January 6, 2018

How To Get A Girls Number

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How To Get A Girls Number*

*In 3 Easy Steps


Your plan for how to get a girls number should accomplish two things:


  1. Get her to give you the number
  2. Make you unforgettable so that she is waiting for your call.


We’ve got you covered, but how do you get a girls number now?


Do you just blurt it out by saying something like:


“Hey, why don’t you give me your number?”


Well, that works some of the time – but the problem is that it doesn’t give her a reason to give it to you. And it also makes it just as easy for her to say, “Not now” or “No”; as it does for her to give you the number.


That’s really not how to get a girls number in most situations.


And look – if you’re going to have any chance of getting dates with attractive women, you are going to need a plan for getting her name and number.


And it’s also true that if you are in a place like a bar where guys are always trying to pick up girls, then she may be even more hesitant to give out her number, unless she is interested in you too.


How To Get A Girls Number: Not Just Another Guy


And, that’s exactly what most guys do.
But you want to be different and stand out from the crowd of guys who approach that girl.


Additionally, you want to turn this simple, little routine event into something that she is going to remember.


There is a better way for getting her number. It takes just a little more effort and time. But it makes it far more likely that she will give it to you and actually be looking forward to your call.


We’re going to use proven principles of human psychology that will entice her to put that number into your phone herself – without any hesitation, making this a great way to get any girl’s number.


You are going to get her physically and emotionally involved in giving you that number, and that’s going to make an impression and set you apart.


Steps two and three need to happen at the same time to make this work the best because they will directly engage a reflexive physical reaction. And at the same moment; you will be appealing to both her logical mind and her emotions.


How To Get A Girls Number – Getting Her Involved!


Here is the no-fail, three-step plan for getting her number, just try it to prove that it works!


  • Prime your phone

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    While you’re talking to her, get your phone out and add a new contact.

    You can use her name or you can use something that will catch her eye and make an impression on her in the last step. Use your imagination – “Unforgettable Girl” – just something that she will notice and remember.

  • Get into “her space”

    Like I said, do this and step three at the same time for the best chance of success. Now that you have your phone ready for getting her number, you are going to entice her to enter it herself. Reach out with your phone right up close to her – you’re trying to hand it to her. Unlike just saying something like, “Give me your number”; this is going to cause a reflexive response.

    Almost every time, when you suddenly try to hand someone something, they react without thinking. They reach out to take it – you would do that too. And when she reaches out to take it, she is going to see the cute or clever name that you put in for her; and that is when you add the last and probably the most important part of this technique for getting her number:

  • Give her a reason to do it

    This is real; and it works in pretty much any situation. No matter what you ask someone to do, almost every time; they are way more likely to do it if you give them a reason for doing it. In this case, you are going to add one simple word when you ask for her number. You are going to say, “because”: “Why don’t you give me your number because I like talking to you and I want to call you later.”


OK – do you see the difference in trying to get her number like this and just asking for it?


Her Physical And Emotional Involvement


When you just ask for it, refusing is an easy option. When you do it like this you make it a lot more likely that you will be getting her number because you have:


  • Primed your phone with her name
  • Engaged a reflexive response by reaching the phone out to her
  • Given her a reason for doing it

Success can never be 100% guaranteed because every situation and person is unique; but if you do it like this you will see the difference.


Why It Works


On top of that, doing it this way is going to make it something that she will remember. She’s taking your phone and she is entering those digits herself. She is seeing the name you put in for her and then handing the phone back to you.


When you call her, she is going to remember exactly who you are and where you met; and she is way more likely to take that call.


I’m sure you see by now why this works better than just asking for her number.
It gets you into her space and it has her not just giving you her number; she will put it in herself.


This is really how to get a girls number in the most memorable way possible.


Do you think she’s going to remember you after getting her involved like this?
You have started the process of building attraction before you even have your first date.


This creates a memorable experience, and it is very likely that you will be the only guy who has approached it this way.


Go try it today and prove it for yourself.


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