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Some guys think that they know how to attract women but in reality; they make several common mistakes at the start of a potential relationship that can actually destroy their chances of having a relationship. You don’t have to make all of these mistakes – making any one of them can be enough to ruin your chances of moving to the next level and having the relationship you desire. Let’s take a look at some of these “deadly mistakes”. When we first meet, a lot of women will “test” us; just to see how we will react. This can establish whether or not there will be a relationship; and if so; who will assume what role in that relationship; this is part of how to attract women.

The “Tests” Of Attraction

Three common “tests’ that we are subjected to are:

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1) The Compliance Test. This is how some women decide if we are used to having the attention of a beautiful woman by asking us to do something for them. They ask, and the quicker and higher we jump tells them how accustomed we are to having a lady’s interest and attention. She might say, “Hey, why don’t you buy me a drink?” The worst thing you can do is say “Sure!”; and head off to the bar or summon a waitress or waiter. This tells her that you are too eager to please and she usually interprets that to mean that you probably don’t feel like you get too many opportunities with the ladies. The way to overcome this and “pass the test” is by using a technique known as “adding your own terms.” Tell her, “I’d love to buy you a drink, but first I want you to give me your best impersonation of Daffy Duck or Sponge Bob.” Or you could say, sure; provided she will stand up and courtesy or take a bow. You get the idea – you don’t just comply, you ask for something from her first in return for doing what she has asked. Do this, and you pass the test; that is one way to attract women.

2) The Congruence Test. This is where she will test your response to an insult or offhanded remark to see if you respond in a congruent or a non-congruent fashion – she is expecting congruence; not incongruity. She might say something like, “That’s an awful looking shirt; why did you buy it and why did you wear it here?” The worst thing you can do is stop talking, look down and pause; or worse yet, call her an evil witch; or something that rhymes with that. Just keep talking and act as if the remark was never made; ignore it and continue the conversation. Most of the time; that will be the last insulting remark you’ll hear from her; unless she’s just not interested; in which case the conversation is over anyway. Do this, and you pass the test; and you attract women.

3) The Gender Role Test. Some women are just dominant by nature; others want to know if you are strong enough to assume the traditional “male” role; so that they know it’s O.K. for them to assume the less aggressive “feminine” role. This is an important concept to understand if you want to attract women.

Of course as partners in a long term relationship we are both equal; we just have different “roles” to maintain.attract women il pic 2

It generally starts out with her giving you some directive, “We’re going do this now”, giving you an order. She is testing your confidence and strength as a man and trying to assume the “leadership role” in the relationship; a role that will likely never change during the course of the relationship. Failing this test is just about the worst thing you can do if you want to attract women.

Some guys are fine with that and there is nothing wrong with that if you happen to be one of those guys.
The way to overcome this, it works most of the time, is once again to act as if the remark was never made, to keep on talking; but it is essential that you respond with dominant; rather than submissive body language. Do not lower your head, slump your shoulders or cross your arms over your chest, those acts are examples of submissive body language. Instead; just keep talking like you didn’t even hear it, looking her directly in the eyes; shoulders back; feet spread apart; arms on the table or at your side. She will usually interpret that to mean that you are confident with your masculinity and that you won’t “play that.”

If the conversation continues; you will probably see her start to demonstrate some of the submissive body language mentioned above. Do this, and you will pass the test. Wrapping up, there are entire courses available on understanding body language and how to attract women; and they are well worth the time, effort and expense. Just knowing how to read someone’s “silent signals” is an invaluable tool to help you decipher the difference between what is said and what is really felt.

It is fascinating psychology; would you like to know more about how to attract
women, or do you want to get started right now?


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