No Strings Dating

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No Strings Dating


No Strings dating is a pretty hot subject right now.


Of course, you already know that – that is probably why you found this site.


Before I get into the reasons why it is so popular; just in case you want to jump right over all of that and find an NSA dating partner – you can do that by clicking right here.


What Is No Strings Dating?


Read on a little if you will – I am going to get into some details of exactly what NSA dating is, why you might be interested in it, what to look for and expect if you decide to try it; and most importantly; how to go about finding it right in your hometown or someplace nearby – if you do not want it too close to home.


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NSA dating of course stands for “No Strings Attached” dating – it is really the same thing as casual dating. It is basically an arrangement between two or more people that are not interested in a more permanent or long term kind of relationship; so they meet up with like-minded people that they can see whenever the mood strikes; just to hook up for some fun and companionship; and then go their separate ways.


In the normal sense; NSA dating means that there is no obligation, no promise of any other “together time”; and no strings attached as far as any kind of continuing relationship.


Now, a lot of people just don’t think about relationships in that way. To many, you meet someone, you get along, you start seeing each other a lot, and you enter into a traditional kind of relationship that is generally exclusive – you don’t have intimate relations with anyone else for the duration of your arrangement.


That is all fine and it still works great for many people; even most people. A lot of times those types just cannot understand why someone would be interested in anything else; especially something that is just for the moment.


Why Choose No Strings Dating?


The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of different reasons why some people are interested in NSA dating. That does not mean that they will never be interested in a more permanent kind of arrangement; just that it is not a good fit for them at that particular time in their lives.


Probably the top reasons why people look for NSA partners are:


  • They are too busy – that can mean that they are students working toward a degree; or that they are starting a career and trying to achieve goals. Many of the people in this situation feel that a “steady” relationship will simply take up too much time and distract them from their goals.
  • They have just gotten out of a long term relationship – you have probably been there yourself. Maybe you are there right now. You have been involved with someone for quite a while, and as usually happens, sooner or later; it ends and you go your separate ways.
    When that happens; the last thing a lot of people want is to jump right back into some kind of “regular” relationship. They are not ready to withdraw from the dating and mating game; they still want some companionship and someone to share some time with (sometimes); but nothing steady or permanent – yet. No Strings Attached dating is a great fit for people who find themselves in that spot in life.
  • Some people (this describes me) just like a lot of time alone; a “normal” kind of relationship usually does not fit in too well for us. We certainly do not want to become hermits; but we want company when we want company; and the rest of the time we just want to suit ourselves.
    A no strings attached partner is pretty much a perfect fit for that kind of lifestyle because it allows both partners to have a dating “friend” without any of the obligations or attachments that go along with other kinds of dating scenarios.
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There are of course many other reasons why people might want to get into NSA dating – your particular situation might be different; but the end result is the same – you need a partner for the here and now when it suits you; and nothing more for now.


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As you might expect or already know; no strings dating partners are a little bit harder to find than people looking for “regular” dates. Really, they are not that hard to find; you just need to know where to find them.


Finding No Strings Partners


Unfortunately, if you run down to the local pub on lady’s night you are not going to find a potential NSA hookup sitting on every other barstool; so you have to focus your search a little and look in places where those kinds of people tend to also look for no strings partners.


That is not to say that you cannot meet anybody the old fashioned way – it is just less likely. It is sort of like trying to meet someone who is really into exercise at an all you can eat buffet.


They go there too from time to time; but most of the people there are more into eating than exercising; so don’t waste your time looking where they probably are not – focus on looking where they probably are.


That sound like simple common sense I know; but that is the one key thing that a lot of people get wrong when they want to find a no strings dating partner – they keep hoping to meet someone where those people just don’t hang out.


Fortunately; it is not too hard to change that; here are a few ideas that can help you get on the right track:


  • Your town probably has some kind of personals advertising. It might be something in the local newspaper or a hometown magazine; it might be something like the old Craigslist personals. This is a good place to start – it is not always the best place; but if you use a little caution it can be a good place to search.
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    My biggest problem with this avenue is that a lot of people really misrepresent themselves and what they are looking for; I have friends of have met interesting prospects only to find when it was all said and done that their “prospect” had a butt load of crazy where their head should have been. Like I said – a little caution and skepticism is a good thing.
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  • Some cities – especially larger ones – have singles clubs or swinger’s clubs. These provide a pretty promising outlet for meeting other people who are interested in NSA dating.
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    People into those clubs and that lifestyle are really looking for the same thing that you are. Some of these places are kind of exclusive as to who they let in; single guys frequently are not admitted unless they have a referral from a member or regular; so you might have to get creative in order to get an invitation to get in.
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  • Probably the most effective and most popular way to meet NSA prospects is through online dating sites. Internet dating has really taken off in the last few years; it is no longer for old guys surfing porn sites and pretending to be someone who they are not.
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    In a dating and relationship survey not long ago; nearly 23% of the people who responded reported that they had met their partners through internet dating sites – that is a mainstream statistic. The biggest advantage to this avenue is that you can search specifically for the kind of people you want to meet – short or tall, thin or stocky, younger or older – it is seriously like being able to window shop for a partner.
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    One word of caution if you decide to go this route is that not all adult dating sites are created equally; be sure to use one that has been around for a while and has a proven, satisfied and repeat membership.
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You can find one like that by visiting here.


Is It Right For You?


NSA dating is a great alternative to traditional dating arrangements for people who just don’t want, don’t need or are not ready for a more permanent kind of partnership at a particular stage in life.


Most people don’t look for dating matchups with the intent of getting married and starting a family any more than they intend to buy every vehicle that they might test drive.


Fortunately, by using some of the tactics listed above; you can “test drive” a lot of different partners looking for a lot of different things.


If it sounds right for you – give it a try – visit here now.


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