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Did you know that you can walk into some social setting; let’s say a maybe a bar or a restaurant or other places where people might go to hookup and instantly pick out women who want to be seduced?


Developing this skill is like having a sex finder app hard-wired into your brain.


It’s true; and I’m going to tell you how to do it.


I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a guy walk up to a woman he doesn’t even know and almost immediately start getting physical with her, but it happens. And it is a mind blowing experience when it happens to you.

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Women Who Want To Be Seduced – The Signals:


But basically; you will see three types of women in these social settings:


1) Those who don’t care about getting any attention.
Consequently, they might be dressed in sneakers and sweat pants

2) Those who obviously want attention.
These girls are dressed for “sexcess” – low cut tops and high cut skirts

3) Those who fall squarely in between Type #1 and Type #2.


It is the ones who fall in between that we want to focus upon because:


The ones who don’t care about attention probably won’t be receptive to it. Additionally, the ones who obviously crave it will get plenty of it – from every guy in the room. But the ones who are in between are the perfect candidates for your attention and possibly; even seduction. These are possibly women who want to be seduced.


These are probably women who crave seduction. That means that they just need a little psychological “green light” to make it OK for them to give in to their desire for sex.


Demonstrating Her Desire


Now there are a few other factors that you have to observe and keep in mind when selecting the girl to focus your attention on. This comes down to noticing a few things about the way she is carrying herself – her body language.


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Those of you who read my stuff with any regularity (thank you!) already know that I believe strongly in noticing the “silent signals” people send out subconsciously. They can actually tell you what they are really thinking and feeling as opposed to what they might be saying.


Body language seldom lies; and usually only when the person who is expressing it knows how to manipulate it.


So, you’ve spotted the woman that interests you; she is “in between the extremes” of craving attention and maybe not wanting it; what do you look for next? Her body language, of course.


That is how you spot women who want to be seduced.


If she looks down from time to time; she is accessing her emotions; her “emotional mind”. When we look up or down or left or right; we are stimulating different parts of our brains; her glancing down is an indication that she is accessing her emotions; engaging her emotional mind; and this is a woman that wants to be seduced, she is one that we want to approach.


Approach Her And Frame Her


Now here is the “sticky” part – you have to actually approach her and start a conversation.


I want to just mention here that a lot of times, you will find that older women – especially cougar women – are a little (or a lot) more open to seduction.


There are a lot of advantages to dating mature women – you can see what those are here.

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Lots of guys have a problem with this; I understand; I used to be one of them too. But how much and for how long can rejection from a lady you don’t even know cloud your evening?


Not long; for me.


So, now you have noticed her and you have picked her out; and now you have approached her.


How does she respond?


If she makes eye contact; smiles and looks you in the eyes; you have a woman who is meeting you as a “social equal”; and maybe not a target of seduction.


Making Sex OK


I like these women; that is what I’m looking for anyway – these are the women who want to be seduced.


If she makes eye contact, smiles, then looks down; and then back to your eyes; she is essentially saying, “I like your attention; and I am open to your advances.”


Also look at her physical stance. If she is standing or sitting with her feet about a shoulder’s width apart; she is meeting you strongly on a socially equal level; not on the submissive level that we are looking for in a woman open to seduction.


These are women who want seduction. If you give them the psychological justification that makes sex OK; success is almost guaranteed.


You have the right girl in your sights now, but you aren’t quite done.  Consequently, just do a little sexual framing to set the stage for what will follow. You will put her into the mind set that a sex is the most natural conclusion there is to the encounter that she has just willingly taken on.


Success is a very short step away for you now – just start building a little emotional connection so that when the time is right, you can take it to the next level.


The only question then is will it be your place, or hers!


You can use these simple tips to easily spot women who want to be seduced. That in turn will almost guarantee your success because the hardest part has taken care of itself.


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So here’s the real lesson to be learned:


If you can find women who are already looking for sex,
then about all you have to do is show up and be willing.


So we’ve created a series of pages dealing with finding women
who are looking for
any and everything ranging
from a one-off no strings hookup to a friend with benefits.


Take some time to look them over.


Each page offers valuable tips and info that you can start using right away:


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