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If you are married but looking – or single and looking for a married partner who needs a little more in a relationship – then this is what you are looking for. We’re going to cover every possibility here. MW4M, W4MM, MW4MM, and every other combination of letters and numbers imaginable.


You need to think about that – your need for discretion can be guaranteed (or not) directly by her need for secrecy too.


Using what you’ll see here, you will know exactly how to go about finding just the kind of partner that you are looking for.


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Being Her Fling


MW4M W4MM MW4MM relationships sidebar imageOtherwise, read on for a little detail on why you are on this site instead of one like Craigslist.


Here’s the deal:


Quite a few married people just aren’t happy in their marriages – the statistics are surprising.


I’m not going to get into all the reasons for that, just that it’s a fact of life.


It’s also a fact of life that some single people seek out partners who are married because that pretty much means it’s going to be a very discreet relationship.


But let’s break down those abbreviations first – they’re all just the short way to say what it is you need:

MW4M: Married women for men
W4MM: Women for married men
MW4MM: Married women for married men


There are other combinations; but that pretty well covers the broad range of married people looking for singles, other married people, or just willing partners of any stripe.


Now up until recently, a lot of people searched sites like Craigslist for partners. It was a pretty great way to find people because almost every town or area had Craigslist personals to help you with your search.


You needed to exercise a little caution and common sense though – some of the ads were fake, some ads on Craigslist were predatory (people looking for horny suckers to victimize or blackmail), and some were actually prostitution stings run by local cops.


But all that has gone away – Craigslist has taken down their personals section; and that leaves a whole lot of people trying to find a whole lot of other people, and they’re trying to figure out where to look and how to connect.


Many MW4M, W4MM and MW4MM are now turning to other sites and they may be exposing themselves to even greater risks than they did with the Craigslist personals. Some personals postings are little more than thinly disguised ads for prostitution. The cops know that, the prostitutes know that, and you should know that too.


So unless you have a desire to see your name printed in the “police blotter” section of your local newspaper, you might want to check out other sources.


Now if you are just looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, discretion might not figure into your concerns. In that case, you’re probably just looking for someone with qualifications other that being discreet.


Something like, I don’t know – not freaking psycho – is generally a good starting point.


You can check out local options like that by visiting here.


But let’s say that for whatever reasons – you do need to find a very discreet partner who will keep things on the quite – that’s really why most people look for partners who are already married.


MW4M, W4MM and MW4MM are almost always your best bet for that; but they are not all equal in that respect.


Let’s drill down just a little more and check into that.


This might help you see just what kind of relationship is the best fit for your circumstances:


MW4M – W4MM – MW4MM???


MW4M – married women for men might have any number of reasons for wanting a relationship on the side. Often they feel ignored. Sometimes it can involve a “payback” scenario if their husbands have been fooling around and have been caught at it.


Look – you might want to avoid women engaged in the “revenge” scenario. The fact is that the payback doesn’t kick in until she tells the husband that she, too has been fooling around.


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That fact puts you at risk of two things:

  • The affair becoming everything other than discreet.
  • Being the focus of attention for a pissed-off husband.


You might want to avoid that for some of the same reasons that you might want to avoid using Bedpage.


W4MM – this is the other side of the coin. Women for married men are women who aren’t usually looking for a life partner, but they are looking for a very discreet guy for encounters of some sort.


If you are a married guy looking for an affair, finding a W4MM is OK; but what about her keeping it quite? If she is unattached, her motivations for not mentioning the affair might be a bit lower than if she is also married.


MW4MM – married women for married men are pretty much the ultimate when it comes to having a partner on the side.  As long as the payback angle doesn’t figure into things, you can be really comfortable that her motivation for secrecy is equal to your need for privacy too.


So whether you are a married guy or a married girl – if secrecy is really important, and you really need a relationship outside of your marriage, then MW4MM is probably your best choice.


You still have options ranging from local personals ads to local “pickup” joints. The trouble with these is that the whole “on the quite” angle is easily compromised. You are putting your identity out there right from the beginning in ways that can be tied back to you easily.


Fortunately, there are other online options that are secure and that also go to great lengths to protect the privacy of their users or members.


So just decide what your best fit is in a relationship – MW4M, W4MM, or MW4MM; and then hit the link below to see some local options that might be a good fit.


Good luck, and let’s be careful out there!


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