December 17, 2017

Meet People Online

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I mention on several pages here the advantages of using personal ads and dating sites to meet people online.

Just a few years ago almost everyone met their dating partners through friends or people that they work with. That is still true today, but those numbers are changing. These days, almost 25% of people surveyed report that they met their partners by using online dating or match making services, including alternatives to Craigslist personals and Backpage now that those options are gone.

Why Meet People Online?

There are also two other interesting facts about online dating related to that:

  • Almost 100% of same-sex couples are meeting through online means
  • People who meet online aren’t always just looking for hookups – 23% of couples married in the last year met online

meet people online sidebar imageNow here’s the big advantage to using dating sites to meet people online:

You can take a lot of the random chance out of who you meet.

If you are looking for someone who has certain characteristics – whether those are personality traits, physical attributes, hobbies or education – when you meet people online you are able to pre-qualify those prospective partners according to those considerations.

“Qualified” Dating

Now that just makes sense – especially if you have a certain kind of relationship in mind.

Think about this:

Is, “I know just the girl for you!”, something your friends will say if they know you’re looking for a casual hookup?

Chances are that nobody will ever say that to you.

Let me just say right now that if I’m wrong about that, I need more friends like yours.

Now this applies mainly if you are looking for a more casual kind of relationship – no strings dating, friends with benefits – that sort of thing. Interestingly, numbers are starting to indicate that people who are looking for traditional kinds of relationships are having better success at meeting people online who they are compatible with when they don’t try to filter things down too far, according to the kinds of people they want to meet.

Meet People Online – It’s “Scientific”

There’s no science involved, but there’s really not much luck involved either.

No matter what some of the “match making” sites might say about their science-based compatibility algorithms, the thing that makes meeting people online work well is simply this:

You’re meeting people who want to meet people.

The Pope Himself can introduce you to a Catholic girl, but if she’s not looking for a relationship, you are SOL. But on the flip side to that – if somebody introduces you to someone who is hands-down, guaranteed, looking to meet somebody for some kind of relationship; you are assured that you have at least that much in common.

And there’s something else about meeting people the old-school way:

Apparently, a lot of us are really, really bad at figuring out who we think we’d be compatible with. Meeting people based upon similar wants or needs as stated in a dating profile removes a lot of the guess work.

But here’s the deal – if you are only looking for a casual relationship; you are better off to focus on finding others who are also looking for casual encounters. And since most introductions through friends, family or people at work don’t usually involve an understanding that these two are just looking for sex – using online dating sites are the easiest way to identify the right kind of prospects.

Using Online Resources

Now that brings us to the business of selecting a dating site that will actually help you meet people online.
They are not all created equally.

Here is the short list of what to look for, you can see the longer list by reading here:

  1. Use an older, well established site
  2. Use one with a lot of members
  3. Stay away from the ones that want a membership fee up front
  4. Look for one with long term members
  5. Check out how many members are in your local area

If you’re interested in finding people for longer term relationships – being introduced through friends is still great. Your friends have some knowledge about your personality and desires.

Online introductions are fast becoming the norm; so don’t shy away from those either.

Be sure to create a killer online dating profile if you want to meet people online. There is a balance to be had there that can spell the difference between a good experience or failure.

You can find a more casual kind of partner; using online dating sites – it is the quickest and easiest way around.

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