December 16, 2018

Personal Ads

personal ads header image picture of craigslist search pagePersonal Ads

Craigslist personal ads have been shut down; and that has a lot of people looking for personal ad alternative sites or other effective local options.

Backpage is gone too, increasing the need for local hookup alternatives.

So if you’re interested in finding local dating partners for whatever – then this post is for you.

The Rise Of Apps And Ads

First though – if you’re in a hurry, there’s no need to read the whole page. However, you really should.
But it’s like this:

When one door closes another opens.
I hear you knocking – it’s not locked – click that banner to come on in:

personals ads banner image of pretty local girls

1. Join Free | 2. Search Locals | 3. Hookup Tonight!

A lot of people have turned to various dating apps or hookup apps to replace those personal ads services.
You’re about to find out why that’s not the best idea these days.

But first:

The Problem With Craigslist Or Backpage Personal Ads

We will look at a Craigslist replacement site – an alternative that works.
You will see that you should have been using this all along instead of using Craigslist personals.

Craigslist was a good medium for meeting like-minded locals.
It became, however; a magnet for people looking to scam other people.

Or worse.

But that’s all said and done.
We won’t focus on the problems of the old. Let’s focus on the advantages of the new – some Craigslist alternative sites.

personal ads sidebar image collage of pretty womenOK – I have mentioned “sites” several times, I also said that apps weren’t the best choice for finding effective replacements to personal ads services like Craigslist and Backpage.

Here’s why:

App Fatigue.

Yep – it has become so common that it has a name.
People have become tired of dating apps

The bottom line is that a lot of people have gotten really frustrated and disappointed with the barrage of dating apps. And oftentimes they get poor results with them.
Additionally, the “new” and the novelty has worn off.

I wrote an article about that a while back, you can see more about app fatigue and how to approach women by reading here.

I point out – if you’re looking for a more traditional kind of relationship – that it’s a really good time to put the phone down, walk up to attractive people in public and just say, “Hi”.

Guys don’t approach girls in public anymore and start a conversation hardly ever.
Isn’t that stupid or crazy?

The Decline Of Dating Apps

What’s old is new again – it’s a flattering, interesting novelty that lots of women find refreshing.

It will set you apart from all of those nameless, faceless guys swiping left and right and all over hell and gone.

And if you go that route, here’s a few ideas to help you get the conversation started and keep it going right on through until morning – this is how to talk to girls in a way that will make them take notice.

But that’s a little different than trying to find a good, effective alternative to the now defunct Craigslist sex personal ads, so let me go ahead and get to the point:

Casual hookup sites and dating sites are not declining in popularity as app fatigue has started creeping into the “single but looking” market.

There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main thing is this:

Success Through Focused Search

They help you focus your search on exactly the kind of people you hope to meet.
A good hookup or dating site connects you with people who want to find someone just like you.

They work effortlessly and quickly.

A lot of guys waste time hanging out in bars. They hit on random women without having even a slight idea of what those girls are looking for. These guys use dating apps the same way. They cast a wide net and then pull it in to see if they caught anything worth keeping.

They know what they want but they have no focus in their search.

The same thing happens with a lot of the dating apps.
They do not allow you to target specific types of  people for specific types of relationships.

Yet, people keep using them as if they are.

Don’t do that.
Add focus easily, save time and effort and get more dates faster.

I could go into a lot of details about what to look for when selecting a personal ads site to replace Craigslist, but today I won’t.

You can see a lot of that by reading here.

Better Than Craigslist Sex Personals

Today I’m just going to cut straight to the heart of it and suggest this:

The oldest one out there is still the best one out there, and that is Adult Friend Finder.

Why so?

Millions of members all over the world are looking for every kind of connection that you can imagine.
Millions of members come back for more every day.

It just works, check it out here.

Leave a comment if you have a chance.
We’d like to know what course you take and we’d like to hear about your results.

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