November 12, 2017

Online Dating Is Changing Society

Online dating is changing society-header-image-1Online Dating
Is Changing Society



I read a very interesting article the other day about how online dating is changing society. I wanted to share some of  what it says with you.


Obviously, I spend a lot of time talking about online dating, dating apps and personal ads.


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Now it’s just statistical stuff about online dating – if you’re not interested in that but you were looking for some actual, working resources for online dating – you can find them here.


It’s no secret that dating apps and online dating sites have brought about some big changes in the way people meet and hookup.


The old school practice of cold-approaching women in some social setting is becoming pretty rare.

Now honestly; that has created a lot of opportunity for guys to do just that – just walk right up and introduce yourself and start a conversation with that girl. It makes you stand out from the masses who are texting and searching and swiping and all the rest of that.


They have added new options to picking up a date for an event, finding a “special friend” for an evening; and just generally expanded the options for picking up partners for whatever interests you.


But it goes much, much deeper than that:


Online Dating Is Changing Society


Online dating is altering society itself, without even considering the effect of online personals like Backpage alternatives or Craigslist-style personals.


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That’s right, online dating is having a profound effect on the makeup of society; and here is why:


Most of us live out our lives interacting closely with only a small group of friends and family.


FWB sidebar image pretty blonde girlWe meet people through work and at social events, but mostly we have a “circle” of acquaintances that is pretty narrow.


Each person that we know has their own close circle. Sometimes theirs intersects with ours; usually in small ways.


We tend to meet friends of friends. We date people that we meet through friends. Our circle of friends expands just a little when those groups intersect.


Online dating and dating apps have had a profound impact on the whole dynamic of how people meet.


The “boundaries” of acquaintances and potential mates and dating partners have been blown wide open.


People that we might have never met and dated before are now as close as a click or a swipe on our cell phones. And society is clicking and swiping up a storm.


How Online Dating Is Changing Society


One way that online dating is changing society significantly is that the rate of interracial marriages has increased since the advent of online dating.


Interestingly, there was a spike in that statistic during the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Dating sites like became common and the numbers skyrocketed. That trend leveled out until about 2014. That is when dating apps like Tinder (it premiered in 2012) became widely used; and then it surged again.


These numbers don’t prove that online dating is the root cause of this shift. But the change is well outside of the norm. It coincides with the surge in dating apps and dating sites. The indication is that the reason is at least in part attributable to online dating.


A recent study found that 23% of respondents reported that they had met their mates online. Surprisingly, the number of people over the age of 50 who report meeting their mates online is slightly higher than that of the general population at 26%.


Here’s a chart that illustrates those numbers:


online dating is changing society Met-Online-pie-chart


Dating apps and sites have become the second most common way for heterosexual couples to meet, topped only by “introduced through friends”.


That’s pretty impressive when you think that just a few years ago, “internet dating” conjured images of sleazy pervs surfing the web in the dark while wearing their underwear – if they wore underwear – and… we’ll just stop with that.


But What About The Long-Term?


Another statistic that is being watched and measured is also interesting:

Numbers indicate that people who met online and who married, have stronger marriages. Couples divorce at a lower rate if they met online.


Modern air travel has made it possible to hop from one continent to another in a matter of hours. Traditionally, people interact with only a small social circle. We meet people now who are far removed from our usual circle of contacts.


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People were considered odd up until just a few years ago if looking for relationships online. Not only is it very common now, it is quickly becoming the norm.


Online dating is changing society at an increasingly rapid rate.


I believe that one of the reasons for the popularity of online dating and the success of the relationships that begin online; is the “screening” of potential partners that is inherent in most online dating platforms.


What These Changes Can Mean


You don’t usually just meet strangers at random – you create a profile, and you browse profiles. A prospective partner views profiles to pre-qualify someone. Think of it as finding qualified dating prospects.


Face it; if something like health and exercise is important to you; you shouldn’t choose a partner who likes to watch TV and drink beer all day.


Online dating enables a situation in which you can target people based upon lifestyles, hobbies occupations or interests and pretty much any other demographic that you can imagine. This allows you to get a feel for whether or not someone might share certain important traits with you before you ever meet.


Online dating is changing society because it’s like being able to window shop for a partner.


So if you haven’t tried it out, or if you’ve been thinking that maybe you should; you now have a few extra reasons to give it a go.


Here’s a couple of links that you can check out.


Be aware that the one on the left is strictly for people looking for casual hookups. You will find more traditional partners through the link on the right.









Give it a try, there’s nothing to lose!


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As we’ve seen, the internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of modern life.


We’ll probably see vacation resorts popping up soon where people can go to get away from the constant, 24-7 information overload – no phones, no computers and no smart watches allowed.


We’ll probably be lining up to pay $500 a night for a hotel room with no modern amenities other than an analog clock.


But that’s life today, and just like everything else, the internet has completely changed the way people date and hookup.


There’s an entire segment of the web dedicated to dating and relationships, so it’s only proper that there be an entire section of this website dedicated to that too:


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