shotgun – Focus Matters


It’s like this:


Say that you want to meet a woman who is tall and has green eyes.


Consider this – what if you could go to a dance just for tall, green-eyed people?
Would you meet any tall, green-eyed women?


Of course you would because that’s who it’s for.


Furthermore, that’s pretty much the only kind of people you’re going to meet.
As a result, you don’t waste time sorting through people you aren’t interested in.


The same thing applies if you just want to meet W4M.


However, using a dating site to meet girls seeking men isn’t the right fit for everyone:


  • Some people like the excitement of meeting face to face.
  • They want the up close and personal.
  • Some guys like chatting and flirting.
  • They enjoy discovering who she is and what she wants.


I like that too.

If you do too, it’s still out there and available to you.


Breaking It Down:


But dating sites are a great fit when:


  • You already know what kind of person you want to meet.
  • You don’t want to waste time finding a specific kind of partner.
  • The type of person you want to meet is hard to find.


However, you need to be aware that all dating sites are not equally created.
Also, not all are created with the same users in mind.


Sites like Friend Finder are geared toward “traditional” kinds of dating.


Sites like Fling are more for casual dating and finding a local hookup.


Additionally, some are just geared toward separating you from your cash.

They use “chat bots”.

They slam your inbox with messages from “women” who want to contact you.

Therefore, they will not help you meet W4M – they’re fake.


But Are They All Equal?


The trouble of course is that they aren’t real.


Here are a few things to consider before trying a dating site:


  • Use older, established sites.
    They’re still around because they deliver.
  • Select one with a big membership base.
    More members means more people in your area.
    That means more who want what you want.
  • Look for long term members.
    If people stick around you can be sure of this – it works.
  • Only use those with free trial sign ups.
    If they want cash up front to – grab your wallet and run away.
  • Choose only secured sites that protect privacy.
    Look for a little green lock or “https” in your browser bar.

The Evolution Of Online Dating


Dating sites are now mainstream. They are the “go-to” way for people to meet today. Whether you want to date older singles or just meet W4M, you can focus your search like a laser.


Certainly, you will see that for yourself here today.


Hence, these are some of the best, most popular ways to meet women looking for men.


You have a lot of different options.
Consequently, there is no doubt that you can find at least one that will be a good fit.


However – why not try them all?


So get out there and meet some women seeking men.
It’s easier than you ever thought, so get busy; then get laid.


Leave a comment if you have the time – we’d like to know what you think.


Knowing how to quickly and reliably connect with W4M is a primary
tactic for a great social life, but it’s not the only one you should be using.


There are many other tactics and techniques at hand, like these:


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And that will help you along your way on meeting women seeking men.


But don’t stop short – meeting women looking for men is just one out of many strategies
that will keep your social life as busy as you want it to be.


Be sure to browse the other categories here at Get Laid Tonight so
that you will be ready to seize every opportunity.


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