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A lot of guys think that it is hard to meet new women easily; but it’s really not.
To meet new women it is as straight forward as spotting one that interests you; walking up to her and starting a conversation.

I know that some guys have a little problem with that – it is called approach anxiety – I understand it; meet new women easily Fling-SB1but come on; you have to get over it if you are going to have any success and meet new women.

What is the worst thing that can happen?

She might just brush you off in which case you just move on to the next lady of interest.

A lot of times when I want to meet new women I’ll just walk up to one and say, “Hey; I’m new here”; and ask if she can suggest a good place to get a drink or a dessert; something along those lines. She will almost always give you an answer; and that opens the door for you to ask if she would mind joining you at the place she just suggested.

To meet new women you have to be willing to risk some rejection; but without taking that risk you will never have any success.

But look, here’s a recent social development that you need to know about:

App Fatigue.

App Fatigue is a new phenomenon which describes how people are getting tired of the apps and the swiping and the profiles, and all the rest.

It means that it is rare guy who will just walk up to a girl in public and say, “hi”; or ask a question or whatever. And it means something else that you can use to good effect:

Now is the best time in years to just walk up to a girl in public and say hello.

Many women are reporting that it used to be common for guys to approach them in public, but that has largely become a thing of the past; and many of them miss it.

That one simple, old-fashioned approach can really set you apart from the other guys and make you seem special.
And it makes her feel special, too!

So put the phone down.
Set aside that approach anxiety and get prepared to do it the old fashioned way, because now is the best time ever to just say, “Hi”.

And that makes it easier to connect with girls everywhere you go just doing your normal routine.

Meeting New Girls

On the pages of this site I discuss a lot of different techniques and methods that you can use for meeting new women. Take some time to read about these different strategies; it will be well worth your time and will certainly help you to improve your chances and your success rate when it comes to dating the women who interest you.

Worrying about rejection or failing to connect with a woman that you are interested in will become a thing of the past if you learn a few of the tips available on this site.

I always ask guys, “Would you rather be lucky; or would you rather be good?”
Luck doesn’t always hold out, and sometimes it just plain runs out; but when you’re good you don’t need luck – you create your own success.

What’s more – when you rely upon your skills instead of luck; you automatically have a huge advantage over the other guys you might be competing with. Most of those guys are either relying on luck or hoping to be successful using the same old tired pickup lines that practically every other guy uses when they approach a girl for the first time.

You can not only be good – you can be a breath of fresh air to these girls who just don’t expect a guy to approach them with the confidence and skills that you are about to learn right here.

You will not only learn how to be better with women but you will also learn some “Super Ninja” methods at picking up the ladies that you find attractive.

Thanks for visiting; please take some time to read through the site; you’ll find some very interesting and very useful information that will make it a lot easier for you to meet new women.

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